154 Part 1

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Green Skin 154 A Fool


“However, is not that treason?”

“It’s not exactly treason since we have a right to retrieve what was ours.”

“That’s right.”


Jang Gi Hoo nodded with shaking arms and knees. He had lost almost all authority after the Weapon Thief Expedition had been a catastrophic failure in which he had lost the Reaper’s Scythe. His father, Jang Gi Young, refused to meet him like he was deeply disappointed in his son, and only a cold gaze pierced through Jang Gi Hoo on the rare occasions they would meet.


‘You fool. I can hardly believe that you’re of my blood.’


Jang Gi Hoo lowered his head as his body involuntarily shuddered on remembering his father’s freezing gaze and voice. He had no foothold here anymore, as he was instantly pushed away from the many businesses the guild had been involved in. It was then Kim Heeyoung, who was a gatekeeper for one of the four castle gates, had lent him a helping hand. Without her, Jang Gi Hoo would not have been able to survive here.


“However, if we fail…”

“Young master, in the end, this is your choice. The fallen king is old, and it is your time to inherit what’s yours. Hadum cannot be entrusted to an ignorant girl.”

“You’re right there.”


The mere thought made Jang Gi Hoo livid, as he could not bear to imagine a bastard from a demon slave sitting on Hadum’s throne. Jang Gi Hoo thought he could explode when he remembered that it had been a demon who had stolen his weapon.

Jang Gi Hoo did not have any affection for his father, and while he wanted to behead his father’s head right now, his feet shook when he thought of the risks of failure. His father, Jang Gi Young, was coldblooded to his enemies, and he was also one of the strongest in the East. It was normal to be tense.

Jang Gi Hoo slightly raised his head to look at Kim Heeyoung, and she also opened her mouth again as she met his gaze.


“You have to become king.”



Jang Gi Hoo felt his libido stir as he continued to stare at a beautiful woman with sharp eyes, but Kim Heeyoung was not someone he could lay his hands on easily. Kim Heeyoung reached out and put her hands below like she realized the desire his eyes held. Jang Gi Hoo let out a rough breath as he felt himself going hard just by that little stroke.


“I’m always yours, and after you become king…”


While he had heard that, Jang Gi Hoo was still worried, and he slowly opened his mouth while feeling his body relax. He thought he could manage his father, but the gatekeepers of the other three gates would be formidable opponents.


“While we can go against Father with our forces, what will we do against Jung Heecheol, Kim Donghyun, and Kim Hyeji…”

“We will need to behead the old king before they arrive inside the castle. Officially, Jang Ye Ri will be the one who has beheaded the king, as legitimacy is surprisingly important despite the fact we live in a world where power rules over everything.”


“Do you understand how a sovereign is made?”

“Is not the person who the people of the city follow the king?”

“You’re half correct, but there are no people who follow the old king from their hearts. Jung Heecheol, Kim Donghyun, Kim Hyeji, other clans, and guilds are no exceptions. They are connected by common interests and are those who benefit too much from the current system. They do not want the current system to crumble, and civil revolts and rebellions occur only when the summoners and people are ill and hungry.”

“An affluent city does not have dissatisfactions. Those who benefit and live in this city that has grown by sucking the sweat and blood of other small cities and people protect the old king because of this reason. They are protecting the system he has created.”

“What you say…is a bit uncomfortable…”

“This is the truth, and you are not yet ready to become king. But it will happen. You will become king with help from those who want this system to be maintained, the gatekeepers will pledge their loyalty, and those who live in the city will continue to support you. That’s because that will be beneficial to them.”


While Jang Gi Hoo thought over things for a long time, he did not have an answer. It was then that Kim Heeyoung gently removed her hand from him.


“Are you on the same side as them?”

“I am different from them, young master. I’ll be heading back. Please think things over and ask for me.”


Jang Gi Hoo nodded as Kim Heeyoung left, and he called the maids outside while caressing his swollen er*ction. He needed a woman who could relieve this tension.


“Is there no one there!”


However, no voices answered him back. Jang Gi Hoo roughly opened his room door after waiting in vain, but no one was waiting for him outside his room. The space where maids and slaves that had serviced themselves to him usually waited looked empty.




It was natural that a curse rang from deep inside him, as Jang Gi Hoo could not believe he was being treated like this. While anger shot through his body, the only thing he could do was scream. The future king could not be treated like this, and he was alone in this long and dark corridor.

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