Green Skin Chapter 53

Green Skin – Chapter 53: Entry (2)

After they had left, I decided to return to the recently established camp and wait for Black Spear. Gark had arrived first and informed me that Black Spear would directly follow.

“ Kereeeuk. Black Spear will come here, Captain. ”

“ Well done, Gark. ”

I had slightly raised my hand to him, causing him to pound his chest in salute.

“ For Blood Dagger. ”

I responded to his action with a nod, and after a day had passed, I was able to see Black Spear arrive. As if he couldn’t withdraw his forces from his village, he had only brought two other trolls.

Since his subordinates had to go out in search for evil beasts for rations, I couldn’t help but think that it was a shame.

“ Power, Wisdom and Honor. ”

“ Power, Wisdom and Honor. ”

“ I had roughly heard of the gist of it from the brave Orc Warrior Gark, Blood Dagger. ”

I had worried a bit if he could properly do the job, but it seems that Gark had properly transmitted the message. It seems that he was naïve, but not stupid.

“ Is it true that you can truly solve the problem that the Black Spear Clan has? ”

His expression told me that he had a lot of questions. Of course, he couldn’t help but be curious. So, I answered firmly.

“ That is so, Black Spear. ”

“ Just until a few days ago, definitely. I remember hearing from you that we had to fatten the village of the humans . . . I’m shocked. ”

“ Kereeeuk. Black Spear. ”

“ . . . ? ”

“ How do you fatten a Giant Wolf? ”

“ Needs to be fed. ”

“ It is the same for the village of humans. We can simply fatten the village of humans. ”

It was a simple answer, but despite that, it seems that he had realized something. It was really similar to what Mev would do when staring back at me. If I have to say it, full of admiration.

“ You are truly wise, Blood Dagger. However, how can we fatten the human village? ”

“ I will slowly explain that to you. So what will you do? Won’t you hunt together with me temporarily? ”

In truth, there was no need to think about it. It was too big a temptation in itself to return the declining town numbers back to the original days.

If I were in his shoes, I would definitely have accepted this offer as well. Even this guy who was staring at me full of respect will definitely accept. As expected, he nodded.

“ I will accept, Blood Dagger. In you, I believe. ”

‘ Bingo ’

What I could notice in his expression was trust. Soon, he sent one of the trolls back, probably to take responsibility of the state of affairs in the village.

I had really attained a powerful ally.

His power was higher than I had thought. I was initially worried, but it seems I don’t have to be. As such, Black Spear and I joined forces, and five days flowed by.

After having my eyes closed for some time, Mev came to wake me up.

“ Captain ! Captain ! ”

“ Kereeeuk. ”

Suddenly waking up, I could feel Mev’s face right next to mine.

“ So they have come. ”

“ That’s right. The humans have returned. As Captain had stated, this time, the bags are larger. Two human females were carrying large bags. ”

It seems that Mev was referring to the Porters. Quickly coming out, I was able to see Black Spear gradually leave his residence as well. All the other subordinates including the First were waiting on standby for orders. Looking on, I slowly spoke.

“ After the humans have entered, we will go in. Kereeuk. ”

They nodded without saying anything. Like the previous time, the magician called for a large wind as he began chanting a spell. Soon, the sand of the desert was cleared, and the Ancient Warrior’s Tomb appeared once again. From the logbook, it took about 10 days for them to clear it. As large as the dungeon was, the bags that the Porters were carrying looked even heavier.

It wouldn’t have mattered if a strong warrior were to carry them, but to entrust this matter to these Porters, these guys definitely had no sense of privilege.

It wasn’t strange by any chance. For a human without ability in the world, after entering this realm would definitely yearn to gain power and be rewarded accordingly. The effort and work they invest in becoming stronger, these achievements that none of the world had recognized them for, they wanted their lives to be rewarded with slaves and Porters.

I looked at Black Spear.

His eyes were reddened, knowing the level of strength that the humans possessed, as his combative spirit flared. However, in this hunt, what was more important than combative spirit was patience. I looked at Black Spear and reminded him.

“ Black Spear. I know that you are not inclined, but I hope that you can follow me for this hunt. ”

“ Of course, Blood Dagger. As someone with a debt of gratitude, I am not in the position to act as I please. ”

“ Thank you, Black Spear. ”

Although I was also the same with a debt of gratitude, it was a relief to hear him say that, as we watched the humans enter the dungeon. The disappointing part was that they had covered the dungeon with sand after entering. It seems that they were intent on not letting anyone know the location of this dungeon.

As such, after about three hours later.

The Blood Dagger and Black Spear Clans slowly began to move.

“ Is this really how we can fatten the village of the humans? ”

“ That is so, Black Spear. Just like how many Green Skins gather around strong opponents, humans also cling themselves to these kinds of places. ”

“ I see. ”

It seems that he had lacked faith while waiting. After everything is over, he will send me off in applause so I decided to not necessarily talk about it. So we slowly approached the entrance and began digging the sand out.

