150 Part 1

Green Skin 150 Dream


He had been the first person I stole a weapon from. While Jang Ye Ri had listed his club as one of the items I should return, I had never thought of doing so since I wanted that weapon. While I had fun during our last encounter, he would not want to remember a thing about it. I would be a thief who had stolen his precious weapon to him, and he was strong.

He had the specs to have that sort of item and the right to use it. He was stronger than me, and while I would not lose to him with the Reaper’s Scythe, the Dainsleif, and my new job as a Weapon Specialist, he was still a formidable opponent.

I contacted Jang Ye Ri right after I saw Park Han Cheol’s face.


[I see a familiar face…]


While she was a demon, I had to suspect her since it might be a trap.


[He is one of my followers, and you do not need to be wary of them.]

[While you say those words easily, I cannot agree.]

[Even though you might think that you erased your traces, they will be discovered if there’s no rain. Completely hiding your tracks in the northern front would be a better option, but I will not force you. You can go to a different place, but I think resting up inside would help you more…]


[Check his equipment.]


I started to observe Park Han Cheol from afar after listening to her words. He was not equipped with even an armor, and he would die instantly if I threw a lance. He trusted Jang Ye Ri enough to come out empty-handed in front of a demon who was threatening him.


[There’s nothing.]

[It’s your choice to believe me or not.]


I slowly approached Park Han Cheol, and while he flinched, he did not say anything to me as I came to him. While I was within the range of swinging my sword to chop his neck, he just looked at me.


[I prepared a present.]


Park Han Cheol handed me a bracelet as he kept staring at me.


[The Translation Bracelet of the High Mage Issac]

[High Mage Issac had made this translation bracelet out of boredom. He had been researching the lifestyle of Green Skins in the past, and he wove the magic and created a bracelet as a present to Green Skins from the frustration of unable to talk to them. The only ability this bracelet has is translating the language of Green Skins.]


I had not seen this item even in the shop, and since it looked original, the bracelet must have come from a secret shop or a dungeon. The surprising thing was that Jang Ye Ri had not spoken about me, and while I did not know whether she had the item from the first place, it was evident that she had prepared it to hide my secret.


[I’ll use it well.]


I climbed down Ibar and stood in front of Park Han Cheol and spoke in the language of Green Skins after wearing the bracelet.


-It has been a long time.

“Do you remember me?”

-I am using your weapon well. Since yours is the third-best next to the Reaper’s Scythe and this sword, you can be proud.

“That’s a compliment…”


While I tried to provoke him a little, there was no response. Actually, he seemed to lack the will to attack, and warriors like this had trouble hiding their emotions. If Park Han Cheol’s reaction was like this, I could trust them a little.


“Follow me.”


I nodded, and there was magic in play as a small door appeared from the snow when Park Han Cheol touched the ground slowly. I did not know whether it had been a dungeon or someone had made the space, but it was a perfect hiding place.


-How did you come to know that woman? When have you known her from?

“Only for the past few days. It was a simple transaction, and I began to follow her when I understood that we thought about the same thing.”


At his confident voice I contacted Jang Ye Ri again.


[Do they know that you’re a demon?]

[Only a very few, but he knows.]


Jang Ye Ri was more daring than I had thought, since if what Park Han Cheol was telling, was the truth, she had told him all her secrets during the past few days.

While she probably had known his personality and lifestyle, that did not mean the penalties of revealing secrets would disappear, especially for people as strong as her.

I began to understand why she was loved despite being a demon. Her personality was completely different from me, as I was suspicious and careful while Jang Ye Ri would barge on forward. She voiced her opinions with a straight gaze and gathered people who followed her. She faced life without stepping back.

I concluded that Park Han Cheol chose to follow her because of her personality and not her race, which made me think of trusting them a bit more. Therefore, I had to follow Park Han Cheol and now faced a large door.

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