161 Part 1

Chapter 161 As a Demon (3)


Of course, I would not be able to beat the old king and could only buy some time. Even that may not be possible. I stared at him, and he was looking at me with surprised eyes.

“So, it was you. I wondered why my daughter was acting out of character. She had strayed because of having bad friends.”

“You bastard.”


I did not know if he acknowledged Jang Ye Ri as his daughter, and his voice was warm when considering he had been about to rape her. While I had seen many crazy people in this world, he had to be one of the most extreme.

The old king was still holding Jang Ye Ri’s arm and looked like he was thinking of a plan. I wanted him to focus on me, as him fighting me while holding Jang Ye Ri may cause problems.


“All right. If I brutally killed you in front of her eyes, my daughter would realize her position. I will crush your arms and rip your legs so you will crawl on the ground. I will take out those dirty horns and gouge your eyes to throw at the forest beasts.”



I could see the madness in Jang Gi Young’s eyes, but he was off his guard, which was only natural. I was much weaker than him, and he knew it.

I could last for five minutes or maybe ten at the maximum. It would be enough for Jang Ye Ri to heal and return to battle. While my role was shabby despite what I had said, it was still what I had to do.

The old king threw Jang Ye Ri on the ground and slowly approached me. While I thought of saying something to buy some time, his mad eyes did not seem to be looking at me.

Since Jang Gi Young did not use weapons, it was more difficult to fight. Jang Ye Ri was behind him, and while he would ignore her before killing me, the fact that she was behind him was an unstable factor. I sneered as I opened my mouth at the old king. I spoke like how Kim Taesung had joked in the back alleys.


“About your son.”


“Yes, your stupid son. You seem to be quite attached to your children, and he must be a failure.”


Jang Gi Young stared at me without saying anything.

“It’s strange that while your daughter is quite competent in my eyes, your son is stupid.”



If he was not an idiot, Jang Gi Young would understand what I was insinuating, and I continued to speak as his face contorted in anger.


“Perhaps the father is the problem instead of the mother. I do not know what human beings think, but our race regards your situation like this.”


I smirked after speaking.


“That your seed is inferior.”

“How dare you..!”


Jang Gi Young emitted magic unconsciously, and my provocation seemed to have worked. He would be angry as I seemed to have touched his soft spot.


“I will kill you!”


His face came near me as I stared at him.




I lifted my longsword in reflex and jumped a step backward. However, he continued to chase me, and I was undecided whether to avoid or block his punch. I thought about swapping with the Ancient Flame to obstruct his path, but it would be ineffective. His body would somehow crush his way through.

He swung his fist with an astounding amount of magic, and I avoided it by bending back. I could not avoid the second attack, so I protected myself with the longsword.

With a crashing sound, I felt a heavy tremor run over my body, and the shock from the sword was beyond my expectations. I almost let go of the sword for an instant, and one hit was enough to make me feel faint.

The one good thing was that my body was lifted and went through the wall. While I felt some pain in the back, it was much better than being hit by Jang Gi Young’s punch. I also put some distance between us, and I moved instead of remaining still. I wiped the blood from my mouth with one hand and threw a dagger at him.


“Mere tricks!”


As I changed the weapon to a fully charged longsword, it stabbed the old king’s shoulder. While it was a critical hit, the damage was weak. While I did not hope for penetration, it was disappointing to see that I only landed a scratch.

However, there was no time to lament, as I continued to move to avoid his punches. I understood why Jang Ye Ri had fought like that since going head to head with a fighter like this was suicide. He was a monster.

I took out the Ancient Flame and shot heat and fire to him, and while the heat was enough to melt, there was no reaction. I could only manage some jabs while avoiding his attacks.

Jang Gi Young had to have a weakness. While I could not win, I could at least endure.


“You rat!!”

I could see Jang Gi Young approach me screaming as he broke things, and he seemed to be on a rampage due to being overexcited.

While I did not have much magic left, I had to summon the Dainsleif. While I was not certain whether I could fill the necessary amount of blood, I summoned the weapon.


[Dainsleif – The item effect is activated.]


The sword appeared out of nowhere, and I shot the blood falling to the ground towards the old king. While he was not damaged, I could at least block him a bit.

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