It was a shame that we didn’t have anything shovel-like, but thanks to the Hayeon’s plants, we were able to clear away the sand in a fairly quick time.

The stone statues of the large two warriors was indeed impressive. I had lived 10 years in this continent, but despite that, it was a first to see such a grand dungeon entrance as this. If I were to have discovered this dungeon at the time, I probably would have been satisfied with selling this information and retrieving my gold coins, but for this dungeon to be wholly in front of me, it felt somewhat anew.

“ Then, let’s enter. Kereeuk ”

“ For Blood Dagger. Victory. For Victory Only ! ”

Of course since the battle wasn’t power vs power, the response wasn’t as passionate as usual. But the desire in their eyes were real. We began to slowly enter the dungeon.

Immediately after entering the dungeon, the smell of danger lingered. Even though the undead were not cleaned up yet, but for them to emit such a smell, it was definitely a dangerous dungeon. Black Spear continued to nod in consent.

“ Indeed . . . I understand why they are fond of these kinds of places, Blood Dagger. A true warrior would never hate these kinds of places. ”

“ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”

To be honest, what the humans want were the treasures rather than this kind of atmosphere, but it was more convenient to let him have this misunderstanding.

“ Good . . . ”

It was not only him that felt good. The rest of the subordinates were smiling pleasantly after smelling the danger that surrounded them.

“ Do not forget our objective. ”

“ Ggirik. Ggirik. For Blood Dagger. ”

After reminding them once more, I began to look at Mev. In this operation, the most important figure was Mev, an archer that could read tracks. Since I had already told her in advance, Mev was already investigating the vicinity.

It was cleaner than I had thought, but there were still bugs and spider webs here and there. Maybe it was because the place was a basement, but I could feel some dampness in the air. In my eyes, I could only see these kinds of things, but it would definitely differ from what Mev can notice.

“ Mmm. ”

“ Fortunately, I don’t think the tracks were erased. It seems that there would be no problems since they had blocked off the entrance . . . thanks to that, it will be a bit more comfortable for me ! ”

“ Nice. Kereeeuk. ”

“ Over here. It seems that it has been some time since they had left this place. You can relax a bit. ”

“ How far do you think they are from us? ”

“ I’m not exactly sure . . . but I am confident that they are a bit far away. ”

“ Good job.”

It seems that it was impossible for Mev to calculate the precise distance. If she were to advance to an Intermediate or Advanced Archer from Fairy Sprite Archer, she would be able to read them more precisely, but I was sufficiently thankful already to her guiding us. We began to move.

They prioritized safety over everything else in this dungeon clear it seems as they rested along the way. So, we also did the same as we continued unraveling their tracks.

And finally, we were able to discover traces of the first battle.

There was undead that were wearing high quality patterned armours. The problem was that the armors were all damaged and dented as if from an intense battle that had transpired here. There was even an armor that was cut in half. If they were wearing dark armor, it would probably be alright to call them Dark Knights.

Seeing the wounds and blood on the walls, it explained that the battle was definitely not simple at all. But, there were no casualties in this battle.

I was not at the level of Mev, but I too could read these kinds of traces.

This head was not cut off by a sword. These undead were not cut by a sword.

“ It’s magic right? ”

But the opinion of an expert was more important. Waiting for Mev to speak, I could hear her distinctive bright voice soon.

“ Yup. They were cut very sharply. If it was a very high-level swordsman, they could do this much, but seeing the traces of mana left behind here, it definitely seems . . . ”

It was definitely the high-class magician that I initially saw. It seems that after the warriors had blocked the vanguard as much as possible, the wind-type magician had finished the mass up in an instant.

Seeing the faint footprints of the undead, I could notice that the undead did not approach him. He believes in his party members.

Not only that. Seeing a few undead with arrows that penetrated their armor, it seems that their archers were also above normal level. Pulling out an arrow, I could feel the faint mana exuding from the tip.

“ The archers seem to be strong. ”

Mev also nodded. I immediately called Black Spear towards my side. If we were to battle them, this magician was definitely the number one priority. The first target that Black Spear needs to handle. If even Black Spear was not enough, then I will have the First also target him with his recently attained Wind Walk unique ability.

The leader looked to be quite strong as well, but these traces couldn’t help but warn us to be cautious of the magician.

“ Black Spear. This human magician is yours. ”

“ I can’t wait. ”

As if he was really expecting this, his face brightened as he nodded. If the magician does survive after they kill the dungeon boss, then he would definitely not be able to avoid Black Spear’s javelin.

As such, Mev and I analyzed these traces for quite a while

Then, I could feel the presence of humans. Strength immediately entered the bodies of the subordinates and Black Spear. I, too, withdrew my greatsword. I was extremely worried whether they had noticed us trailing them.

‘ d.a.m.n ’

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