Chapter 175 The Eastern Training Field


I had not thought of setting a training field before but had been thinking of a way to control these unstable Green Skins. I had to set them straight before they began to complain, and I had thought of this as I named Apache Giant Scream.

I did feel sorry for Black Spear’s Little Finger, as he had been adjusting well. Now, Black Spear seemed to be thinking about making Little Finger join Apache and Crugar as the two trained. He seemed to be thinking many things even before we arrived back at our tribe.

I heard Gark and Hark’s voice as I thought of them.


“Your voice is small! You chose this way!”

“You have to pass this hurdle if you want to be a real Green Skin!”

Since I trusted those two the most, they were the instructors for the newbies. As Orbo took care of our clan’s flag, they went about wearing helmets that hid their eyes. Even though only a few days had passed, they were feared by the newcomers.


“Green Skin Number 5! You’re slow!”

“Green Skin Number 28! Don’t slow others down!”


I had them hopping all the way to the East since normal training would not help them. While we did rest or walk, I wanted to test their physical limits.



“Will you give up?”

“You cannot become Green Skins if you do! Green Skins in the Blood Dagger Clan do this easily!”


I had never trained my clan members like this. While I did think that they would be able to do this easily, Gark and Hark sounded mean to my ears.


“Count one and two with each step!”




A few of them had vacant eyes, and humans would be surprised to see them like this. I glanced at Apache, and he shouted at the top of his lungs on meeting my eyes. Crugar seemed to be deeply regretting his choosing the East. He was sending Apache glares all the while, but I thought Little Finger was the one to resent them all.


“The training seems effective, Blood Dagger, and they will become good warriors after three years. Their legs are being trained quite well, and I do hope Little Finger can join this.”

“If he wants, of course.”
“I will convince Little Finger. He seemed to be feeling his limits recently, so it’s perfect timing.”

Black Spear said things Little Finger would be astonished at, and I could only be sorry to him. Goff looked interested in their training methods, especially the fact their mentality was also being trained.


“Have you done such training before, Blood Dagger?”
“Only about two years.”

“There was a reason why you were strong and wise.”


I worried whether he would want to be Green Skin Number 124 because he seemed eager to join them.


“That training does not work well on those who are already strong.”

Goff nodded only then, and he would have known that somewhat already.


“Do not meet Half-Blade’s eyes, Number 48! The one who is looking at this way!”

“You’ve still not come to your senses!”


I heard Gark and Hark’s voice again, and I wondered whether they also had human souls in them as they were doing their job perfectly after me, only saying a few words. I felt sorrier for their wolves, as the smart Ibar had begun them.

We were going through the middle forest like that, but I noticed that there were not any traces of human activity. It seemed they realized that this road should be avoided, or something had happened in their city. We approached the East end.


“Everyone, stand up!”


The construction in our village seemed finished, and the result was quite impressive. The fence was tall, and there seemed to be multiple spells cast on them. It was like a fortress, and me, Goff, and Black Spear nodded to show that we all noticed the improvements.

The newcomers were looking at the village in surprise, and Gark and Hark let them do so. I thought they would be more surprised at the bones in the center of the village.

While I noticed they had not come out to welcome us, it seemed like they had prepared much inside. We went in hurriedly to find out.

The gates opened, and loud shouts came out.


“Let there be victory!”

“Let there be honor!”
“Let there be glory!”

It was not bad, and all tribe members were present when the door opened. Everyone had a hand on their chest, and I smiled at Ragia, who smiled back. I thought I would need to do something for all her efforts, and then I saw Hakajin, who seemed quite tired.

Baek Ahyeon was nodding like she was seeing God, and Mev looked at me with bright eyes. The three goblin sisters were looking at the newcomers, and I thought they would be good instructors.

Apache and Crugar were looking around, and especially at the humans. They seemed to have not expected that, and they turned their eyes around at Gark and Hark’s wary glances.

The village was quite developed with its blacksmith, potion lab, new tents, and a playground. We were going to the center where the bones lay.


When me, Goff, and Black Spear arrived, loud shouts welcomed us. We nodded, and Goff spoke in a dignified voice.


“We welcome you to our village, new Green Skins.”


I saw that the newcomers’ face was bright for the first time. They were not regretting their choice to come here. They also looked the same on seeing their tents and training space. I took Apache and Goff’s Crugar to the inner parts of the clan while others looked at their tents. Gark opened his mouth.


“This tent was made with the Blood Dagger Clan’s sweat and blood, so use it carefully. This tent will be used by Green Skin Number 1, and we will eat after we finish unpacking. All of you, rest, and Apache, prepare to report all Green Skin’s conditions to Blood Dagger.”


Maintaining Apache’s authority was also important, as he also held responsibility for future problems. Apache looked worried about going inside the large tent, and he looked at me with shaking eyes as I nodded at him. There would be a welcoming banquet, and I would let them rest for today.

I came back to where others were, and Mev and Baek Ahyeon greeted me first. I was surprised at how large Mev’s belly was, and she looked proud.


“The goblins say the baby is extremely healthy.”


Baek Ahyeon and Jung Hayeon looked at Mev tensely, and Baek Ahyeon then looked at me with strange eyes. I remembered her words to Jang Ye Ri, and now it was her turn to have me as Jung Hayeon had during my outing. She looked expectant, and I tapped her shoulder.


“Thank you, savior. About tonight…”


I nodded, and she fisted her hands. I thanked Hakajin and Ragia before entering my tent. It felt like I had truly come back as I went to sleep.

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