Green Skin Chapter 24

[ Bring anything shiny over. I will listen to any request. Anything except killing the Green Skins . . .] – Green Goblin Clan’s Auctioneer

” Welcome. ”

” Welcome. Our brothers. ”

Monsters centered around Chief Patriarch Agar greeted us with a welcome. Everyone raised their hands to their chest once again, so we acted likewise.

” Sit comfortably. ”

We were able to sit down once Chief Patriarch Agar spoke. I thought it was just words to sit comfortably, but it really seemed that we could sit anywhere. Once we roughly all sat down, a large treatment would be delivered to us as the orcs soon began to show what a large treatment was.

A sweet aroma continued to swarm my nose.

‘ Alcohol. ‘

It seems that they definitely had brewing techniques. When I was a human, I heard that the alcohol made by trolls were that delicious, and when I heard that, I discussed against the possibility that monsters were able to drink alcohol in a battle of pros and cons with Choi Seulgi. Seeing this scene, I was forced to admit that Choi Seulgi’s argument was right.

” Raise it. ”

As such, the banquet commenced. There was no act of banging the cup or shouting unlike the first time we met, but we just smiled and exchanged cups. It was definitely delicious. That first aromatic dish. Compared to the cheap drinks that I had used to drink, I felt that this was of a higher quality. Unlike the conjecture that they had called us just not simply to drink alcohol, we were drinking continuously, so at the point where I thought that we would end up just drinking and leaving, Agar looked at us and resumed his talk.

” Come to think of it, I haven’t heard of your names yet. ”

With Agar’s words, Goff was the first to nod his head. It seems it’ll start with simple self-introductions. I wasn’t used to these kinds of position.

” To be able to speak my name to the Chief Patriarch is an honor. I am the Chief of the Goff Clan, Goff. ”

” It’s an honor. Chief Patriarch. I am Korza, Chief of the Darkmoon Clan. ” The previous chief was the Darkmoon Clan’s old shaman. The rest, in order, introduced their names. Seeing that the clan members weren’t speaking, it seems it wasn’t appropriate for them to speak. I had plans of introducing myself as Blood Dagger before this started, but thanks to Darkmoon clan’s elder, things got a bit more difficult.

The reason was that I, indeed, didn’t know what my name was. Soon, my turn came, and I was left wavering. Whether I should use my name from my human period, Kim Taesung. Or if I had to roughly create a similar name, I was in a dilemma.

” I am Blood Clan’s  . . . Chief. Blood Dagger. ”

In the end, I expressed myself like this, causing everyone to be suspicious. They weren’t expressions which implied that I was rude or reckless. But, a truly suspicious face. Thankfully, Goff was there to solve their curiosity.

” What Green Skin would hesitate to reveal their name in front of the Chief Patriarch? However, Blood Dagger has lost his honor in his sacred battle. He is ashamed to reveal his name in front of the Chief Patriarch. ”

They began to understand the situation after listening to Goff’s words. It seems that revealing one’s name to the Chief Patriarch is the Green’s Skin Greatest Honor of honors. It’s more of a nightmare than a dream as everyone began nodding.

” A true, honorable warrior. ”

“Even if it were me, I wouldn’t have revealed it. A name without honor is useless no matter what . . . Gereeeuk. ”

” Blood Dagger . . . I will remember. ”

Goff raised my image unexpectedly. I have no choice but to love him. The Chief Patriarch who had listened to Goff also looked at me as he opened his mouth.

“I’ll look forward to the day when I can hear your real name. Blood Dagger Clan’s Chief Blood Dagger. Blessed are you, strong warrior. ”

It went so far as allowing me to receive a buff as I could feel some power revolving around me.

In the end, I had to shout with my hand over my chest.

” Strength, Wisdom and Honor. ”

” Very good . . . I have heard a lot about the brothers who came in this time. You are more wise and honorable than I have heard from the chief of Storm Shadow Clan. ”

When the name of the Storm Shadow Clan emerged, one with with a large fang bowed his head. His race was that of a troll. Perhaps that was the person that led us in the exam. Anyhow, the Chief Patriarch continued as he opened his mouth.

” I have called you to this place to introduce you to some of the tribes that protect this Land of Glory, and also to help you to survive in this land. My brothers. ”

” I am grateful for the offer but Goff Clan does not need help to survive in this place. Chief Patriarch. ”

” We are not trying to push aside your honor. Honorable warrior Goff. ”

From the Chief Patriarch’s words, Goff was slightly roused. But, the Chief Patriarch had an expression that he understood. It seems that he had experienced facing a lot of warlike warriors like Goff. I was able to roughly understand what the Chief Patriarch was saying.

In this continent, amongst the humans, there were a few that were extremely strong. If the previous Saint Sword or the previous Queen of the North clashed against our entire clan, we would be totally annihilated. So far as not even being able to inflict a wound before being defeated. It is highly likely that the words of the Chief Patriarch meant to suppress these kinds of the headstrong mentality as much as possible. It seems my expectations were right. The Chief Patriarch opened his mouth and asked me.

” Warrior, Blood Dagger who has lost one’s honor. Who was the one that had a sacred battle against you? ”

A sudden question out of nowhere. But, I could understand his point in doing so.

