162 Part 1


Chapter 162 Like a Child


I slowly opened my eyes, and what I saw was new to me. While parts of the room were in ruins, it was still luxurious. I felt something on my horns, and surprisingly Jang Ye RI was sleeping with her hands grabbing them.


‘She won.’


I smiled when I remembered Jang Ye Ri shouting while holding her scythe. Anyway, why was this woman sleeping while holding my horns with her face on my chest? She woke up in surprise as I slightly raised myself up.



‘It’s been a long time.”


She looked surprised, as Jang Ye Ri would have watched me all this time. However, I felt like I had seen her after a long time, so it was true on my part. She gaped at me for a moment and then spoke in a composed voice.


“Yes…it is.”

“Are you going to keep touching me?”


While I had merely said that because she was still holding my horns, my words were quite effective as I could see Jang Ye Ri flush in surprise.


“Hmm…I had been holding them without realizing it…my sleeping habits always had not been good…”


While Jang Ye Ri probably had made that excuse on the spot, I just nodded.


“How many days have passed?”

“About a week. You do not need to worry since I have already informed the Saint of the West. Your tribe has safely returned to their abode.”

“That’s good.”


We became silent for a moment, and I opened my mouth since the atmosphere was growing awkward.


“Is the old king dead?”

“You must be curious. First, I want to thank you. I managed to win because of you and grow stronger.”

“It was not much.”

“It was for me. If you had not bought me time or had not wounded him…”


Jang Ye Ri shook her head before continuing.


“Anyway, the old king is dead. I wanted to brutally kill him but had not managed to do so. He smiled even as I cut his limbs and castrated him. The last thing he said was that he had finally made a capable offspring. I do not know whether he had not felt any pain, wanted to provoke me, or I had become what he wished, but it did not feel good.”


The old man was dirty to the end.


“So, what do you think? Did he speak the truth?”

“No. While he is my father, he left nothing to me. I am not quite human or quite a Green Skin, but I am different from him.”

“It’s good thinking.”


I smiled as I stared at Jang Ye Ri.


“What about Jang Gi Hoo?”

“He is imprisoned underground. While he called me a traitor and screamed to anyone who would hear him after the old king died, no one will follow him now. While those with dirty hands had supported him at first, they became quiet after a few heads rolled.”


Unfortunately, it seemed that the events had been wrapped up much more quickly than I had expected. She had managed to behead those who were corrupted and send Jang Gi Hoo to prison in a month. While Jang Ye Ri had not said it, she had overthrown the authority system and perhaps had already finished the reform.

While it will take a long time, people will quickly adjust to the current situation. Even if there were slave sales in the black market, Jang Ye Ri would at least stop that from happening outright. She opened her mouth like she was excited as I nodded.


“Jang Gi Hoo did show some reactions, unlike the old king. I also cut his limbs bit by bit until he was barely alive before throwing him among the prisoners.”


I shuddered at his predicament.


“Thank you. It’s all because of you.”

“I did not do anything for your thanks.”

“That’s right…”


Jang Ye RI nodded with a slight flush.


“You did say you wanted me.”


I nodded as the air grew heavier around us.


“I learned a lot from you, not from when we had met, but from before. It’s not tangible knowledge, but about how to live. You’re a man I can respect.”

“You’re overestimating me.”

“I am not. That’s from my heart, and I thought things over as you lay asleep. I want to throw everything away and stand next to you, but as you care for your tribe, I also care about the people and my followers. What leader throws their followers away?”

“I agree.”

“I cannot throw away this city, but I want to become your woman. If you accept me after hearing my story, I will gladly become your mate. You do not have to do so, and I will take a step back and follow you anyway.”


Jang Ye Ri seemed to be saying that she would want me regardless of our relationship, but it was not bad at all to have some sort of connection to her. I was going to accept her regardless of her story, but her serious expression made me nod and listen to what Jang Ye Ri had to say.


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