179 Jang Ye Ri’s Visit (3)

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Proofreader’s Note: This is an explicit chapter about the MC ‘performing a sacred ritual’ with Jang Ye Ri. You can safely skip it without missing any crucial plot if you’re a modest person.



I have not bedded many women, but Jang Ye Ri’s response was fresh. She did not hide her emotions. Humans who had come here tended to be passive about sex due to their memories on earth compared to others. This was the first time I had ever heard a woman ask me such a thing, and I could not back down from the challenge.

I felt myself go hard at her words as I was responding to her physically. My heart drummed as I saw Jang Ye Ri’s eyes go dark and her lips open.


“Come to me.”


She licked her lips as she sat in front of me, and I lost my reason for that. I went on top of her, and she stared at me as she slowly touched my face. I kissed her, and her lips and tongue were hot even before I asked her to open her mouth. I complied despite the fact I seemed to be eaten up.

We swallowed each other’s breaths, and I always felt good when the woman in front of me and I focused on one another. Jang Ye Ri was the more aggressive one, and she took my clothes off quickly one by one.

Her tongue felt good inside my mouth as she went over my teeth and pulled at my tongue. I felt like she was conquering me with her mouth. I pushed down on her and felt her entire body on me. She reeled me in with her legs, and I decided I would take things slow.

I had been holding her with my hands and now placed one on her breast. She looked at me with anticipation and told me that I could do whatever I wanted with her.

I nodded, and she leaned forward at my touch. Her breasts were full under my palm, and I did not touch her nipples. However, I felt her moan as I slowly moved inch by inch.




I thought she would be hasty, but she was moving according to my pace. I felt her going wet against me, and while she rubbed herself against me, she did not come forward. I buried my face in her breasts and felt her groan as I bit into her nipple. She shook as I rolled it in my tongue and stroked my hair as she opened her mouth.


“You seem like a child. Are you enjoying that so much?”


I was, but my hand went down at her treating me like a child, and rubbed her nether regions. Her body was ready to burst, and I smiled at seeing her. She understood what I meant by my expression as she spoke.


“You made me like this.”


While she seemed confident, her slight flush told me she was embarrassed. My hands did not plunge but moved so she would be even more eager.

I wanted to satisfy her as much as I could, and I used my tongue on her stomach, belly button, and thigh and felt her tremble. Then, my tongue arrived at her most sensitive spot and sucked her in.




I felt her shake, and the moan became louder. She seemed responsive, but her orgasm was yet to come. I stuck my tongue in and felt her grab my horns. I explored her and arrived at her clitoris as I rolled my tongue over it. I felt her writhe and grab my horns tighter.

My hands were on her breasts, and it seemed like she was going over. However, I removed my hands and mouth just before she could do so. She was looking at me with irritation, but I thrust my erection in at the time. I felt her tighten on me with heat and felt like I had met my exact mate.

Jang Ye Ri’s back bent at the onslaught, and I felt her tremble all over. Her hands grabbing my horns were shaking, and her toes were tight with tension. She was feeling her orgasm.

Her eyes were loose, and her moan was like a yell. She was probably shouting despite herself and I kissed her as I moved my hips. Her shouts were loud, and her body was lax as I moved at her right after her orgasm.

I slowly raised her up, and we were facing each other as she sat on me. However, Jang Ye Ri was moving her hips instinctively. We did not need words, and Jang Ye Ri was slowly finding her pace again. I bit into her breast, and she again shook like another orgasm was coming.


“Please, slow down!”

“You told me to satisfy you.”

“I am, so just a bit slower…”


It seemed she was not used to such pleasures, but her response made me feel a bit sadistic. I tapped her buttock, and she tightened her hold on my erection.



She was not screaming from pain, and I repeated the movement. This time, she covered her mouth as she grew even wetter. She was feeling from the touch, and her teary expression deepened my interest.


“Are you enjoying this?”

“No, no. My body is…”


It was the same this time, and I made her lie face down. She flushed as she complied, and I pushed myself in that posture. While she would have not liked fornicating like animals, her body was enjoying this.

Her moans were now freely ringing the room, and I began thrusting as I grabbed her waist. Something in my head sparked as I realized that I was doing this with the Witch of the East. She trembled and screamed and bit into the blanket at having felt such pleasures.


“Wait, wait! I feel…!”


Her entire body flushed as her body shook. I plunged further as I felt she was going for another orgasm. However, she was asking me to wait like she was surprised at the magnitude she was feeling the ecstasy this time.


“Wait. I am satisfied. So, please…”
“Not yet.”

I thrust in even deeper, and she went into an orgasm. Her hips were still rolling, and she trembled even as I took myself out. She was lovely even when she looked deeply embarrassed, and it seemed like I had won the battle in bed. However, she was still looking at me eagerly. I kissed her again as I placed myself on her to enjoy her a second time.

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