150 Part 2


“Welcome to the underground city of Abraham.”


The city was like Somorah, and it was a cultivated city. However, I was surprised at seeing young orcs and a few goblins here and there.


‘Green Skins?’


They looked like they had been sold to slavery, and not only that, but some of the people had the slave seal on their foreheads, arms, or places that were not seen to the naked eye.


-It’s surprising.


I had inadvertently opened my mouth because I could not believe a city like this existed here. It truly was an underground city, and actually, it was more of a town despite the number of people who seemed to live here. The only one holding a weapon was me, and the Green Skins here were raised humanely.

I finally understood what the woman who had been called a witch in the past had been trying to achieve. It was harmony.

Jang Ye Ri wanted coexistence and harmony, which was an absurd ideal in a world like this. A city where different races lived together was an impossible notion, and Park Han Cheol opened his mouth as I kept staring at the city.


“I had to follow her after she showed me this.”


I would have nodded in my past life since Jang Ye Ri was an ideal leader.


“We trust our Queen, and that’s the reason why you can walk with your weapon. I hope you do not fail our expectations.”

-I also trust her.

“I’ll guide you to a place you can stay for a while.”


We began to amble, and I could take in many sights. The fields that our tribe just started to experiment with had crops growing here, and the village must be more expansive than I had thought since nothing blocked my sight. I slowly observed this magnificent city and contacted Jang Ye Ri.


[You are amazing.]


I did not need to say anything else or praise her since that was enough. She was amazing.


[Thank you, Blood Dagger. Hearing that from you makes me happy.]

[Are all young Green Skins former slaves?]

[Yes. While the numbers are much, we’re taking them out. Those are who I promised I would return to you.]

[I believe that should be the children’s choice since they seem like they don’t want to leave here.]


The reason she was called a bloodthirsty witch who had killed slaves from childhood was here since the young playing around must have been those who she had killed. I could not imagine how much effort Jang Ye Ri had put in to make this city.


[How long has it been?]

[It has been about twelve years…We started out with a small village, and it got bigger after more comrades came to us, and I could finally dream.]


[You’ll know when you look around the city.]


I started to walk around at Jang Ye Ri’s words.


-I’ll take a walk.

“All right.”


The city where people lived in was wide, but villages, where people did not live, were quite large. The space was enough for troops to line up, and I had to ask Park Han Cheol a question.


-How far does Abraham reach?

“To Hadum.”


I could not close my mouth.


“To explain more specifically, the roads are not open in this width there. We just made a path to Hadum, and there are cities, Rob and Humer, on the way. The farthest city from Hadum is this Abraham, while the nearest is Humer. I heard that the first city was Humer.”

-Can you tell me all those things?

“You’re also a demon, and the Queen requested that I give answers to your questions, and I’m only following orders.”


I nodded my head, and I could see traces of armies having trained here in the empty lot. I saw ancient marks on the large boulder. They had been training here for a long while.


The woman who was neither a human nor a demon made a place she could stay in this dark spot. I do not know who she is, and we had met for only a short period of time. However, I had to respect her. Jang Ye Ri was more of a Green Skin than I was while searching for information because she wanted to be one. I raised my lips in a smile and contacted her again.




Jang Ye Ri wanted treason, to overthrow Hadum from the underground. She immediately answered me, as the question did not need thinking.


[Will you ride on the same boat?]


The reason she had invited me here was to take me in, and I could not hide a smile at her calculations. I laughed at her question.


[I’ll teach you one thing about Green Skins as thanks to teaching me about manners and trust.]


[We are wherever there’s a fight. We are warriors and soldiers and have no reason to refuse.]


I had spoken ambiguously, but she would know what I was saying. I heard a happy voice, and while Jang Ye Ri had always been indifferent, I was confident that she was smiling now.


[Thank you, my mate.]


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