Chapter 112: Capturing Somorah (1)

After landing on the ground, I looked down at Ahyeon, who was ogling me. It was a look that even had me a bit worried, but I did not avoid her gaze.

“Savior-nim… Sniff…”

She even began to cry, so I stroked her hair in which I felt her slightly tremble. Soon, she was hugging me even tighter, which was somewhat troublesome since we were continuing to push further in the castle, but Hayeon eventually came over to save the day.

“Leave her to me.”

“Thank you.”

From her somewhat cold voice, I handed her over. Hayeon would then use her roots to receive Ahyeon, but she had an expression where she did not want to let go. However, she had no choice. Soon, we began to enter through the entrance of the collapsed castle along with Gark, Orbo and the Orc Swordsmen right behind me.

While we were entering, we began to hear the abrupt moans of Humans that were swept away by the explosion. Extending out my greatsword, I ended their breaths before the interior of the Black Thorn Guild was seen by me. As if the explosion had not reached here yet, the floors and walls were cleanly organized.


I had roughly anticipated this, but the decorations and ornaments of the floors, walls, and even the items that were rolling around were all of a high-quality. I have not entered the building of the Holy Order before, but it’s highly probable that it would be more luxurious than this castle.

I had already heard of the way to the basement from Lee Wanyong, but I left Ahyeon to guide us. Ahyeon who was being guarded by Swordsmen all around her continued to lead us by pointing the way, and soon we reached the entrance of the basement.

They were moving somewhat cautiously since we were in the interior of the castle. We had seen a few Humans along the way, but they weren’t exactly of high ability as we were able to easily deal with them. Strangely, we didn’t see any signs of the main force here either, nor Yoon Jungsoo and any of the executives.

However, our top priority was to rescue the imprisoned Green Skins. After looking around carefully, we walked in front of the door of the pitch-black place. Then, Orbo stepped in front and pounded his shield, saying that he would lead from here on out, before destroying the large lock with his axe.

“Do you remember?”

“It is vague… but I know the place, Blood Dagger.”

It was a bitter voice raging with anger. Opening the door and entering, an ambiguous, acidic smell of medicine overwhelmed us, making us even squeeze our noses from the sheer severity. Not only that, there was an unpleasant odor mixed in with this smell.

“Sa…. Save me…”

Turning my gaze aside, I saw Human children. Just like Kim Yoora, they were all fearfully hugging each other tightly, relying on one another. Since there were young Green Skins mixed in with them, I had no choice but to approach them.


The further we entered, the more abominable the scenes became…. we even saw Humans ripping and eating away an unidentifiable beast, making us wonder what kind of b.l.o.o.d.y magic they were experimenting here. Not only that, there was a Human dead with his eyes wide open in a magic circle. It seemed that they had proceeded with various experiments apart from raising slaves here.


Gark did not say anything, and Orbo continued to lead us through with reddened eyes.

Then what came before our eyes were adult Green Skins imprisoned in a cell. It was such a nauseating odor coming from them, almost unbearable. I slowly peered through the cell, and saw Orcs staring at the floor blankly. Despite having arrived here, they did not show much of a reaction.

“Garajan. I have come. Garajan. Open your eyes.”

Orbo continued to talk to his comrade, but there was no answer.

Then, I grabbed my Ancient Flame and activated it, which soon lighted the room. There were countless Green Skins and Human slaves looking at us. However, there was no life in their eyes.

It was only the children that were able to keep their mental faculties in a state of consciousness. Whether they don’t have a need to drug younger children or if the price was too high, I wasn’t sure, but I knew that their eyes were certainly not lifeless.

After swinging my Ancient Flame once, the iron bars of the cell melted, yet no response was given from them.

I soon headed towards the Green Skins and spoke in Human language.

“Come out.”

After talking, they soon began to walk outside. Although they could not understand, they certainly seem to react towards the Human language. Their instincts were completely submerged and suppressed at the moment, making me help but wonder if they had any will to fight. Of course, if you consider Orbo’s case, there was the possibility of them recovering their bodies to fight, but I couldn’t help but think that it would be excessive to use these guys in a battle.

