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Chapter. 130:  The Beast of the East

“For Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Dagger!!”

When Nicole called me, the tribe members broke out into cheers, from here and there. I responded by putting my hand over my chest, and as if they have understood as to what I meant, they soon quieted down. The act of painting on our bodies by Najin is, in fact, like an old tradition of the Blood Dagger Clan.

Although it might have appeared to be a meaningless act, this type of act certainly instilled self-esteem into the tribe members. As if I wasn’t the only one thinking about it this way, even the other Orcs began to speak.

“We’ve inherited the blood of Najin.”

“It has been a long time.”

It was the same for the three goblin sisters who were also in the line. Perhaps, their work with Mev might have been finished that their voices were beginning to be heard.

“Nico, Nicole is great!”

“The paintings are fantastic!”

It appeared that the painting skill was truly wonderful. I wasn’t sure if she knew that this type of act was similar to what her father had done, but in any way, Nicole’s expressions seemed quite serious. As I slowly approached Nicole, the well mannered tribe members opened the way for me, so I was able to stand before Nicole shortly.

“It’s… It’s an honor!”

It was the same words from that time. Certainly, Najin, too, I remembered him saying the exact same words when he first painted my face, using a dagger.

“It’s an honor! Kaack!”

For some reason, Najin’s face began to be projected on Nicole’s face. I stroked her hair and found a space to sit, and Nicole moved to place her hand on my face, shaking. As her sparkling eyes moved up and down, Nicole’s hand, too, began to move rapidly.

She seemed to be putting in more effort than she put on others. Furthermore, not just on my face, but she was also painting an unidentifiable pattern on my upper body.

“Phew… For… For Blood Dagger!”

Perhaps, finished, Nicole wiped her forehead of sweat, and I spoke softly to her.


As I nodded, Nicole, too, nodded uncontrollably. The future of the tribe. Only then it dawned on me as to why they were being so anxious.

They did not put this effort into this just for the sake of a new battle.

The basis of livelihood.

The land on which we would stake our flag. The land on which the future of the clan would thrive. In other words, it was the effort to win over a territory. Just for them only, it was a battle that could never be lost. I stood up and they all cheered loudly once again. Although they could not see the painting on my face, the pattern that was drawn on my body must have been fantastic.

“For Blood Dagger!”

As I walked, they were all making a big fuss.

“I, too, want to have the same pattern as the tribe chief’s. Nicole!”

“Nicole! I, too, would like to have a similar painting!”

They were simple, but adorable. Having entered the tent, I armed myself. A long sword, Gargantua, which was considered to be too long to be a sword, was placed on my back, the long spear made out of the celestial tree (life tree) was put on the back side of my waist, and the grand sorcerer Isaac’s throwing dagger and the ancient fire flower were placed on either side.


Perhaps, all preparations were made that Mev called my name from outside, so after taking a short breath, I began my way out to the tent.

The tribe members were lined up outside of the tent, Ragia and Hakajin stood on either side of the tent entrance, and flapping her wings, Mev was levitating in the air.

“This is the first fight, along with Blood Dagger, in a long time!”

“The new Mirror Blade is with you, too!”

Hark and Gark, raising the excitement level with loud cheers, Baek Ahyeon, staring at me with her sparkling eyes, everyone was looking in my direction, waiting for me to move.

“Let’s go. My brothers. It is the time to stake our new flag.”



“Victory! For victory!”

“For victory!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

The timely sound of the drums. The Goff Clan, too, has finished the preparation.



The sounds of the brothers’ heart beats came across as drum sounds.

The Goff Clan, the Black Spear Clan, and us, the Blood Dagger Clan. As we exited the village in an orderly fashion, the young Green Skins and the mother Green Skins cheered loudly. Appearing to have become friends for some time now, I saw Nicole and Kim Yoora were holding hands.

“For Blood Dagger!”

“There will be glory!”

“There will be glory in the path of Blood Dagger!”

This was how we left the village for the first time in a long while. Goff was at the front, followed by Black Spear, and in the back, covering them, was the Blood Dagger Clan.

We finally made our way towards the end of the East. As it wasn’t an expedition for a war against the humans, we’ve decided to bring Lee Wanyong along, and we thought that he would probably be in a meeting with Jung Hayeon and Hakajin in order to make the last minute adjustments.

The distance wasn’t too far, nor too close. Three days, perhaps, four more days of walking was needed, but it shouldn’t be too bad. This battle spirit wasn’t something that would dissipate even after a long time. In fact, as it has been too heated up, a thought was that it might be better to even cool it down a notch.

The drum sound continued to permeate. To be in steps with the drum sound, we began to march as quickly as possible while minimizing the time for rest.

Surprisingly, we came across no beasts.

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