Chapter 195 Laveua (1)



“Time goes so fast.”

“It’s all thanks to you, Giant Scream.”


Crugar’s answer was curt as they were still toiling away after a year. While they had become closer in overcoming obstacles over the year, Giant Scream still annoyed him from time to time, especially when they had to do physical work.

Giant Scream lowered his face like he knew what Crugar thought as Little Finger also looked annoyed.


“However, you know you’re becoming stronger.”

“That is…”


That was the truth. Apachi got a unique skill [Loud Shout], and Little Finger managed to get a job called [Curse Mage]. Crugar thought Little Finger’s irritation towards Giant Scream had filled up, and Crugar also had gotten a job [Fight Mage].

They were becoming much stronger than other mages, and Crugar felt the specialness of the lands. They had to become stronger as the leaders here were all talented and the village where Green Skins and humans worked together looked special to Crugar’s eyes.


‘The village has become bigger.’


The castle walls had become stronger, and Goff, Black Spear, and Blood Dagger’s clans had started ‘farming.’ The stableness of the village increased the pregnancy rate. The young children were training for battle.

While Crugar wanted to observe them, he had not wanted endless training in the fields. Training had become harder because the three Goblin Sisters were in a bad mood lately. Laveua, the only heir to the Blood Dagger Clan, was causing mayhem. Even Crugar, who did not know the Blood Dagger Clan as Apachi, knew this fact.

There were screams from afar, and Apachi turned his head in the direction as he opened his mouth.


“Blood Dagger’s daughter seems to have done something again.”
“How is Laveua doing?”

Crugar asked as he was curious.


“She is loved by everyone, but I’m embarrassed to say she is supercilious. It’s probably because she is Blood Dagger’s heir, and everyone treats her with respect for him.”

“Is that so…”


While tribe members tended to respect their leaders, those in Blood Dagger’s tribe were more loyal to their leader than any tribe Crugar had seen. That meant they would treat Laveua with such respect. However, letting things go like this would bring bad results.


“How is Blood Dagger?”

“He is busy, maybe due to Lagia or something entirely different. He goes out from time to time, and his High Fairy mate was also busy because the clan does not have many archers.”


That meant they did not have much time to take care of Lamia. While Crugar did not want to intervene, the fact that the aftermath of Laveua’s antics came to them was a problem.

The three Goblin Sisters were coming with angry faces. While they did not vent out their anger during training, the atmosphere was too heavy.


“Don’t chat!”

“Who is talking?!”


The sisters were in a seriously bad mood, and everyone fell silent before the hellish training began again.



“When will Daddy come?”

“I heard that he will come today or tomorrow.”


Nichole answered Laveua as she drew something on the flag. Since Kim Yoora told her that Blood Dagger would come back soon this time, she could tell Laveua that.


“The Goblin sisters were angry.”

“So what!”


Nicole sighed as she saw Laveua’s pout. Laveua tended to cause mayhem for adults, and it seemed to be the same case this time.


“Has Yoora gone with him?”

“I heard so.”

Kim Yoora tended to go out with Blood Dagger for training, and Nicole knew that Kim Yoora had grown stronger than before. While she thought of Kim Yoora as her rival and other Green Skins were jealous of her, Kim Yoora had the right.

Nicole stroked the Giant Wolf next to her as she continued to draw. Nicole was now three. She decided to become a mage rather than a warrior after hearing her father’s story. She wanted to continue Blood Dagger Clan’s flag and tradition most of all. Thanks to that, she got a nice new skill.


“It’s finished!”

Nicole smiled as she heard the God of War’s voice.


[You have completed Blood Dagger Clan’s first flag.]

[Blood Dagger Clan’s Flag.]

[Blood Dagger Clan’s Nicole has drawn her father’s flag again. This honorable and noble flag will last a long time. Those who have seen this flag’s magic and stamina heal by a little.]


Nicole showed Laveua her flag, as this had been the first time that she had officially fixed a flag. There was a dagger with a drop of blood painted on it, and she was satisfied with it.


“Laveua, look at it!”

“I don’t care…”


While Nicole was a bit irritated with Laveua’s indifference, she took a deep breath before speaking.


“You will know the value of this flag soon.”

Nicole knew she had for a time ignored humans that had come to this village. She had changed a lot and thought Laveua would do so slowly.

Laveua curled her silver hair with a finger as she fluttered her wings. She had the same hair and wings as Mev, and Nicole knew Laveua was incomparable in magic and training. She was also smart and excelled in Alaune’s classes. Other young Green Skins thought she really was her father’s daughter, and some thought her a possible candidate for the next tribe leader.

Nicole smiled at Laveua as the young Green Skin spoke.


“Let’s play cards, Nicole.”

“I still have things to do.”


Nicole looked down at the flags lying on the ground.


“Then can I ride on your wolf?”

Nicole looked at her Giant Wolf. Ibar had borne many children, and some had already chosen their masters. Nicole and Kim Yoora had been lucky, but her wolf, Yazaa, looked annoyed.

She did not want to force her wolf, and Laveua’s pout deepened as Nicole looked at her helplessly.


“I can fly, you know.”

“I don’t want you or your wolf.”

“Then, let’s ride together. Yazaa will allow that.”


Yazaa stood up without any eagerness at Nicole’s words, and Laveua grabbed Nicole’s hand as she feigned indifference.


“Then, let’s go!”


Nicole stroked Yazaa’s head as Laveua tapped the wolf with her foot. She wanted Blood Dagger to come back, as Laveua became calmer when he was here. She thought she was not the only one as Laveua opened her mouth after a few minutes.


“Nicole, let’s go out!”

“We cannot do that. We always have to go with adults…”


Nicole was assuaging Laveua when she saw a Giant Wolf come running to her at top speed. Nicole opened her eyes wide as she knew who was riding the wolf.





Nicole saw Kim Yoora, her best friend, come down from the wolf. She had a handsome sword on her hip with a small shield and spear on her back. However, she heard Laveua’s annoyed voice behind her back.


“Let me down.”

Laveua had become angry for a reason.



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