Chapter 131 Part-2

I slowly raised my hand. The first to engage in the battle were the remote archers of the Blood Dagger Clan. There were two reasons to have the Blood Dagger archers, under Mev, engage first.

The initial objective was to tire the bastard. Among the three brother tribes, our Blood Dagger Clan members were the most rational. As proof, Mev’s eyes did not turn red. As Mev, who was wearing a crown and wielding a large bow shouted, the Blood Dagger Clan members yelled once again.

“We’ll be back! Leader!”

“Victory! Only for victory!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

The greatest strength of the Blood Dagger Clan was agility. It was critical that our target does not feel our ranged hits. With distributed attacks, rather than centralized, the intent was to irritate the bastard. As prearranged, Baek Ahyeon’s clerics were slowly closing the distance. The Orc swordsmen followed the archers’ cue and began to move. Although they have not been ordered to attack, they were like insurance just in case there was an unanticipated development.

The arrows of Mev, supported by the spirits of the wind and fire, were on target every time. We were firing at the bastard’s back, but this was of no consequence for his whole body was targeted and the arrows were certainly scraping away the bastard’s scale, a little bit at a time.

The most important aspect of the first stage was to take away the beast’s mobility. The b.a.s.t.a.r.d wasn’t turning its head, which meant that Goff, at the front of the beast, was more threatening. As a result, both arms of the Beast of the East were directed at Goff.

“That… That Ogre is awesome… Truly awesome…”

Even Lee Wanyong was talking without being aware. It wasn’t a scene of suppressing wildness with reason. To be precise, it was using reasoned wildness. While dodging and blocking the b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s offensive maneuvers, he was injuring the Beast’s head and arms as opportunities arose.

Even looking at it from this distance, there were several moments that caused chills to go down my spine. Still, I still saw that Goff was laughing and shouting.

Hence, it was the Goff Clan who were having a tough time watching and restraining themselves. I thought that being able to remain calm and restrained while watching Goff fight was a very difficult thing for them. However, it wasn’t their turn to fight yet.

I raised my hand again, and Black Spear mobilized.

It still wasn’t the time to explode even though they were doing their best to remain restrained for a while now. Black Spear and his clan members quietly fidgeted, their tension with their battle lust mounting. I was moving with Black Spear as I needed to supply Black Spear’s ammo, and as a result, Lee Wanyong was following behind me with a worrisome expression on his face.

We’re entering the battle field. That was, we were entering the b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s range.

Black Spear directed great force to his arms. Each time he launched a spear, grayish light would continuously spew out. Each time Black Spear’s projectile pierced into the Beast of the East, I returned it back to him with the power of the throwing dagger of the great sorcerer. As a result, an unwitting smile grew upon Black Spear’s countenance.

It was like a machine gun. Due to Black Spear’s dual-wield rate of fire, I could barely keep up.

“For victory!!”

The piercing sound of the roar. Although Black Spear wasn’t going all out, his attack was strong enough for the Beast of the East to start paying attention to the stinging blows. Orbo shouted once again as the Beast was looking in our direction.


The Minotaur, who was upright and holding one of the Beast’s heads, yelled to draw Hydra’s attention back and kept his feet through the constant healing efforts of Baek Ahyeon’s faithful ones.

Just then.

The bastard began to swing its tail as if it had had enough. We were within its tail’s range, but retreat wasn’t in the plan. To be precise, it wasn’t possible to pull back. It was swinging its tail at the main unit while two of its heads were directed at Goff. The priests were continuously injecting divine powers just in case damage might be sustained. This attack must be defended against.

“Jung Hayeon!”




Gigantic roots rose up, pushing out of the ground, and began to defend against the b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s tail. Perhaps, thinking that one root was insufficient, two roots protected the main unit from being lashed.


There was enough spare magic power, but perhaps because the b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s attack was so vicious, I saw blood flowing around Jung Hayeon’s mouth. Yet it was being blocked. The attack would have been dodged had it fallen solely on the Blood Dagger Clan, but the main unit lacked agility and could not afford such damage.

“Let there be victory!”

The spells and arrows continued to pour down on the b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s hind quarters while Jung Hayeon kept holding onto it.


However, the roots might soon disintegrate. Because the tail’s momentum was blunted, it was possible for the half Ogres of the main unit to block the Beast of the East’s blow. Having made a gigantic shadow, it felt as if the tail was much bigger than it actually was. Regardless, the shield wall contained the tail while the spear men under Black Spear attacked it.

“Will block it!”

“Attack! Attack!”

The sound of those words echoed. I, too, jumped off the ground and began to swap out weapons. From Ancient Fire to the Long Rotten Wood Spear of the Life Tree, from the Long Rotten Wood Spear of the Life Tree to a big sword that was too big to be called a sword, and as I immediately swung the sword, it made the sound of slicing the wind, and with that, blood spurted out of the bastard’s tail.


‘It was determined to be deadly.’

The accumulated injuries that caused the scales to chip off might have contributed to it, but the attacks, which previously only damaged hide instantly ripped through the flesh. Even though it has been anticipated, the effect was certainly excellent. It was an attack that could have only been left to chance, but with such attack power, the results were predictable; one of the b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s heads began to pay attention to this direction.

Seeing it open its mouth wide and inflating its chest, we knew a breath attack was incoming. Everyone moved to a safe point even before an instruction was given, and the Beast of the East lost its balance spectacularly.  The tanks successfully destroyed Hydra’s balance.

“We do not avoid! Do not avoid! Separate into three groups! Divide into three groups!”

Even in the midst of this desperate situation, our formation did not break down. Instead, we began to divide and disperse. The Beast of the East spewed its breath to where no one was, and the Green Skins, divided into three groups, quickly approached the beast. Goff, too, after having seen the main unit divide into three groups, began to turn his body.

The Ogres of the Goff Clan cheered upon seeing it.

“Give us death if not victory!!”


Huge ropes were brought out. As the goblins of the Black Spear Clan threw the spears at the bastard’s head, the big spears, which previously appeared to have been unable to penetrate, began to pierce into the b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s long neck.

There, at the base of the spear heads, were ropes which the Ogres grasped. The tens of spears and ropes began to wrap around the b.a.s.t.a.r.d, and even the roots that Jung Hayeon had summoned began to coil around the neck, as well.

Then, someone who was watching this play out, shouted.


“Pull it!!!”

It was a method that would have been impossible for humans. A tug-o-war, between the Goff Clan’s Ogres and the beast, has ensued.

Edited by Fenring

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