Green Skin Chapter 28

The encampment of Green Goblin Clan was as I thought. The flag standards of the Green Goblins were all over the place. There were so many glittering objects that were coins and jewels embedded around the tents of various colors here and there. They collect them, but it seems that they don’t organize them in any decorative manner. There’s no mistake, that people who discover this Green Goblin Clan’s encampment, would think that they have hit the lottery. Of course, that would be true if you could win against this clan first.

Anyhow, when the Summoned were massacred due to the Green Goblin Clan in my days as a human, there were rumors that the Saint Sword and high level Summoned were dispatched. Now seeing that the encampment located deep within the outskirts of the Western Forest, I thought that most likely what occurred was they weren’t able to find it in the end.

I do not know exactly, but I was able to feel the traces of magic from high-level shamans.

” Warrior without honor, Blood Dagger. We welcome you that have come to the land of the Green Goblins. ”

There were countless goblins that had already lined up before we had arrived. Rather than welcoming us like the instance in the Land of Glory, I could feel that they were more curious of our strength.

” Fi . . . finally a another clan has entered our Green Goblin Clan territory ! ”

” A brother clan lives within our tribe ! ”

It really was the case that no clan had selected the Green Goblin Clan once in the last eight years. It seemed to me, that one of the things that were quite heart-breaking to the clan was not being chosen by the Giant Wolves. To be able to resolve two of their wishes, in a slightly different sense, we were their saviors. Thanks to that, a lot of their attention was focused on me.

” Ggirik. That awesome Orc riding that wolf over there is our brother clan’s Chief. ”

” So . . . handsome. I want to mate with him. Ggirik. Ggirik. ”

Hearing these kinds of comments were beginning to be greatly disturbing. My face seemed to be quite handsome among the Green Skins. Thanks to the exclamations of the other female goblins, Fairy Sprite Archer Mev moved closer towards me in a vain attempt to ward and caution off future rivals.

” An ugly girl is beside him. ”

Once called the greatest beauty among the goblins, Mev. But now, she was one that was only loved by those with fetishes. Listening to those voices, I was somewhat sadden, but I thought that there was no need to express this as I advanced into the encampment together with the other chief.

Like the Green Skins in the Land of Glory, they have also heard the news beforehand it seems as there were tents prepared for us. Of course, I thought I had no time for breaks in the next two or three years, so I immediately started walking towards the Green Goblins tent. After receiving permission if I could enter the chief’s tent, I was able to see an extremely large tent once I entered. So much so that my mouth opened in shock.

There were countless piles of gold coins. The Green Goblin was even lying down comfortably on a pile of gold coins. It was certain why my jaw had dropped open, seeing all of the gold coins that he continuously had hoarded over time. I then regathered myself and spoke towards him perched comfortably amongst those gold coins. I began to relate all the things I thought of after seeing the first battle the Green Goblin Clan had displayed.

” Green Goblin. ”

” What is it, Blood Dagger? It has been a long journey, so you must be tired. It would be best if you were to rest well. . . ”

” It isn’t much. It’s just that I wanted to discuss with you of my plans going forward hence why I have searched for you. ”

Soon, after beginning to talk of my plan, the Green Goblin’s expression began to change with great interest.

” Hmm . . . Are you asking us to entrust our elite goblins to you? Ggirik Ggirik. ”

” That is so. It would be better if they are ones who received the divine protection of the G.o.d of Battlefield. ”

Funny enough, but the method I chose was ‘ Tutoring, ‘ and that of complete tutoring. For every three Blood Dagger Clan members, one elite Green Goblin will be in charge. If it’s a goblin with a Unique Ability, then the chances of the goblins awakening their Unique Abilities were higher, which was even more advantageous. The training period were three days every week. The first month had no rest days. The rest of the time was decided to be focused on increasing our specs by personal training or ‘ hunting. ‘

” As long as you provide sparkling objects properly, there will be no problem. ”

” But, Green Goblin, it may take a while before you can attain what you want. Are you fine with that? ”

” It doesn’t matter. Blood Dagger. There will be no case where you will fail to keep this promise, one who considers honor so importantly that he can forsake his own name. ”

I really don’t care about honor that much, but for them to think of me like this was pleasing.

” Anyhow, I have heard about your clan members as well. Ggirik. Ggirik. But, what will you do? ”

” I wish to entrust myself to you. ”

” Ggirik. Ggirik. Ggirik ! ”

He definitely knew that I was going to say this. It seems that he just wanted to hear this directly. He was extremely elated. The reality that another chief would request of him to teach was a very joyful event. I thought that if it weren’t for us, this was an event that will never recur again in the Green Goblin Clan.

” That is fine. Ggirik. Ggirik. Ggirik. Is there anything else you’re curious of? ”

” There is. The fact that you can make glittering objects shine. I am curious how you were able to attain such an ability. ”

To be honest, what I was most interested in was how I could awaken a Unique Ability of that level compared to the cheap, trash-like ‘ HP Increase ‘ ability. The value of race and special classes were definitely important. But, Unique Abilities were critical as well.

Class, Race, and Ability, these three must be completely efficient and harmonious. Even in the case of increased vitality, it was definitely unique ability that was not clearly effective for humans. However, if you consider the Minotaurs and their race characteristics, possessing this unique ability would be a ‘nightmare’ in it’s own way.

It was the same for the Green Goblin before me. A dexterous goblin, the ability to create flashbangs out of sparkling objects, I can’t confirm for sure, but he was probably a class of either a Thief or assassin. The balance between the two was perfect.

The Green Goblin nodded to my questions and resumed.