“Have you always been in this kind of state.”


It seems that depending on the situation, one could be drugged more or less. I couldn’t help but dryly swallow my saliva. I looked around the other rooms, but all of them were abnormal. It was certain that a Shaman with elite level cleansing Magic had led this liberation in the past. For now, it was impossible in using Hakajin’s cleansing Magic, nor was there one that high of a level in Black Spear’s clan either.

I began to have a headache, however, rescuing them first was the main priority. Nodding my head, the Orc Swordsmen soon sliced away the metal bars of all the rooms, including the rooms of the children. Then, the Human children began to gather around Ahyeon.

“Orbo! Orbo!”

Then, I began to hear a voice from somewhere. Naturally turning my gaze, I saw a Troll who had not even learned the Green Skin language shouting for the name of his father. It was a blazing gaze. Despite being about one year of age like Nicole, it seems that he has not forgotten his race.

These were probably the hostages that the Humans had threatened with. I began to slowly inspect them once more, and in return, they did not avoid my gaze. I began to wonder if there was a person here that would lead this revolt two years later.

Hearing his son’s voice, Orbo raised his axe slowly and approached the Troll.

Unlike the normal looking little guy, his father was very different in appearance. Those robust muscles, passionate eyes, that exhausted body. Orbo did not speak to his son. Rather, he allowed his actions to do the talking.

What I was saying was that he was displaying the appearance of a true father, not a helpless one.


His shackles were fully cut off, and soon the guys began to swarm out of the cell.

“Orbo! Orbo! Orbo!”

It was the same for the guy that was calling his father’s name. Able to break out of that somewhat dirty cell, the young Troll rushed to his father and embraced him, in which he did the same. The reunion was somewhat awkward though, as if it was his first time seeing him.

Hugging his father, he looked at me and bowed his head. It seems that the Green Skins that grew up here roughly knew who was responsible for breaking them free.

“Orbo. Orbo.”

I too stroked the head of this peculiar Troll and spoke.

“Let’s get out of here.”

From my words, the Orc swordsmen and Hayeon began to take the Green Skins, and Ahyeon the Human children as we quickly headed out. Although the majority of the young Green Skins and Humans were stricken in fear, despite that, they were truly anticipating leaving the basement as they gazed at the door. However, if there was one aspect that was strange, it was that we had not seen any elite Humans in the castle.

I looked back at the dumbfounded Green Skins and thought that I had no choice but to slightly adjust my plan.

To put it calmly, this force was not a group that was ready to fight. If the Shaman of the Black Spear Clan cannot cleanse the drugs of them, then the most ideal alternative would be to take them and escape the city as quickly as possible. With our increase in numbers, it would be more easier for them to take note of us. We had to quickly leave before they noticed us.

“Where must we go, Blood Dagger.”

“We will immediately leave the city. I’m not saying that I am neglecting the imprisoned Green Skins, but it is urgent to cleanse them.”


Orbo nodded his head in compliance to my words. Leaving the basement, a ray of sunlight shone upon us. Although the absent minded Green Skins did not show much of a response, the young children were fascinated as they gazed at the sunlight which was shining upon them through a hole in the castle.


The cute troll then began to scream with a very bright, memorable face.

With the burst of explosions and the cry of the Green Skins, they began to look around emphatically with high interest. There was no mistake that what they were witnessing was a battlefield, a natural romance for Green Skins. This was the same for me, as I was staring at the same direction.


Then I saw the place where Black Spear and Mev were fighting with Humans previously. Continuing to fire her arrows, she called for me. She was steadily escorted by the Three Goblin Sisters.

Black spear, Hark and his clone, and Ragia, Hakajin and the Blood Dagger clan were all heading this way covered in blood.

“For Blood Dagger!”

“Victory! For Victory Only!”

“Orbo! Orbo!”

In the meantime, the guy was shouting his father’s name. Then, Gark, Black Spear and the clan members all began to run.

It seems that the main forces had arrived.

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