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Green Skin 214 Connection



[He is very efficient.]

[Lee Wanyong?]

[Yes. I want to keep him for a while.]


I spoke again with a smile.


[He is that.]

[While he seems eager to return, he has some things to do here. Can I have him for a few more weeks?]


That was a surprise, and I thought it was a good sign that he wanted to come back here. I had no intention of letting go of him.


[I want him back as soon as possible.]


Things were not going smoothly here, as Lee Wanyong’s long absence affected the administration. Hakajin was going to exhaust himself soon.


[Are you coming?]


While Jang Ye Ri changed the subject, I had no intention of following her.


[I am nearby and want him back soon.]

[I see.]


Jang Ye Ri answered me. I was in the Eastern City Garia along with Garia’s finest warriors, waiting for the Southern summoners and the Spider Clan. She now saw me hiding.




Jang Ye Ri seemed surprised to have seen us but did not feel our presence. Our stealth abilities, our specialties, seemed to have impressed her. I thought the Spider Clan would not detect us if Jang Ye Ri could not.

I started talking to her again as there was some time left, as I was curious about how her alliance with the North had gone.


[How did it go?]

[We reached an agreement under good conditions, thanks to Lee Wanyong. While there is a strange article… it doesn’t concern you.]


I wanted to know and was about to say so.


[They are coming.]


Her voice was curt, and I could see the Southern people coming on horses. Their king was absent, and while the summoners were decent, they would not stand against Jang Ye Ri.


[Long time no see. Is your king doing well?]


Jang Ye Ri spoke with the communication ring to inform me what was happening.


[I am well and am grateful to you for today.]

[While I do not need presents, I will accept this as a courtesy. Tell your king I thank him.]


I heard some everyday conversation, and I could see Jang Ye Ri was confident and on the verge of arrogance.

I turned around to see my comrades wait behind me. The ogres were tense, the elf was nervous, and Mev slowly positioned herself to shoot at my signal. We needed to wait in case something happened.


[Well, let’s…]


Jang Ye Ri was talking to the south when I saw a spot in the air twist and turn.


‘She’s here.’


Gark began to hide himself using his unique skill. There were six out, and while I heard about their abilities from that mage, the last one to come out was the most important.


‘The Master of the Spider Clan.’


I did not care what happened to others if I could only get her. I heard Jang Ye Ri speak up again.


[So… they are here. You guys proved elusive. I am Jang Ye Ri, Queen of the East.]


The atmosphere grew tense.


[Yes, I have called you people to make a request. The Clan Master is silent.]



A man with glasses was talking instead of the Spider Clan Master, who remained silent. Park Han Cheol and the Greenbelt Clan seemed tense, while Jang Ye Ri was fully in control. She was in the middle of the battlefield if something happened but was nonchalant.


[The request is difficult, but you will get a satisfactory reward.]


I signaled Orbo and Alisha, and they nodded. I heard Jang Ye Ri speak again.


[The request is… to throw out the trash.]


I felt magic explode, and Jang Ye Ri cut off the man’s neck with her scythe. Everything happened in an instant.

Everything went wild, and I ran towards Orbo, who pushed me to Jang Ye Ri. I was shot at lightning speed with magic, and Alisha gave me some strengthening magic along with others. I saw large roots block off the enemies’ path.


“Jang Ye Ri, you bitch!”

Gark cut off that Southern summoner’s neck. The Spider Clan braced for battle, but they were surrounded by Park Han Cheol and the Greenbelt Clan. They would be an even match.

Jang Ye Ri’s goal was the Spider Clan Master, and other Southern soldiers died in their path.

I ran out with my sword flaming, and everyone looked at me in surprise.


“The demon…”


Mev’s arrow shot into a warrior’s forehead. He was dead instantly.

I continued to charge at full speed, as the Spider Clan Master may move instantly. Her spell needed time, but she could teleport herself in a moment.

I cut through everything that blocked me, and no one touched my skin as I ran.




The screams were enjoyable. I evaded a blade with a twist of my back and cut his neck off before flying out. I sliced the spears, avoided the arrows, and swallowed the magic with flame. I used Dainsleif’s item effect.

Blood was everywhere, which I weaponized to cut even more people. I saw a member of the Spider Clan pursue me, as he seemed to have escaped Park Han Cheol’s clutches. Others gathered around their master, telling me they were preparing to run.



I heard screams and thought we were being pressed for time when I heard a shout.


“For Blood Dagger!”


It was Hark, who was blocking my pursuer with his twin swords.


“Do not lose.”

I distanced myself from him and saw that Jung Hayeon’s roots efficiently removed obstacles from my path, along with Mev’s arrows.

I saw Jang Ye Ri face off the Spider Clan Master. The latter’s face grew rigid upon seeing me like she did not expect me to come.

Jang Ye Ri had been buying me time, but the Spider Clan Master had cast her spell while avoiding the East Queen’s attacks. Her cape seemed a decent item, as it helped her evade my and Jang Ye Ri’s attacks.

It was important to push her into a corner, and it worked. I was approaching her.



I let my sword drop. There was no time to talk, as I did not know how long Alisha’s mental magic would last. I made the last jump to pounce at her and grab her hand.


“I caught you.”


She had no time to avoid me. I felt my spirit go inside her the moment our hands met.






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