Green Skin Chapter 86

Green Skin : Chapter 86: Coward (1)

The Knight after hearing my voice became utterly flabbergasted. Of course it was a shocking revelation that an Orc could speak the Human tongue.


I immediately charged at him. The reason why I spoke in the Human language was for one reason – I wasn’t expecting to allow him to live. He will unconditionally die here. He’s stronger than me, but it wasn’t an exaggeration in estimating that his body is currently in shambles.

It made me doubt how such a low-down, unsightly appearance as him could be praised throughout the known world as the ‘Righteous Knight.’ Once I immediately raised my greatsword, the guy began to turn his back – running towards the place where his weapons were.

With his pants half off, he was holding his pants with one hand as he looked so repulsive. I was enraged. Just like how I had admired the Saint Sword once, he was also a person who I respected. Regardless of the situation, seeing him at such a despicable state caused me to be fully infuriated.

I gripped my greatsword tightly, as I decided to take advantage first. Extending my sword far back, just like Black Spear I began to inject mana to the limits of my boundary before releasing the sword.

The wind ripped through the air as the enormous speed caused the greatsword to fly straight at him.

“Fu…f.u.c.k.i.n.g crazy!”

Startled, not having expected that I would throw such a large sword at him, a yelp escaped from his mouth.


What I aimed for was the center of his body. However, his excellent reflexes allowed him to avoid the blow to the best of his abilities, as the sword grazed the side of his body.

It wasn’t a perfect success, but it was not in vain. There was some damage.


Subconsciously, my battle will churned on as my eyes reddened.

“d.a.m.n… d.a.m.n… Miss Ahyeon… I’m sorry for the recent event. For now please… treat this side…”

He was holding the side of his body with his hand, preventing the blood from flowing out of his body. Despite saying this to Ahyeon, she had no thought of chanting a spell for him. Rather, she closed her mouth.

With Ahyeon like that, his expression hardened with every second.

“If you continue like that, we’ll both die. It’s not the time to be leisurely protecting one’s pride.”

He spouted what he could, but anyone would tell that it was no less than utter b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t. I laughed at such a feeble plea, as no matter how much he implored her, there was no reaction from Ahyeon. With a sneer, I rushed at him, causing him to urgently beg Ahyeon.

“d.a.m.n it… Treat me quickly!”

As the situation became more dire, his human nature burst out. It was said that within extreme situations can cause a person to reveal their true nature, but his appearance was completely different from the person I knew of.

It was a short moment, but I rechecked his condition once more. The wounds on his waist was ambiguous to be deemed deadly, but it was constantly inflicting him pain. Another good bit of news is that he’s not armed properly as he had no time for equipping the armor which he takes pride in as the Righteous Knight, as it lay rolling around beside the ground.

The spear he was holding also looked quite decent. I did not know what functions it may have, but it was surely different from the spear that he previously used. It also had a different shape from the spear the Queen of the North wielded. But there was no deviation from the fact that he was wielding a spear.

What continued to recollect inside my head was the fight I had against the Queen of the North. It was a good chance to test myself.

I reached for my waist pouch and flung a dagger towards him. It flew at him in an instant, but he was able to deflect it immediately with his spear.

“d.a.m.n it!”

He finally realized that he had to fight me without her help. Despite holding in his injury to his side, seeing him rush at me, I could sense the strength and power of someone who was deemed an Elite.

If the spear of the Queen of the North was sharp and light, then his spear was heavy and powerful.

It really suited him as a special class of a Knight.

“It would have been better if you were wearing armor… right? Kereeeeeuk.”

“f.u.c.k.i.n.g… Orc who can speak our Human language.”

His eyes were uneasy, but he did not avoid my blows. Though he was able to exchange a few furious clashes against my sword, the heat gushing out was enough to be threatening. Nevertheless, he didn’t withdraw his body, revealing his style of fighting. He may have noticed what level exactly I was in, but it did not matter.

Of course, it was important to have the basics. The presence of a Unique Ability, ideal physical condition, occupation, and one’s exclusive abilities. All of these were important, but I learned what transcended all of these.


Momentum was as important as one could describe. It wasn’t simply an event of pushing or shoving, but an attitude combined with the demeanor of fighting in battle.

Due to the body fluids of the Forest Worms on my sword, I wasn’t able to fully utilize its heat, but it was enough for this guy to stress over it’s rising temperature. His parched throat aggravated the situation.

In his perspective, he had to finish the fight quickly. Desperate, he thrusts his spear towards my head.

‘I can see it.’

It wasn’t fast at all. Combined with his depleted physical strength, I could easily glide past it. However, my mind was telling me not to deflect his attack. It was a powerful thrust. I turned my head slightly evading his spear.

