231 Dark Elf

I was thinking of last night as I looked at Elisha, who threatened her sisters in a cold voice.

I thought it was nothing, but the sight of Elisha who came to me last night was very interesting. Usually, I thought she always had a scared face or a strangely childish face, but the atmosphere was strange depending on the day.


” I need to tell you something. ”

” Tell me.”

” Maybe soon my older sister, Elianne, will complain about the previously signed contract. ”

It was not unexpected at all, but it was a little surprising that Elisha came to me over such a problem. In addition, from her point of view, it was tantamount to pushing her sister.

“I hope you don’t mind… ”

A little anxious, but there was something certain about Elisha’s expression.

“ ………………… ”

” I’ll take care of everything on my own so that it doesn’t harm you. I will take my eldest sister out of this kingdom who doesn’t even know grace. After work, 1,000 elves with me will be loyal and follow you. ”

I thought things were pretty funny. There’s no way I wouldn’t notice why she’s been telling me this. She doesn’t want her sister to die. There’s no way she wouldn’t notice what happened afterward, having seen my past.

If the eldest sister protests, she dies immediately. She knew that not only his eldest sister but also all the elves in the Kingdom of Everest immediately led a life like a hell. It must be a struggle of her own, and she’s quite a tearful sister, but I thought this was rather interesting.

This is because Elisha’s feelings at the time continued to flow into me.

“You’re trying to protect it.”

” Oh… Never mind. My older sister called me a dirty girl and insulted me because I was a girl who was stuck with a monster. He rather criticized me for saving the kingdom and humiliated me by shouting out. Without me, my older sister and my younger sister would still be stuck here looking like a beast and a prostitute. My sister even told me that I was not the royal daughter of the kingdom. This is revenge. ”

It was a visible lie. Because the feelings flowing from her were not resentment but sadness.

“I understand what you mean. It’s very touching. I’ll give you a chance first. ”

What I told her was Yasukuni Kimura, a Japanese king who was still suffering from his limbs tied to Jeong Ha-yeon’s roots. When I threw the dagger to the ground, Elisha picked it up with a grim look.

I couldn’t properly confirm whether it was the first time to take life, but because I know it, the Elf itself does not prefer to take life. They place more importance on harmony than fighting.

When I gestured to Jung Ha-yeon next to me, Jung Ha-yeon immediately collected the roots that had blocked Yasukuni’s mouth.

“Help me… Please save me. Please…”

Of course, there were voices begging for life. However, Elisha, who bites her lips, does not stop. She was staring at the king who bit his lips tightly and made her sister and her younger sister cripple, the mastermind who caused her kingdom to collapse. Nevertheless, what is visible is hesitation. She hasn’t abandoned herself yet.

Instead of stretching out the dagger vigorously, she chose to close her eyes tightly and push the dagger slowly toward the opponent’s arm.

” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

It was already time to get used to the pain, but he was screaming and screaming. In fact, putting the dagger in that way slowly adds to the pain he can feel. Elisha slowly began to open her eyes when she heard him scream. There was warm blood on her hands and blood on her face as well as on her clothes.

Elisha looks at her hands with a trembling body.

It was a joy that caught Elisha’s eyes at that time. It was undoubtedly a delight.

“Oh, my. ”

There was a strange sound coming out. It’s a reaction that no normal elf can come out of. I thought she was weird by nature or maybe it was the influence that went into my mind. She knew the pleasure of revenge before. It was an indirect experience, but I clearly remember peeping into my feelings.

As time goes by, there is no hesitation in her movements.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…Save me. I…I was wrong… ”

” Die! Die! a filthy human being ”

I thought he’d be quite disappointed that he was a beginner. If I had more technology, I could have enjoyed him longer and longer. When her clothes, her face, and even her whole body were constantly stained with blood, I felt like her skin color was changing something.