” Well . . . it would be right to say that you will naturally awaken it . . . I think . . . Ggirik . . . . it was probably when my pile of sparkling objects began to increase abundantly. ”

‘ As expected. ‘

I had also searched for answers on knowing how to obtain a useful Unique Ability during my human days. Some awakened theirs from their desire, and others blossomed theirs from their ‘repetitive actions. ‘ He definitely has a point. It seems that he had desired to make sparkling objects even more shining. Those repetitive actions of continuing to gather gold coins. The G.o.d of Battlefield had certainly rewarded this guy what he wanted.

During the time when I wanted to escape death, this HP Increase was probably reflected from my ‘ desire ‘ to live.

It does not respond to ambiguous or intentional repetitive actions. I began to wander around purposelessly here and there after leaving the Green Goblin’s tent.

I wanted to think of what I really desired. A Big Greatsword too large to be called a sword on my back. The Bloodsoaked Dagger sheathed to my hip. And that cheap long sword also on my back as well to serve as a substitution.

I have gotten stronger anyhow.

It was just a moment, but it was enough to share a few blows against the ‘ Queen of the North, ‘ and due to the Tutorial, my body became that much stronger. Currently, I can feel the strength and magical powers circulating in my body even more. Behind the camp grounds, I aimlessly swung my sword.

” Whiiiiiing. ”

That sound accompanied the heavy, dense greatsword cutting through the wind. This sword was much more lighter than when I had first held it.

‘ What I really want. ‘

It was definitely the desire to be strong.

Slowly, the images of that fight emerged. Queen of the North. If it’s now, can I possibly win? Suddenly, the combination of switching between a big sword, a longsword, and a dagger divide the air. The thrusts of the Queen of the North were truly like flashes of light. She already knew that I was aiming for her critical points, and what my future actions would be. It felt as if she had anticipated the whole situation as it unfolded.

The six steps at that time.

There’s no meaning now.

The great sword’s reach was long enough to deflect the range of her spear, and so I closed the distance and pressured her with my dagger.

But despite that, the Queen of the North wouldn’t fall.

‘ f.u.c.k . . . ‘

Despite it being all an imagination in my mind, she still wouldn’t fall. She was definitely growing as well. Anxiety came to me as I continued to swing the sword.

As if I was in the state of shadow boxing. I let go of one my hands as soon as I swung down my greatsword widely from above. That recent attack would definitely be blocked. But, I immediately drew out my other longsword from my back and struck her left waist.

This was blocked at well. After that, dagger, and greatsword again, and longsword again, the strikes of a sword could be heard echoing throughout the forest.

‘ Stronger. ‘

I will definitely be stronger. I will fight to win, and will not meet death like my previous life. It wasn’t just the Queen of the North that I wanted to fight. The fighting spirit directed at me by Goff, and even Green Goblin, Storm Shadow, and later on, even Chief Patriarch Agar.

As such, time flowed and morning arrived.

It was morning, and another day was about to begin. The Blood Dagger Clan was already beginning to learn how to use the dagger skills with the elite goblins of the Green Goblin Clan, as previously mentioned with Green Goblin. Thanks to this, I could sense that the tribe was becoming a bit more cheerful.

Frankly, the tribe was lively. Our clan members were screaming in a way different from the humans and their education. They were screaming, but they didn’t say much else.

They knew as well.

Currently, we were among the lowest of the food chain, and that we had to learn to become stronger. The training sessions were frankly not suitable to labeled by the word training. They just fought and kept on fighting. They just fought under the Chief Patriarch’s flag. Archers and magicians like Maven and Jeon-yeon-yeon were still trying to learn to some extent from the shamans and archers of the Green Goblin Clan, but for those who chose the assassins path have no choice. They fought, and absorbed skills and techniques in learning. That’s all.

Even the archers and Jung Hayeon participated in the fights after their lectures. I was also facing Green Goblin likewise.

” Ggireuk. How long it’s been since our tribe has been this lively, I’m not so sure myself. All of your clan subordinates are truly impressive warriors. ”

” I am grateful for your thoughts. ”

There were no need for words. Just what was the possibility of being taught by the Queen of the North or Saint Sword in my human days. To be able to be tutored by this Green Goblin was in short, an opportunity of a lifetime . I slowly armed myself as I stared at the guy.

” Then please take care of me. ”

” Ggirik ! Ggirik ! Ggirik ! Of course. ”

The guy who was looking towards me was playfully spinning his dagger in the air. He was definitely not even 1/3 of my height, but the pressure was immense. He nodded, and sprinted towards me, as if it was like lightning. Left, Right, back to the left, up.

Then, his figure disappeared from my sight.

‘ Ah ‘

In that instant, I felt myself being slammed into the ground. I had no clue where the attack came from at all. What was certain was that I felt a hard blow to my legs. . Slightly looking up, I saw Green Goblin smiling as he tapped his dagger on my neck.

‘ f.u.c.k . . . . . . . . this monstrous b.a.s.t.a.r.d ‘

” You are quite an impressive warrior. I can’t help but think that you were stronger than me when you first entered this place. I have heard a lot about you from my brothers, but you are truly talented. Ggirik. Ggirik. ”

” I have lost miserably. I am not sure what is so impressive. ”

” Usually, the brothers that recently enter this continent can’t even see me. Even a few of the chiefs. You might not be so sure, Blood Dagger, but your eyes were definitely following my movements. ”

If he was a human, I would have thought that he was just comforting me, but his expression showed that he wasn’t lying. But, even so, I couldn’t help but be mad at myself. With my burning eyes, I stared at him and spoke once more.

” Please take care of me once more. ”

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