Chapter 185 A Welcome Reunion (2)


I acted quickly after forming a plan and had been going between the village and the southern parts for a while. The Green Skin trainees always went through various suffering, and the other clan members were doing their work. It interested me to hear that Gark and Ragia were training together, and she seemed to be slowly getting stronger.

Goff and Black Spear Clans were focusing on developing the East Forest. While they could not go beyond the fog, they hunted monsters and seemed to be searching for beasts they could train like Giant Wolves.

Meanwhile, I was looking around for useful humans that would interest Park Hyeri. I know that she would want a substantial number of strong humans and would react heavily against ambush. She would desire a close-knit group like the Greenbelt Clan. They were with Jang Ye Ri now, and I would not use them anyway since I was an ally to them.

While there had been some candidates, unfortunately, Park Hyeri did not show herself. I stealthily moved to Ariha, a bustling small city, and discovered a group that seemed to meet my standards.

There were about forty of them, and they seemed strong and well-trained. From the deer insignia on their chest, they seemed to be a clan. I saw they had potential and were also close. The man who seemed to be the clan master was on intimate terms with the female healer, and most of them looked like family.

I completely hid and used magic to hear their conversation.


“It’s been a long time since we hunted.”
“Things had been too unstable in the East, and I heard that Jang Ye Ri’s forces and Jang Gi Young’s remaining forces are still fighting. While that’s a negative factor, at least we, who are in a neutral position, can move now.”

“Well, it’s better than being imprisoned in the city.”


The ones I had noticed before also had been in a neutral position, but nothing had happened.


“We’re going to the Big Swamp, right?”



Their destination was within Park Hyeri’s boundaries, which was a good sign. They were now in the forest as I followed them. While they seemed close, they did not seem undisciplined. I had a good feeling about them and decided that I would observe them further.

They walked quite a while before sitting down to eat beef jerky and take a break before arriving at their destination. They did not lower their guards, as the magicians used protective magic while archers set traps as warriors held their shields. Such movements protected a party, and I saw that they were now talking.


“Have you heard the rumors going around here?”


“The ones about the monster clan at the end of the East.”

“Ah, yes. A demon, a troll, and an ogre are said to be together. I did, not like their lying low.”

“I heard that there’s a demon that steals valuable weapons. There were many victims.”

I heard them talk about me, and that made me look at the healer’s staff. Maybe I would take that if Park Hyeri did not appear.

However, it was then I felt something from afar. The humans had not noticed them yet, and I used my magic to the maximum to scout the area. They were not Spiders, as there were too many of them. I jumped to where they were since if another clan ambushed those humans, I had wasted my time. However, I saw that they were Green Skins once I got close, and the one who seemed to be the tribe leader spoke up.


“Blood Dagger?”

I recognized the face but did not remember the name. I knew that he was the leader of a small clan who had asked me several questions after I had taught Giant Scream a lesson. I felt myself calm down, as I knew that there was no need to fight.


“It’s been a long time. Were you hunting?”

“I had been going to those humans over there to hunt. Are you after them too, Blood Dagger?”


I had been worried that they would pick a fight with me, but the leader actually seemed friendly.


“The newcomers are becoming good Green Skins thanks to you, Blood Dagger.”

“It’s nothing.”

“How about hunting with us?”

“While I would like nothing better, this concerns myself and my tribe deeply. Could I ask that you let me have those humans?”

I had been as polite as possible, as this was not a simple hunt for me. The ogre nodded at my words.


“If you put it like that, I will.”

“I will present 120 servings of beast meat as a token of my gratitude. You can get them at my tribe.”


I thought they would not have enough food to go around, and while not being able to fight was a disappointing matter, a smart leader would accept this.


“I will.”

It was a deal, and the Green Skins went away from my sight. While hunting areas were not fixed for each tribe, there were unsaid rules. I was an intruder here, and that ogre seemed to have been considerate since the Great Tribe Leader had recognized me as the leader of the East. It was then I heard a shout from the humans.


“Prepare for battle!”


They had been ambushed, and their shouts were too loud for me to hear other sounds. That meant it was not a beast, as I would have heard it scream. I started running first, and I felt my breathing go up and my muscles tense.

There were screams everywhere, and I smiled at hearing a familiar sound. They would not be able to do anything against Park Hyeri, who would be playing with them. She checked her victims’ reactions and saved the best for last. The screams were coming with curses, and I felt magic everywhere.

I ran as fast as I could and now could hear the sound of blood splattering. I then saw the person I had been desperate to meet all this while, which made me show my teeth.

Park Hyeri was still the same and now turned around to face me in surprise. I had thought of that face for over three years.

I looked around to see that some were already dead, but other humans seemed confused at seeing me facing Park Hyeri. While I understood their puzzlement, I did not care.

I held my sword and opened my mouth.


“Let this be the revenge…”


I had kept those words in my chest all this while.


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