Chapter 193 Mev


“I cannot abide him.”


Jang Ye Ri had come inside my tent and only spoke after devouring me. She seemed like she wanted to relieve her stress, and I knew now the reason.


“What is it?’

“The South King. I knew he liked women, but I cannot stand him.”

“Is that so?”
“Yes. I heard he has a son about the Holy Sword’s age but keeps sending letters to me. I would have ripped him up if not for your request. He is truly abominable, and I heard that he has countless wives and mistresses…”


The fact that the South King kept a harem in his lands. I became curious about his letter, and Jang Ye Ri stood up as I looked at her with curiosity. Jang Ye Ri stood up naked, and her backside was sensual as she threw a letter with magic at me. I picked it up and started to read it.


-To the Eastern Queen…I cannot sleep after seeing you…If you have time…


“He’s crazy.”


I could not read it anymore and burned it.


“I had been annoyed at how he mooned at me at the meeting. He looked like a toad, and just thinking about what he had thought about me makes me want to…”


I brought Jang Ye Ri closer to me as I wanted to console her despite my anger.


“You’re with me now.”

“You’re a cunning man. You really are. You do not need to console me. I will allow the South King to speak to me if you wish it.”

“Thank you.”
“You do not need to thank me. I am getting my reward now.”


While Jang Ye Ri’s eyes glistened with desire, she seemed to realize that we would not be able to hold a conversation if we went about another round. She licked her lips and laid her head on my thigh, and seemed to want to spend our time like this. Jang Ye Ri opened her mouth.


“It seems that the South King is connected to the Spider Clan rather than the Holy Sword.”

“Why do you say that?”
“You and other named Green Skins have been given bounties.”


That was news to me, and I knew that Jang Ye Ri was not talking about normal circumstances.



“I will speak frankly. As you know, information regarding you in the East is top secret. While I could not hide information about the Weapon Thief, I am controlling information about you. No one knows how you look like and what weapons you have. Most of the witnesses are dead anyway.”


I nodded, as I had already known that Jang Ye Ri controlled information about when I had been the Weapon Thief and those under Jang Gi Young had already died. Only those who had fought for the revolution remained with Jang Ye Ri.


“It happened after you had met the Spider Clan Leader.”


Jang Ye Ri handed me a document.


-3 million Gold for the Demon of Fire and Blood.


The document said that I used a hand made of fire, and as I had only shown it to that woman and the mage, I agreed that the document was mentioning me. I thought they would not be able to connect me with the Weapon Thief as I had not used that ability.


“The South King would have needed information from the Spiders to announce this bounty. There are others.”

-800,000 Gold for an invisible Orc Warrior.


I thought that would be Gark, and it seemed that the mage had managed to escape safely. I was now certain that the Spider Clan had connections in the south. I also saw that Storm Shadow was worth 5.5 million Gold, a price that I thought appropriate.

The South King must have more money than I thought to place three million on me. Jang Ye Ri spoke again as I thought things over.


“I think that you’re not their goal.”

“The South King asked me to let him in with the excuse being the orc and demon. He wanted some of his forces to reside here, and while I do not like it, I want to know your opinion. The toad wants to meet me…”

The distance would not be far for the South King, and he would not be a ruler if his only goal was to see Jang Ye Ri.


“Let’s think things over. He would have an agenda.”

“I agree.”


I asked Jang Ye Ri a question I had been curious about for some time.


“How is the Holy Sword?”

“She seems to be in love with the South King’s son, who looks human for a toad.”


However, Jang Ye Ri seemed angry again, and she spoke as soon as I asked her why.


“The Holy Sword asked me to stop dealing in the slave trade. She would have to know that slaves were being sold to the East, and I had already confirmed that her name had been on the client list. She had acted first.”


I thought I could guess what had happened. The Holy Sword had acted in front of many guild members and other people after thinking that Jang Ye Ri had her in the ledger.


“The younger toad was also nodding, even though his father has a harem.”

“What did you do?”

“I told her that the East did not deal in slave trade anymore and almost killed her when she grabbed my hand to implore that I continue to do so.”


Jang Ye Ri seemed livid, and her weak spot seemed to be political fights like this. The Holy Sword would have retained her peaceful image while Jang Ye Ri would look like a witch.


“You went through a lot.”

“I thought fighting would be better.”


While the Greenbelt Clan would help her, Jang Ye Ri was a Green Skin. She would still have that instinct. As the Holy Sword had moved first, it would seem petty revenge or a fixed scandal on Jang Ye Ri’s part if she revealed the ledger. Now it was Jang Ye Ri’s turn to look at me.”


“How is the fairy?”


After Mev had given Jang Ye Ri that night, Jang Ye Ri asked about Mev every once in a while. I thought it cute that she asked me instead of Mev directly.


“I think…it’s not far ahead, but…”


It was then Baek Ahyeon came running inside my tent, and she seemed like she had run all the way to here. She was in a rush as she spoke to me.


“About Mev…!”

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