” It is a female warrior of the humans. ”

The Chief Patriarch nodded his head and did not laugh like the chiefs of our tribe. Rather, it seems that everyone had expressions of agreement.

” In this world, the humans are truly strong. Honorable warrior Goff. No matter how brave you are, there is a boundary. This Chief Patriarch Agar wants you to survive to the end and engrave true honor onto this land. It is not a rule intended to suppress your freedom. My brothers. You can head anywhere you like on this land and place your flag. However, we are one tribe. When great power is needed, we will fight together, and die together. ”

Chief Patriarch Agar. He is quite an impressive display. And much more than I had imagined. I don’t know exactly how long it’s been since Agar had come into this world, but if it were not for the Great Patriarch, the Green Skins might have been unable to survive in this land. The majority of the Green Skins were warlike. They wanted to battle instinctively, and desire to be in the battlefield. If it were not for the Chief Patriarch, the Green Skins would have had short lives as they would attack human settlements the moment they were summoned.

I was finally able to roughly understand the purpose of the previous exam now.

The strength to survive.

The wisdom to wage war.

The knowledge of patience.

If it were the previous warlike Goff, he could have rejected the words of the Chief Patriarch. But, after learning patience in the desert and wilderness, the current Goff was much more different now than before in my opinion. As expected, I was able to see with my eyes as Goff raised his fang to open his mouth. Understanding, but not wanting to understand. But, the eyes of his empathize with the words of the Chief Patriarch.

” I will follow the will of the Chief . . . Patriarch. ”

With Goff nodding his head, the others also began to nod.

” We will follow the will of the Chief Patriarch. ”

” Thank you. My brothers who know honor. ”

At this time, I was curious of something so I asked the Chief Patriarch.

” What do you mean to be free to go wherever we so desire? Chief Patriarch. ”

” It literally means what you’ve asked. Blood Dagger. You are free to go wherever you want to go in this vast continent. The Land of Glory is where the Green Skins gather. However, the Green Skins are spread throughout the continent. ”

” For instance . . . . yes. The White Silver Fang Clan’s Chief, Silver Fang over in this spot is settled to the North of the continent. ”

From Chief Patriarch’s words, the white werewolf sitting still followed up with a reply.

” The harshness of winter. ”

The Chief Patriarch satisfactorily nodded his head and resumed.

” In the case of the Minotaurus Chieftain Clan, they are centered in the middle of large prairies ! ”

” I receive the will of the Great Prairies. ”

One snotty Minotaurus replied to the words of the Chief Patriarch.

” The Storm Shadow Clan’s trolls are to the Eastern Swamp. ”

” Victory and Honor will never subside. ”

I was able to get a rough sense of where the Green Skins lived in this continent. Numerous Green Skins rooted in the continent were living independently in their own places in their own way. Like a large spider web. Though it’s obvious, the center of the web is this Land of Glory protected by the Chief Patriarch Agar.

” I do not know where you want to put the flag of your clans yet, but you can choose. Three years. After exactly three years, you will be able to put up your new flags. ”

To summarize, it was like this. We are able to ‘ select ‘ which territory we want to live in. However, it is only an independence by name. The other chiefs sitting around the Chief Patriarch are protected. If you choose to be independent after three years, go to an unclaimed spot and put up your flag there.

Of course, we are literally “living together” with another tribe. All green skins will be equal. We will not touch each other’s clan, and they will not mind as long as you do not harm their clan no matter what you do.

But we will fight together. If a war emerges, then we will rise together with our backs side-by-side and fight.

‘ Not bad. ‘

I had wanted to make this kind of request in the start. A reliable shield has appeared for three years. It’s a great opportunity to learn how the monsters here live and survive. The problem was where to go.

I naturally began looking around. Certainly there are those who are holding the place where I used to live. Of course I know of them.

‘ Green Goblin Clan ‘

A clan primarily consisting of green goblins. They are fast and enjoy attacking beginner adventurers. The symbol of their flag is drawn sloppily of a green goblin’s face. They are extremely cruel and famous for their ferocity, so much so that famed adventurers would avoid this group. But, I am not a human now. I started to turn to see if he was here, and soon afterwards I could see a goblin with a playful face in sight.

‘ He’s here. ‘

While I was having various thoughts, the Chief Patriarch continued to introduce the other guys. I had to consider the possibility of moving to another side, so I began to focus on listening to the other guys.

Soon, all the introductions came to an end, and the selection phase neared. Fortunately, the Chief Patriarch concluded the day, so we are able to scatter from the Patriarch’s tent pavilion and return to our tents.

TL Afterword

LOL Goff actually increased the MC’s image as more honorable, even though it wasn’t MC’s intention. What a true friend.

Ps Wait so all this time, MC still haven’t come up with a name?! Guess Despicable Captain or Blood Dagger works fine for now.

Note: Anyways, to summarize it myself, the Blood Dagger clan is able to choose to go to another territory inhabited by another clan. They are not free to go to an uninhabited place to set up their independence until three years have passed. So, the two clans literally have to live together as brothers for three years.

Notice: In response to my readers’ curiosity, I was extremely busy with some assignments due to my courses, so I wasn’t able to be as active lately (5-week courses are h.e.l.l). Thank you for asking

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