156 Part 1


Green Skin 156 Hyeji Kim


“Oh? A high-class demon? There’s even an alraune…you’ll make good research ingredients.”


I was looking at the magician in front of me.


‘Kim Hyeji.’


She was the only magician out of the gatekeepers and the first one I faced who exceeded proportions.


“Hmm…using too much magic is not good for the skin, and there are only a few maidens left in the village. What should I do? I was told not to ambush the nearby small cities…”

I heard from Jang Ye Ri that she was a crazy bitch who bathed in maidens’ blood. While I had heard that she was in the sixties, she looked around mid-twenties at the most. I also heard that she was obsessed with youth, and from her mumbles, it seemed to be true.

We had to face her from the front since we fell from above with shields, which meant that an ambush was not possible, but the Blood Dagger Clan never picked a losing fight.

Kim Hyeji was surrounded by the soldiers she had brought along with her, and almost all of them were close combat warriors since she probably would not need other magicians. While we would have surprised them, the way they formed formations and protected their magician showed that they were quite strong. They would earn Hyeji Kim time while she finished her spell, and I slowly tapped at the ground with my Ancient Flame.

She was not casting a spell yet, and I was curious whether she was thinking that we were weak, or she really was considering her skin to be more important. We would seem trivial to her, and I was grateful rather than being annoyed. Her carelessness meant our battle would be easier.


“Let’s go.”


I whispered in a small voice, but it would not be faint for my clan members. Loud shouts rang.



“For only victory!”

“Victory! For only victory!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

The enemies were not intimidated while we shouted, and they were also shouting and raising their shields, signaling that they would not let us go.


“We will earn time, so Ms. Hyeji Kim can cast her magic!”

“Raise your shields! Raise your shields! We will endure until the spell is complete! We will endure until the spell is complete!”



They were well-trained, which would merit warriors that protected a magician.

The first ones to rush were us with a loud battle cry since we had to break them open. Large magic wafted out of my opponent’s formation, and that meant Hyeji Kim had started casting. I felt I needed to move quickly and reached out to my weapons.

I threw one of Issac’s throwing daggers and exchanged it for a longsword filled with magic. This was a method I often used and had an extremely high percentage of striking a critical hit. I calculated it to be nearly one hundred percent.

An opposing soldier’s shield and armor were ripped with a shout, and the longsword struck his head. I exchanged the longsword again with the dagger and called the dagger back to my hand.

I heard screams everywhere whenever I threw a dagger.




Jung Hayeon’s spells came out each time, and clan swordsman entering inside after blocking the opponent’s movements with plant roots was an ancient battling method. If it worked well, I could strike a head shot on all of them and finish the battle quickly. However, things would not go so easily.




The plants that had been about to wrap around the soldiers crept down as Hyeji Kim’s voice rang.


‘Double casting.’


She had been casting a spell beforehand like she had expected the magic we would use. While Jung Hayeon specialized in plant spells and was inexperienced in battling other magicians, I thought we were disadvantaged. However, the power difference was quite severe, and while we would have avoided a forced breakthrough before, things were different now as we had a trustworthy charging commando.



“For Blood Dagger!”


I called Orbo’s name quietly, and he charged the soldiers with a giant Minotaur’s body. If a Minotaur pushed in like that without any restraints, it was inevitable that a path would emerge. Gark and Hark were stabbing and slashing the soldiers on each side. Their swords, which had become stronger, were piercing though the soldier’s strong armor, and while Mev was not here, the archers kept the arrows coming.

Blood, which I did not know which side it was coming from, spread in the air. My eyes turned red, and I felt something hot coming out of my mouth. I stepped on Orbo’s back and jumped in the air. While people would focus on me, their spears and arrows could not touch me. I fell down from the air using a large longsword as a shield in the middle of the soldiers. That was where I liked the most during battles.



“You bastard!”


While their swords and spears came at me right after I fell down, I blocked all of the attacks with the Ancient Flame and my longsword. I switched those I could not block with daggers.


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