144 Part 2



While she tried to come flying as she usually did, the three sisters frantically stopped her from doing so. Since Mev was bearing the chief’s child, she could not take any chances.


“I heard you should not fly!”
“Mev! Don’t fly!”
“We had won that round!”


While Mev’s cheek inflated, I also did not recommend flying. I smiled as Mev sat with an irritated expression, and I saw in a corner a bow I had recently obtained.


“How is the bow?”

“I hadn’t tried it out much, but it seems all right. Thank you!”


I still could not really believe Mev was pregnant even now, probably because her stomach was still flat. However, I felt a strange emotion come to me when I watched Mev rub her belly.


“Are you going out today, too?”


“Take care.”


Mev did not speak much, but she kissed me on the lips like she was happy I had stopped by at her tent. I patted her hair once, and she saw me out with a light smile.

Today’s goal was to get five high-class items. It was becoming more bothersome nowadays because more people carried around items with claimed ownerships, but there were still those who went around with ordinary items.

Since there was quite a distance between here and the Hadum forest, I rode Ibar until we arrived at the destination.

I had to be careful since competent rangers had set traps before. While I was cautious, hunting was a productive activity us Green Skins or the Summoned could not abandon.

A party in the middle of a hunt was the easiest target. I met parties on the road, but those who did not come at me ran with their weapons hidden in their clothes.

My most productive period had been the first three days. I went with quantity over quality because I thought waiting for the death scythe was wasting time, and up to now, the plan was working.

I had been searching for humans crouching down with Ibar when I heard people shouting from afar. I had found some after only a short wait. It seemed that this road was rewarding me for coming back after a while, and I was about to move slowly to get near them.


“I advise you not to go there.”


I heard a woman’s chilling voice from somewhere. Ibar growled, and we looked around, but there no one was near us.




The place I stood felt like a trap and the voice rang again when I tried to get out on Ibar’s back.


“You do not need to be wary of me. I only have some business with you, the Weapon Thief, or should I say Blood Dagger?”


A woman whose entire body was covered in a large robe appeared in front of me, and I could see her voluptuous curves hidden in the oversized garment. While she looked dark on the outside, I did not feel any bloodthirstiness from her, nor a will to fight.

She was talking in Korean like she knew I understood the language and even knew that I was Blood Dagger. I began to contemplate how to respond.

I was not sure whether she was stronger than me through her aura, and I did not want to charge her because she was able to erase her presence from me. I tended to avoid fights I was not sure I would win, and I finished preparing to escape while keeping her in my sight.

I needed to check if there was anybody around, and the woman spoke to me again when she noticed I was spilling magic to all directions little by little.


“There’s no one nearby. I’ll say again that I do not want to harm you. I only want to ask for a favor.”


“I know that you can communicate with humans, and I want you to nod if you can understand what I am saying.”


I did not move because this mysterious woman might be asking me a trick question to size me up.


“If that’s what you want, you can just listen. I should introduce myself. I am Jang Ye Ri, the daughter of Jang Gi Young, the master of the Fallen Throne Guild in Hadum.”



This meet was crazy, and while I had not expected it, the woman in front of me must have calculated she would find me here. She knew a lot about me and was acting in a friendly manner to me for reasons I could not determine.

The word massacre was the first thing people thought of regarding Jang Ye Ri. Her job and nickname were both witch and her beheading some small eastern town’s high authorities of large guilds, and even civilians in one swoop with the death scythe was a story famous enough for me to hear when I had been in the west.


“It might be simpler to regard me as the daughter of the man who rules over the large city in front of us.”


I nodded without realizing it because I thought listening to what she had to say was more important than hiding that I could understand her words.

Then, Jang Ye Ri smiled faintly and opened her mouth again after watching me closely.


“I’ll cut straight to the chase. I want you to steal an item.”


I could not help thinking that something was wrong with this situation.



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