153 Part 2


“We had been waiting for you. Have you gotten what you wanted?”


Ragia spoke to me, and the reason I could be absent without worrying was thanks to a capable tribe subchief.


“How have you guys been.”

“We have been hunting the beasts in the mountains at the back with the Goff Clan and managed to discover many items, fortunately, after finding a dungeon.”


I saw those whose equipment was changed.


“Thank you for your efforts.”

“For Blood Dagger.”

“Us, Half-blade and Mirror-blade, have gotten new weapons and want our chief to see them.”

“Welcome, chief.”


Gark and Hark mumbled while the faithful Orbo spoke shortly, and Baek Ahyeon fiddled with her ring as she looked at me with sad eyes.


“You have worked hard, Taesung.”


Jung Hayeon spoke to me in human language, and Mev showed me the most intense response.




Since Mev came crying and running, I could only shake her off after stroking her hair. She seemed overly emotional due to her pregnancy, and I wondered whether fairies were faster than humans, orcs, or goblins since her stomach seemed fuller even though not that much time had passed.


“Our baby became this big.”


Mev proudly showing her belly was, of course, cute. She was protruding as much as she could like a beast that tried to look bigger than it was, and it was evident that she was asking for praise.


“Mev, you also have worked hard.”


While she would have spent the time playing card games, unlike others, waiting was also hard work. I finished greeting after tapping Hakajin and other members’ shoulders. The village I could see as soon as I entered had changed a little, and I could see the bones of massive beasts. They seemed to have caught a few beasts of mid-size and larger. I smiled and slyly opened my mouth.


“I request a tribe meeting. Ragia and Hakajin, please convey my words to the Goff Clan and the Black Spear Clan.”


Their expressions changed as I looked around in a happy mood since they instinctively felt that I had something up my sleeve.


“For Blood Dagger.”


I slowly began walking to the village center, and the children seemed to be expecting that something would happen since they were making a path with Kim Yoora and Nicole leading them.

I found my place under the Hydra bones that the three brother clans had caught together. The impressive construct that each symbolized victory, honor, and glory blocked the falling rain somewhat. Ragia must have conveyed my words since loud drums and shouts rang through the village.


“It’s the meeting of brothers!”

“The Blood Dagger requested a tribe meeting!”


I sat alone under the massive beast’s skull, and the Green Skins of the tribe were rolling their feet according to the drum roll and were conveying that the tribe meeting had commenced.


“Let there be victory!”

“Let there be honor!”

“Let there be glory!”


Battles were everyday life, honor, and dignity for Green Skins, but this battle was even more dangerous and could not be compared with how we conquered Somorah. The battle will be chaotic since three groups will be trying to kill one another, and if the flow follows the plan I was thinking of, the burden the Goff and Black Spear clans will have to carry would be extreme. I did not want to do so, even if it was honorable. We would be facing real foes, unlike those we have met before, and it might be too heavy for us, who have just finished our registration.

I had been thinking hard when a voice rang once more.


“It is the Black Spear Clan!”


The Black Spear slowly approached the center and also sat down under the skull of honor that his clan had caught.


“The Goff Clan has also arrived!”


Goff also heavily moved his massive body and plopped down under the beast’s bones whose skull he had crushed with his ax.

I realized that I might have been a bit arrogant at sight. I thought I was getting stronger the fastest because I had changed jobs while succeeding the gladiator and equipping myself with various items. However, I had not been the only one who had been desperate to get stronger. I had not been the only one trying many things to get stronger even by luck. They also had become stronger.

Goff’s body had become bigger than the last time, and it was clear that he had evolved. I did not know what kind of ogre he was, but his massive fangs and developed muscles showed that Goff was evidently a different creature.

While his body was the same, Black Spear also showed that this troll had become much stronger from the many accessories and the even larger black spear.

The drum roll rang like the still falling rain. I placed my hand on my chest towards Goff and Black Spear, and they also did the same, meaning that we respected one another. The three chiefs all came and sat down, and I spoke first to them when the drum roll and footsteps stopped after moving at a fever pitch.


“It is time to fight.”


I had spoken a short sentence, but the cheers sounded like they would rip the sky open. Goff and Black spear smiled, and I also revealed my teeth as I watched them.


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