He is clearly the object of resentment to Elisha. He is the one who broke the kingdom, the one who made her mother die, the one who made her make the wrong choice, and the one who was at the center.

Even if I were Elisha, I would feel really good.

” Hahahahahahahaha.


His whole body is already a disgrace. Nevertheless, she was smiling and inserting a dagger. He seemed to be getting used to it more and more, but after a while, he stopped breathing completely.

Nevertheless, it was quite fascinating to see her continuously inserting a dagger, but she looked different after a few decades.

Dark Elf

I don’t know whether it’s a case like Jung Ha-yeon or just a dark elf if the elf is corrupted, but it’s probably a proof that she’s changed internally. The gold hair turned silver, and the white skin, which seemed to be spotless, was nearly black and gray.

But it’s still beautiful. No, it’s even more attractive. Elisha also began to look around her body slowly. She quietly smiled and opened her mouth to see if she was surprised that her skin and hair had changed.

“Blood Dagger was right. ”

“…………………. ”

” Revenge is sweet. It’s very sweet. ”


That’s why I was able to look at this situation quite leisurely. Of course, her disposition is not 180 degrees reversed. I could see that the emotions flowing from her continued to flow into me as a fragmentary example.

Let me lean my chin in my hand as if I’m having fun. Once again, a loud voice popped out of Elisha’s mouth.

“What are you doing? Hurry up and don’t bring those assholes down here who don’t even know their grace!”

” Yes, my queen.”

It was none other than the same elves who moved their bodies at her words. There were no elves who turned into dark elves like her, but the elves who decided to follow her will, which was only my expectation, but I thought she might have had a little mental damage. Otherwise, I thought that such a reaction would not be possible.

Looking at the crowd of elves approaching him, the Queen of Destruction also screamed.

“Elisha… Elisha! You really sold your soul to the devil! What is that look? How can you show such a depraved appearance? ”

” Shut up, you little whore. It is a disgrace to the kingdom that you, who were rolling around in the barracks of human soldiers, become the queen of the kingdom. The beast also said that grace would be repaid. It is right to be grateful just for saving your life. What a wimp… Look at yourself. Don’t you think he’ll sell himself to get the kingdom back? Do you already miss the arms of a man? ”

” Yes… How dare you! How can you do that to me? I… I could have gotten out of this hell for you. You could have been staying with some beastly people just like me. ”

” I never said save me. Didn’t you save me by looking at my ability, not by sympathy? It was also four years ago that he said he wouldn’t make me his sister. ”

It felt like I was watching a drama, but it was quite fun. It was all the more so to see the second person being stuck in the middle and unable to do this or that. Her ears were drooping and she looked around as if he was a puppy who wanted to pee.

“Elsia… sister… Elsia…Elisha, what are you saying to your sister? ”

Elf soldiers stormed in and tried to catch the two, including security, but it is natural to resist. It was just a physical fight, but it nevertheless looked pretty desperate. The most pitiful thing was none other than the Queen.

“How can you do that? How much… How much… You’ve really been stuck with them. From the beginning… I was going to sell the kingdom from the beginning! ”

Eliane, who looked at Elisha with trembling eyes, thought she was being treated quite severely even before she adjusted to the sudden change in her sister. Elisha slowly began to stand in front of Eliane. I see a fishy smile.

It was not long before a very loud sound popped out.


It was none other than a slap in the face.

” Shut up, you idiot.”

” El…Elisha, you! You! How can you! How could you say that to me? How can you act like this… ”

There was a loud noise once again.

“How did your mother and father raise you for four years? Why are you….? ”


“I have no parents. It’s been the same for four years now. Even the queen of the kingdom has a lot to say about the subject that she couldn’t keep properly. Nothing can be done without strength. There is no mother of the earth here. No one listens to the words of the four powerless years. ”

Whenever Eliane, the eldest sister, tried to open her mouth, a loud noise kept popping out. Her cheeks are already very red and her mouth is covered with blood. I thought it was a little too much, but I thought I could see what Elisha was thinking.

