Chapter 202 A Useful Guy


I could not throw out Lee Wanyong because he was useful in everything except physical labor or fights. He had contributed to making the blacksmith’s forge, school, tents, and other things. I nodded and Lee Wanyong smiled at my reaction. While I did not want to admit this, he was competent. Lee Wanyong was toiling away without much sleep nowadays, and Hakajin would have fainted if it had not been for him. I opened my mouth.


“You cannot kill him.”

“I know that. Do you want anything?”
“I want information about everything about them from the beginning to the end. You can have two helpers, and you may include your opinions when organizing them.”


I stopped talking to grab a human mage’s shoulder to push my magic into him. He bled from his eyes and nose as I crushed his magic. I knew what the spell I had resisted thanks to the elf was.

It would be a mental spell, and the other humans looked bitter like the mage had been their last hope. I opened my mouth again.


“Observe this human more carefully.”
“Of course. I have p, pledged my loyalty to the Blood Dagger Clan. You can trust me.”

While his voice was shaking, I thought I did not need to worry as Lee Wanyong worked for what benefited him. He would not go over to them in such a state while my clan was strong.

He would remain so long as my clan remained powerful, and Lee Wanyong looked confident as he headed to the underground prison with Gark.


“Move, you with the short hair!”

While my translation bracelet translated the words in Korean, Lee Wanyong had spoken in Japanese as the humans gathered around him.


“Please, don’t let them kill me.”

“Are you Japanese?”

“Are there other Japanese here? How did you come here?”

“Please, I will do anything…”

I looked at Lee Wanyong push away a woman, and he seemed to speak like a native from the Japanese’s responses. I wondered more about what he had been on Earth.


“I am not Japanese, and my homeland is the Brotherhood.”

It seemed that Lee Wanyong wanted me to hear what he was saying. He did say something moving, saying that his homeland was here. Lee Wanyong continued to speak.


“You people will not die easily, as you have hurt someone you should not have.”


He paused for a moment before going on.


“There is a way…”


It seemed that he had chosen a classical method, and Lee Wanyong looked like he knew what the humans were thinking. They were terrified of the ogre warrior standing next to Lee Wanyong, which created the mood.

A woman began to speak in tears.


“Please, let me live. I will do anything.”

“That is not for me to decide.”

While his smile annoyed me, I kept my irritation down as he always brought me big benefits. Maybe he could be a member of my clan like he wanted.


“You have two days. Do what you can.”


He nodded at my words. As I was going to spend tomorrow with Laveua, I could decide what to do from the day after. I went back to the tent, thinking that I would not dwell on other thoughts.



I spent a restful day with Laveua and Mev and seeing my daughter sleep next to me made smile. I would need to find time for Baek Ahyeon and Jung Hayeon, especially for the former.

I slowly went outside, as I thought a day was enough to rest. I thought Laveua would spend her grounded month well with Mev and Nicole.

Lee Wanyong approached me after I came out of the tent with Jung Hayeon, Hakajin, and Gark.


“Did you finish up?”

“While it may not be enough, they seemed to have spoken everything they knew. I…would need time to be more specific…”

While Lee Wanyong seemed anxious, the pile of documents showed me how much work he had done.


“You did well. Rest now as I will call you if there’s any need.”



Also, he had prepared tea and dessert for me, Jung Hayeon, Hakajin, and Gark, and they all showed their thanks. He was quick-witted and was waiting for my response. I spoke.



“Thank you!”


He seemed happy, as this was the first time that I had shown him gratitude. He went to work, and I went out of the tent to read the document.


[About Japan lands.]

[1. Information about the prisoners.]

[2. Characteristics and power relations of the lands.]

[3. About relations with the elf.]

[4. The rulers of the lands and characteristics of the elves]

[5. Personal opinions about the current situation and elves.]

[6. The pros and cons to the noble Blood Dagger Clan.]


He had only a day to prepare this, and even the tea was nice. I spent time reading the pages, as a new land was a sensitive subject. I needed to be careful. Hakajin would read after me, and Jung Hayeon after him, and Gark to check whether we missed anything. While Gark would need Jung Hayeon’s help, it would be a good experience for him.


[Yamahara Noriko]

-1st rate archer from Reunovil.

-Occupation: Chaser

-Age: 27

-Three size: 34-24-36

-From Kyoto, Japan

-Previous Job: Illustrator

-Weapon: Strong Dragon Sinew Bow [Item evaluation: Middle class]

-Unique Ability: Seems to be a search ability

-Others: She argues that she had been an influential archer in the city. She seems weak-hearted, and others had testified that she had been passive in this search for the elf. She had come seven years ago…


While I did not understand whey Lee Wanyong had included the three size, the report was concise and stuck to the basics. I was curious how he had managed to get such information. He seemed to have added occupations and unique abilities for me to know whether they would be useful.

They would be useful like those working in my clan now. Lee Wanyong had even organized how they could be utilized.


[Ichiba Tsurushi]

-1st rate archer from Reunovil.

-Occupation: High-class Wind Archer

-Age: 43

-From Kyoto, Japan

-Previous Job: Sushi chef

-Others: He shot Laveua, and while he testified he did so out of curiosity when seeing Laveua flying, others disagree… Baek Ahyeon is torturing him now.

I saw that he had simplified this man’s profile since I would kill him anyway. Lee Wanyong made the right choice and reading about him just made me angry. However, as I could not go to the prison in the middle of reading the report, I stuck to reading until the sun was in the middle of the sky.




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