Green Skin Chapter 77

Green Skin – Chapter 77: Reorganizing (1)

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The clan led Ragia and her group back to Black Spear’s village, where they eventually received the hospitality and regards of Black Spear. Though I felt that we had stayed here for too long, Black Spear personally told us not to leave, so we decided to stay here a bit longer. As such, we began to reorganize ourselves while living in Black Spear’s village, as much time passed.

“Better. Much better.”

Of course, it has been a while since I had learned the technique of throwing spears from Black Spear. My proficiency had improved, as I had attained satisfactory results, causing me to be slightly overjoyed when I could see these results in battle. Although I might throw weapons other than spears like Black Spear, but surely these techniques will be beneficial for me in the future.

“It is thanks to you, Black Spear.”

“It seems that these techniques match with you better than I thought. Such is the nature of your style of fighting with many weapons. It is extremely beneficial.”

“But Black Spear, I cannot think that I could ever match the power, and force of the spears you throw.”

“We have to wait and see. In addition to power, you possess a Unique Ability, so you can achieve it.”


“By the way, it hasn’t been long since your new subordinates have joined you. Are they adapting well?”

I roughly nodded to Black Spear’s question. To be precise, it has been approximately one year since Ragia has joined us. In that time span, the Blood Dagger Clan had experienced many changes. We had suppressed our desires for battle to the utmost of our abilities, and focused on strengthening and reorganizing our hierarchy.

The clan’s invisible rank had become more defined and classified.

For starters, Mev’s power has been consolidated further, as she had been officially declared as the Mistress of the Clan, establishing her seat as the Chieftess. Of course, as the head of the clan’s archers, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she was the busiest amongst our clan. After seeing Ragia evolve, she trained arduously, in hope that she could evolve as well, but unfortunately, her body had not yet shown any signs of growth. Thanks to that, she began to confess her worries to me.

‘Captain. What if I do not get bigger?’

‘That will not happen.’


‘Even if that were to happen, you are still the Mistress of the Clan.’

‘Is that so?’

The source of her worry was Ragia. When she first arrived, she was a bit humble and tame, but at some point in time, she began to change back to her previous self as she slowly, but slightly tempted me with her smiles and cute tail. Knowing the current situation at hand, it did not waver my resolve, but it was enough to worry Mev.

Funny enough, it was amusing to see Mev and Ragia’s pointless altercations, so I let them be. To be honest, if not for Mev, I would have thought of wanting to sleep with her. Ragia, probably aware of this, might be tempting me with these subtle actions to date. The fact is that I was already receiving another type of volunteer service from her, but that was a secret that I could not tell to Mev.

To explain simply, the tongue of a snake was unbelievable. That innate temptress, how could I not hate it?

‘It is alcohol made for the Chief. Please accept a glass. How…are you today?’

Just from recalling that voice, I subconsciously shook my hips as there was no need for words.

Anyways, Ragia was in charge of the, ‘information,’ and, ‘assassinations,’ of the clan. After evolving into a Lamia, her potential rose significantly, making me think that I had done well in allowing her to join. Especially, the existence of, ‘poison’, in the Blood Dagger Clan was extremely useful. To be able to increase another useful weapon in our armory, was a welcoming matter. In our most recent battle, I witnessed the battle prowess of Ragia, and had determined how she was an indispensable asset to the power of our clan.

Hayeon was amongst the women who disliked Ragia. It was not whether she was worried about losing the seat as Mistress like Mev, but she was naively worried if her time with me would be stolen away.

If Ragia was a royal concubine with a lot of jealousy, then Hayeon would be one’s good old wife. To be honest, even that wife label was assigned to Mev, but her appearance did not quite a match, so it was a pass. Rather, there was a strong sensation of Mev becoming a cute little sister instead.

‘Maybe you should rest a bit. I have made something new.’

On the other hand, Hayeon gave me advice in a more humane perspective. Of course, I would only work at night with Hayeon. Due to Mev’s authority, I had to meet her a few times a week in her tent, but in contrary to her high expectations, I have done nothing to her, unlike Hayeon.

She has no responsibilities, other than being the clan’s only magician. If we were to attain a few more magicians, then I would assign them under her command.

Gark and Hark were in charge of the warriors and swordsmen of the clan. Anyone that was armed with melee weapons were a.s.signed to them, as there were teams classified for assault squadrons, as well as many other responsibilities including surveillance squadrons. To be honest, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the swordsmen squad, including myself, was the strongest of the clan. Quick and effective, we fought wildly as we became stronger and stronger working up.

Actually, a few months ago, I recall where was a time when I had a duel with Hark and Gark, in which I was surprised at how strong they both were. No matter if the situation was a two versus one, no three versus one, their attacks were truly sharp.

In the end, I had won their respect with my victory, but in retrospect, my pride was bent.

