Chapter 181 Preparing the Spider Hunter


Our lands became more bustling after Jang Ye Ri left the East to attend the leaders’ meeting. Not only that, but the increasing birth rate also made me happy. Two Green Skins gave birth today, and many others were pregnant.

The young Green Skins became busy seeing those younger than them, and Nicole and Kim Yoora were the most interested. If Nicole along with other rescued humans and Green Skins, were the first generation, those born now could be called the second.

It seemed that Mev was about to give birth soon, which was earlier than I expected. It seemed that fairies gave birth earlier than others. I turned around at the loud noises to see the children look at the newly born baby.


“A baby Green Skin is born!”


I heard Nicole’s voice as she and other young Green Skins stared at the baby. Kim Yoora was also there, and it seemed like they thought themselves adults. They were still children in my eyes.


“So small! Look at the arms and legs!”

“I want to play and run with the baby soon.”

They could in a year, which was not a bad thing. The children approached me when I came near them.

“For Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Dagger!”


I had to admit time moved fast as the children greeted me with the correct pronunciation. I hugged each other and stroked Nicole’s head. I saw Najin’s face in her smile, which made me pat her head again. She seemed to be in a good mood as I did so.


“For Blood Dagger!”


Kim Yoora’s eyes were on me, and since playing favorites was not a good move, I patted other human children once more. Kim Yoora bowed her head with a flushed face.


“Thank, thank you.”


She was more mature than other children, which was something new. The goblin, who had just become a mother, hugged her child now. I got out after praising her hard work.

Some of the children followed me as I went, which was not a bad feeling. I arrived at my destination, which was where the construction was underway. Lee Wanyong was managing the orcs and human blacksmiths working there. I saw Lee Wanyong bow on seeing me.


“What brings you here?”
“How are things proceeding?”

“As, as fast as we can. The school will be built without a problem, but books will take more time. I am discussing things with the human alchemists at present.”


This was where young Green Skins would learn about battle strategies, theories, or construction methods. I had accepted Lee Wanyong’s proposal. As my goal was to spread this culture in the East and then among the Green Skins, I thought we should have a good start.


“You do not have to hurry things but do the best you can. Children will reside here.”

“Of course. I will complete this school before your child is born.”


While that had not been my goal, it seemed that Lee Wanyong wanted to flatter me. It would be good for my child to go to this school, and I nodded to him. I did not praise him or pat his shoulder as I thought this was the appropriate distance between us, but Lee Wanyong seemed satisfied.

He would consider it a miracle that he was still alive. However, no matter what I thought of him, I needed him alive yet.

It was important that he was finding his own path, which was a trait that others should follow. The tribe leader should show his members the path they should follow, and while we continued to progress, I could not decide yet what we were progressing for.

Goff wanted to become the best tribe there is, and Black Spear would have his own ideas regarding his clan. While my private goal was revenge, I thought I needed to think more about how to lead my clan.

While I still did not find an answer, the best thing was to solve the nearest problem.


‘The spider.’


My target was them, and especially Park Hyeri. I still had not forgotten about her after all this time.

Kurajin, Gaon, and Najin. I still remembered their deaths, as I owed them my life. I looked around the tribe once more and was going back to my tent when I saw Ragia come with Gark. Ragia seemed like she had something to say to me, and I spoke to her.


“Do you have something to report?”

“No, nothing.”


While the conversation was short, it seemed like she and Gark were both avoiding me. It seemed that I had become a bit murderous thinking about Park Hye Ri. I came back to the tent and started to read the document Jang Ye Ri had given me. I did know a bit about the Spider Clan. While most of them were mysterious, some members were famous. While some did not show themselves like Park Hyeri, some played rough.

One of them was Go Woongjin, who had become famous after ripping apart two well-known summoners in the North. He used a blunt weapon like Park Han Cheol, and his incident made the Queen of the North hunt them down. I thought that since she was ruling over the North now, such an incident would not happen.

Another notorious member was Lee Hyunhak. If Go Woongjin was thirsty for blood, Lee Hyunhak was a quiet psychopath. While Go Woongjin would commit murder and rape and want people to see that he did all those things, Lee Hyunhak was quiet. His hobby was dissection and had been discovered in his lair in the West. I remembered that the Holy Sword had taken care of him.

While I still did not know about the Spider Clan Master or other members, the Master would be strong as a city’s ruler. I still did not have enough information regarding the Spider Clan. However, since they were more focused on individual activities than group work, I thought I did not need to worry about their number.

I would target Park Hyeri alone first. I read Jang Ye Ri’s document, which was full of holes despite her ability to gather information.


[I estimate the number of Spider Clan members to be ten, but it is not certain. I do not know where the Clan Master is or his/her ability. The Master arrived fifteen years ago, and there is no comradeship. Without the Master, the clan would have dissolved.]

[Park Hyeri – An assassin who uses sound as her weapon. Her main area is the East. A twenty-five-year-old woman who has been here for nine years. She killed all of her clan members in her third year and entered the Spider Clan. She rarely shows herself and targets groups rather than individuals.]


In other words, Park Hyeri was a quiet being who went on crazy killing sprees. I did not care to know why. I tried to remember her. She had been obsessed with love or friendship. Her targeting my clan had been a coincidence, and it seemed that her reason for killing people was for the process and not the actual results.

I was certain she was obsessed with human emotions, like when people died for another or watched a comrade die without being able to do anything. Park Hyeri had reacted to my response on seeing the goblins die because I had shown affection and killing them first when they tried to save me was due to the same reason. She was crazy. While the possibility of victory was low, I still thought I could win. Even though she would have become stronger than last time, I had grown that much stronger.


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