Dark Theme

(Chapter 77)

Silver Ghost’s Sword – Part 2

In a word, young Francesca Barton can perhaps best be described as a magician.

Though only commanding a few magical powers, she has survived to the present-day learning tai-sabaki (body positioning in martial arts such as kendo and judo) and sword-fighting through careful observation and imitation. Her status as a magician is attested by her experience as an adventurer.

A cloudless sky. Behind Kudou’s house, some recently washed clothes and sheets, fresh white out of the laundry hang drying. Fluttering in the wind, the clothes have a faint fresh smell and carry a strong ocean aroma. Removing my overcoat, I place it in the corner together with Ermenhilde. Then, I toss my sheathed short sword to Miss Francesca who stands facing me.

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“Draw it”

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