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Get Lost! I Don’t Have A Traitorous Disciple Like You

Chapter 3 (Cultivation) – Part 1


The traditional idea in the game is that anything that can be obtained from the NPC could be traded as well, not to mention the magic stone or the necessary materials to upgrade the weapons.
If you could trade, then why bother the trouble to join the guild?

With this in mind, Xue Chong did not hesitate to reject all the players who wanted to make him join the guild.

For Xue Chong, the guild is a place full of restraints and troubles. Even if the conditions presented were very attractive, Xue Chong was not moved.

When Xue Chong came to the auction house and asked the NPC there, he learned that the it did not have such things as the magic stone.

Not only that, Xue Chong has also been looking in the ordinary NPCs and in special NPCs, even in special maps. He also searched in NPCs that only appeared at specific times.

Almost all NPCs have been searched. Regarding the magic stone, the only answer would – sorry, Hero. There’s no such thing here.

There is an answer that appears vaguely in Xue Chong’s head, but as soon as it’s there, and he immediately denied it.

Finally, Xue Chong took off the holographic goggles and quit the game. After logging into the game forum, he only knew through a thread in which a player was complaining, that the magic stone could not be traded, mailed nor sold. It could be only obtained from the guild.

After seeing this thread, Xue Chong was silent for two seconds.

Therefore, in other words, if one wants to get the magic stone and upgrade his weapons. There’re no alternatives other than joining the guild.

Since the last system update, the difficulties of all the copies have been raised. The monster’s blood volume has increased, the skill damage of the BOSS has increased dramatically as well. There’s also a BOSS with a horrible skill of damaging immunity within a few seconds.

The previous copies, plus the monster…as long as the equipment properties are strong enough, the opponent is crushed in minutes.

But now, no matter how high the attributes your equipment is, and no matter how much money you’ve spent, it doesn’t help anymore.

The current copy is a purgatory. Now the players are basically releasing a copy no matter if they’re standing or sitting.

In the most common white copy, the strength of the monster is raised to the green level. Then the green is raised to the blue level, blue to the purple level, etc. (white <green < blue < purple < gold < black)

The copy is like purgatory, the weapon attributes could not be used. The members of Rashomon can only cast their hope on their president, who ranked the first on the PK list, and the first on the wealth list – Lethe.

However, their president, Lethe, was hard to catch. Sometimes he’s online, and when anyone greets him or sends him a private voice message, he wouldn’t reply at all. He just neglected everything and everyone, as if he didn’t exist.

Over time, they all came to understand that the president existed, but he just couldn’t care less.

At this time, the first guild ranked in [Apocalypse], inside Rashomon.

In the guild, several members sat around and the atmosphere was pretty serious. Of course, their president Lethe was still absent.

This seriousness of atmosphere was caused by their failure of a mission.

This is their fifteenth failure of the week.

Several people sat silently for a long time, and finally, the one who broke the awkward situation was Kill Thousand Men.

Kill Thousand Men stood up and yelled hysterically, “how many times have we done this already? How many times? It’s the fifteenth time goddamnit! What the hell are we actually doing? Who thought of this strategy? I’m going to smash his xxx! Hey, don’t just sit there, say something!”

Meow, “if you want to smash someone’s xxx, don’t ask me. I’m not interested at all.”

Seeing that Meow still had the mood to joke around, Kill Thousand Men was somewhat furious, he roared, “ok! Ok! I was talking about the copy! The solution to the copy!”

Ten Strokes Painted Changan started thinking, and he looked serious, “aside from the xxx, I can’t think of any other ways. Go, I support you. Oh by the way, don’t forget to film a video and send it to my mailbox. I can check whether that guy is a virgin.”


Kill Thousand Men pointed to the door of the guild, “off you leave!”


Ten Strokes Painted Changan kept giggling and squinted at Kill Thousand Men. He said, “what’s the point of getting angry? Good things need to be shared among friends.”

Pale Paper on the side suddenly interrupted lightly, “there’s no other way aside from reaching out for the president.”

After having mentioned the President Lethe who’d disappeared for a long time, everyone went silent.


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