Green Skin 217 Revenge Complete



It was hard to suppress my excitement after returning to the village. I wanted to boast to Park Hyeri. Since Choi Eunju was still unstable, she drank a potion made by an alchemist, Lee Jihee. Alisha followed her around to check her condition and fine-tuned the memories so Choi Eunju would think of me as her husband.

I was surprised to see that Choi Eunju liked Laveua, and thought it came from losing her child.


“Your life had been like that.”
“Yes, to find you.”
“I did not think you would have a child…”
“I want you to get along well with them. They helped me get here.”

It was like practicing making excuses to Choi Seulgi, despite knowing this would not work against her.

We talked about the past, and Choi Eunju avoided talking about her like the Spider Clan.

She did not make excuses but said she had been in the South. I did not press further, as I already knew most of it.

I drank tea and handed Choi Eunju her potion, which she thought was tea. Alisha’s spell calmed her down, and Choi Eunju slowly fell asleep. I called Alisha in the tent. Mev, for whatever reason, held meetings between women often these days. However, she was available.


“Did you call me?”

“When will she become stable?”

“Ah… She’s stable, but I still have to consider further risks…”

A few days passed, and my words were sharp.


“I will take care of your kingdom after my job is done here.”

She would be even more anxious. I thought I could take care of Japan. However, Alisha’s friends and family would be going through hell now. Alisha seemed to know as her face turned dark at my words.


“Yes…I think if I’m there, things will be all right.”

“That can work.”

Alisha knew what I was about to do, which was why she had made the proposal. I sent her out and spent some time with Laveua. I did not sleep a wink due to excitement.


‘Park Hyeri.’


I could rip her apart. She screamed but did not feel pain when we tortured her and would just play with us. The only thing she reacted to was Choi Eunju.


‘She will come to save me. Then, all of you are dead.’


Even as her limbs were ripped off, she would repeat those words. However, my revenge was not complete yet. I was going to give her the same treatment she had given me.

I left the tent to go to Park Hyeri in a happy mood. It had been a while since I had seen her, as I had Lee Wanyong manage the prison as I was busy.

Ogres and goblins managed the prison now, but they did not meet Lee Wanyong’s standards.

Choi Eunju will come with Alisha, and I will move toward Park Hyeri’s cell.


“It’s been a long time.”

I had warned them not to kill her, and Park Hyeri was conscious, despite having her limbs cut off.


“Hey, what made you come here?”
“Well, yeah.”

My mood became better at seeing Park Hyeri shout at me. I heard footsteps come in, and I smiled.



Park Hyeri’s gaze fixed on one person.


“You came here to save me! I’m sorry for having acted like that…I knew you’d come for me…”


It was farcical to see Park Hyeri look at Choi Eunju for salvation. I smiled and turned to Choi Eunju.

While Choi Eunju frowned, she looked at me with a smile. That was when I knew why Choi Eunju had killed the Spider Clan members and the South.

She wanted to erase the past, as she did not want her beloved husband to seeing her as a murderer.


“Master! That bastard!”


I spoke to Choi Eunju amidst Park Hyeri’s screams.


“Do you know her?”

“No, no. I don’t know her.”


I saw her Choi Eunju grimace. I did not know what happened between Park Hyeri and Choi Eunju, but something deep must have happened for Park Hyeri to depend on that. I did not care.



“Yes, yes. She is a stranger, darling.”

Park Hyeri spoke as we became silent.




It seemed that Park Hyeri was solely focused on the fact that Choi Eunju acted like she did not know her. I felt despair well up from Park Hyeri even more, when I grabbed Choi Eunju’s waist and pulled her towards me.


“Master! Master!”


Choi Eunju turned her gaze down like she was shy, but Park Hyeri shouted at the top of her lungs as we got closer.




I now realized Park Hyeri loved Choi Eunju. That was a laugh.

I opened my mouth.


“I know that you’re the Spider Clan Master.”


Choi Eunju’s eyes widened.


“I will not ask anything. I still love you.”

Her eyes welled up.


“Darling, I love you too.”


Choi Eunju lowered her eyes as I slowly raised her chin. I looked straight into Choi Eunju’s eyes and slowly kissed her. Our tongues met, and her body shuddered.

A scream rang out from inside the prison.


“Ahhh! You bastard! What did you do!”


Park Hyeri’s eyes were dark with despair. I only smiled as I felt her break down into pieces. I rubbed my hand down Choi Eunju’s back and opened my mouth.


“I want you here, now.”



Choi Eunju would have refused before, as there were eyes here. However, she nodded now. She was a beautiful woman and was similar to Jung Hayeon. She reacted to my hand.


“You bastard! Let her go!”


I ignored the screams and felt she was wet as I slid my hand inside her. She was quite eager and hesitatingly spoke as I stopped for a moment.


“I…I waited for so long.”


I could see why she had apologized. She and her husband had been demure in sex. They had just confirmed their love for one another.

She was afraid she seemed too forward and different, and I opened my mouth, thinking this was cute.


“I like this better.”


Park Hyeri screamed again, and I was quite amused.


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