‘As expected, Blood Dagger is so strong!’

‘I will follow Blood Dagger for life!’

And then there’s Hakajin, the second smartest person in the clan, who was in charge of administration and military aspects of the clan. Anything which was troublesome would be relayed over to Hakajin. In fact, administrative work was not as large as it was made out to be, but despite that, he was performing perfectly.

In fact, it was no exaggeration to say the most reliable of these guys was Hakajin. Especially after developing a new unit, centred around the Three Goblin Sisters, under Hakajin. At first, they were displeased with the decision, but they eventually recognized him.

‘He’s not as smart as Captain, but he’s an intelligent Green Skin! Ggirik!’

‘As expected, the eyes of the Captain are never wrong! Hakajin is wise!’

‘I’m flying~!’

But among the executives, the only one that I could call mine, was the one who was making remarkable growth, Baek Ahyeon.

[There are new believers, Savior-nim….]

[Go…good work.]

[Yes. Thank you. We are planning to have a worship service today.]

I can’t recall just how embarrassed, and flabbergasted I was when I first heard of this. The fact that an unidentified religion had been established in the slums of the city. Funny enough, with the increased number of followers, the strength of the Pagans were growing, so there was no need to stop it. They said they believe in me, but they do not know of my name or my identity, but Ahyeon said it was fine, so I didn’t mind. After one year, their numbers had reached about 30.

The number wasn’t small or large, but Ahyeon’s growth was remarkably quick. To be precise, I didn’t know what Ahyeon was preaching to them, but they were devout followers who would go and die if they were ordered to, so I began to wonder how she did it.

[I preached just as it is. A true Messiah for people like us. Soon, all these ignorant humans will be blinded by the magnificence of Savior-nim, and pledge to you in support of your ultimate goal. So….so reward…reward…I…don’t know what I’m saying.]

It wasn’t just the Pagans, but Ahyeon was becoming stranger. Anyhow, she was a useful existence that would extort information and the status from the human city. Recently, it seems that she was being recognized in the guild as well. As she grew, her strength was becoming larger, and I thought it was best to harvest the seeds later.

After roughly summarizing about everyone, I spoke to Black Spear.

“They are all doing well. It might not be ideal to live a battle-free life, but it seems like they learned that having some leeway away from battle is also important.”

“Then it’s a relief. At first, I felt 50-50 about the decision, but now I believe that you have made the right choice. In a short amount of time, to have thought that you would merge all these groups and flags into one. You are truly a wise chief.”

“Same goes for you, Black Spear.”

Even Black Spear had grown once more after completing the Warrior Exam. As if he had determined that throwing spears would be more beneficial in a troll’s body rather than an ogre’s, he had decided to remain as one. His race value may not have gone up, but Black Spear was one level stronger than before.

When I was spewing such meaningless stuff, Mev began rushing over to me.

“Captain! Captain!!”

“What is it?”

“It’s come! It’s come! The tribe’s first child.”

I smiled lightly. The goblin who designed our flags, had ended up mating with one of the girls from Hakajin’s group. Finally, the first child was born. Asides from him, there were many others who were mating, but I had been eagerly awaiting the news for this day. Blessing the newborn baby was the role of a Chief. With a pleasant face, I headed out for the path.

“Let’s go quickly. Will you come with us, Black Spear?”

“No, Blood Dagger. Even if we are brother clans, I could not possibly participate in another tribe’s event and make the others uncomfortable. It’ll be best if you solely commit the blessing.”

“Then I’ll see you next time.”

After politely rejecting my proposal, Black Spear laughed like an old Ahjussi. I soon arrived at where my subordinates were located, and just before I had stepped in, excited voices were heard from inside the tent.

“It’s the tribe’s first child!”

“The first child! Ggirik! Ggirik!”

These excited guys were soon notified of my arrival.

“It’s the Chief! Blood Dagger has come to bless the newborn baby!”

Soon, making my way, I slowly entered, and saw the tiny face and feet of a small goblin.

“Ggirik…Ggirik! Ggirik…”

I had thought that it would look ugly, but seeing it’s cute appearance, a smile unknowingly appeared on my face.

“Is it a boy or girl?”

Then the goblin’s mate looked at me before opening her mouth with a smile.

“It is a girl. Please name…”

I had heard mention of it, but it also seems that I had to name them as well. Then, I slowly raised the child high into the sky.

“Ggirik! Ggirik!”

The goblin began to cry vigorously.

“This is the firstborn child of the glorious Blood Dagger Clan. This firstborn will definitely become a noble warrior. This child’s name will be, ‘Nicole.’ Wherever this child travels, let the blessing of our G.o.d of the Battlefield be with her.”


“For the revival of the clan!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

Those ever-shouting voices, in this peaceful everyday routine, I had thought of this life in such a place, to truly be blissful.

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