The guy continued to struggle behind me. Normally, it was the swordsman who would try to shorten the distance against the spearman, but it wasn’t like that in this scenario. With his waning strength mixed along with the constant bleeding, he was worried. Whenever his spear jarred against my sword, I intentionally activated the flames. The consistent sparks of the flames caused the heat to sputter out, reaching up as high as the ceiling.

Injecting uninterrupted mana in my sword, I continued to pressure him. His movements had begun to change slowly, forcing me to realize something from his expression. Whenever I extinguished the flames he would often feel more relieved.



“You were worried…”


“That this cave might collapse. That you might be buried again. Kereeeeuk.”

I raised my molar up high as I laughed heartily. His face hardened, giving me the perfect answer. What was irking him the most was not me being an orc, nor the large flames, nor the heat which provoked his dehydration, but that the cave might collapse again.

“Amusing…how amusing… Kereeeeeeeuk”


Looking at him, I continued to discharge more blazing flames. Raising his spear, he charged at me once again, it seemed that he did not want to commit suicide together with a crazy orc. No wonder he was in a hurry.

“You crazy Orc b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

The powerful thrusts of his spear was outstanding. It wasn’t as overbearing as the snake-like Queen of the North, but it was accurate, swift and heavy.

‘I’ll deflect it.’

I will deflect it. I was just thinking that in my head, but I had thought countless times before facing this kind of attack. I will deflect it away with my sword. It wasn’t easy to execute swiftly in action, as the timing had to be precise.

I grasped Ancient Flame tightly, while staring at the spear blatantly, clearly indicating that I wasn’t backing away.

The moment his spear almost reached my body, I timely bent Ancient Flame down as I succeeded in crushing his attack.


Despite that, there was a dense shock vibrating through my body. But I did it. I blocked his attack.


With that unfamiliar scream, he rushed at me as he continued to thrust his spear incessantly at me. But despite his attacks, he was slowly backing away. On the contrary, I kept moving forward, unrelentingly clashing against his attacks.

The flames continued to churn out, as the heat became sweltering.

My body became a torrid wave of heat. Due to excitement of the battle, steam drifted off me as I injected mana once more into the flames, causing my entire body to be covered in its flames.

That stifling heat. Though the surroundings had not yet collapsed, it was on the verge of doing so. Seeing me like this, I could tell that he was obviously terrified. Implying that he didn’t want to die miserably in this kind of place, he stared at me.

“You… this f.u.c.k.i.n.g b.a.s.t.a.r.d…what’s your identity.”

That question caught me by surprise. He did not ask for my name or nickname. I did not know whether I should answer this with Orc or Green Skin, but avoiding his eyes, I began to look at Ahyeon. Despite the intense heat, she look fixedly my way.

My identity is quite simple actually. I’m a lucky human who reincarnated into a Green Skin. But seeing her blankly staring at me, I couldn’t help but make a joke.

“I’m the Savior.”

“You…you f.u.c.k.i.n.g b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

Thinking that I was belittling him, he rushed at me with determined eyes. I poured all my remaining mana into Ancient Flame reaching my limits, becoming very intimate with the flames. Those desperate eyes, yearning to live.

His desire definitely was contained in that spear.

But it was meaningless. The spear that was certainly heavy felt uselessly hollow.

‘I’ll break it.’

I will definitely step over this guy.


I slammed my feet against the ground, as I could feel the weight shift onto my sword.

His eyes shook once more due to the ground trembling. I extended Ancient Flame as far back as possible with both hands. His spear aimed to pierce right through me, as his spear glimmered due to his ability.

I could not confirm his ability, but I did not avoid it.

‘I’ll break it.’

My sword with its large roaring flames.

Against his shining spear.

“Clash” “Crack!”

The Ancient Flame swallowed his spear, as a heavy blow echoed throughout the cave, causing him to suddenly drop his spear. I could feel a large hole through my body, probably due to his penetrating ability. The after effects of breaking his spear had consequences, I nearly collapsed from the impact. I’ll have to endure… I will never drop my sword as I stared at him with uncompromising eyes.

Euichang eyes were fixed towards his dropped spear.

I laughed. He wasn’t even aware of me, as I was half confident of victory seeing that his eyes were fixated on his spear.

He was definitely stronger than me. Despite his depleted strength and not wearing his armor, they might be minute reasons why he will lose. Or it could even be the wounds he bore at the start of the fight leading to his defeat.

Euichang’s real enemy came from the lack of experience in encountering a real foe yet who will cause his downfall.


I swung Ancient Flame at him.

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