She wants her sister to hate her.

She wanted her hatred for herself rather than her hatred for the Blood Dagger clan or her brother’s land. In a way, it can be said that it is wise. Elisha knows that the only outcome against this side is death. In other words, a wise third was saving the stupid first.

It’s not a losing business for us either. Because the elves who decided to stay would cooperate with us as much as possible, and Elisha thought that she would continue to fight her eldest sister so as not to harm us.

“It was for the kingdom. For the sake of the kingdom, I have endured this humiliation! Despite being able to take her own life, she has endured hellish times. It’s a land my mother has cultivated all her life. You can’t insult me like this, insult my mother, or insult my kingdom. ”

“ ………………………………… ”

” Elisha! Elisha! ”

” I can hear a dog barking. What are you doing? Don’t bring them out right now. I can no longer trouble my benefactors. ”

She screamed furiously, but Elisha’s expression remained unchanged. Instead, it only sneaked up on this side. I felt like I could see what Elisha wanted, so being apologetic, I slipped away with Baek A-Yeon next to me.

Ahhhhh. “save me.”

In the meantime, Elisha slowly settled next to me.

The Queen of the Dead shouted at the sight.

” You filthy girl! I’ll hate you for four years all my life! I will live with this grudge in my heart for the rest of my life. ”

Eliane was constantly struggling and refusing to go outside, and I remember thinking that the second one was quite useful. I looked at the second and slowly opened my mouth.

“You stay.”

There’s no way I don’t know what I’m talking about. Eliane was surprised and began to look at Elisha, not me, but at the same time, the psychology of wanting Elisha to stop me was pathetic. Elisha chewed her lips and opened her mouth again.

“Elia will live with us here. Be honored to live with your benefactors. ”

It was such a mean smile that it was hard to notice whether it was true or false.

“That… that can’t happen. ”

There is no choice. Not only Elisha but also Elisha knows that. When I looked at her quietly, the guards let her go, and she began to slowly approach this way with her ears drooping.

“Bring her out now.”

” No! No… No!”

I felt like I saw a cheap new wave movie, but it’s perfect. It was stimulating and emotions of despair and sadness swirled in. But I knew the ending was still a long way off.

I could see Elia looking this way quietly and looking at her. I thought maybe she was the most embarrassing thing now. I looked at Elia and opened my mouth.

“Shine on Elianne. ”

Realizing what I meant, Elia quietly began to cast spells. It is a tremendous advantage on the battlefield to have a very convenient ability and to be able to see far away vividly. It’s stupid to miss such a talent.

Soon afterward, the figure of a ruined queen who was slowly driven out of the kingdom with the elves began to be seen. The powerless elves were going out of the kingdom surrounded by the Greenskins, and it was quite worth seeing that they kept hearing cries. Even the elves who had not yet been treated were all being carried out somewhere.


“Mother of the earth… ”

At the very front of the place heading outside with her ears drooping, Eliane was seen staring at the castle with glistening eyes.

“Elisha! Elisha! I will curse you all my life. ”

Seeing her screaming, she looked like he was about to go crazy, but Elisha, who was watching it with me, quietly closed her eyes. Emotions began to enter me beyond comparison. Thanks to this, I felt like my strength was increasing, and like Elisha, I closed my eyes and felt them, and opened my mouth.

“A promise is a promise. It would certainly be right to support the decision to support. It’ll allow you to help me set up a site far away from here. I’ll help you build a foundation so that you don’t get hurt by other humans.”

” An ungrateful beast. Chief.”

” I keep my word. ”

” Thank you for your consideration. ”

Still, a cold voice rang out from Elisha’s mouth, and a voice was heard in my head for the first time in a very long time.

[The Left of Sorrow rejoices. Rank up with rewards. Please select an object to evolve.]

It’s been a long time since I had a chance to evolve.

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