Chapter 186 A Bloody Revenge


“Let this be the revenge of blood…”


I thought Park Hyeri may not recognize me. Still, she seemed to remember me vaguely as she looked me over before opening her mouth.


“You’re that demon!”


I smiled, as it was better for my revenge that she remembered. I raised my Ancient Flame, and hot fire sprang as I used my magic. I could not see straight because of the heat, and Park Hyeri looked surprised at my growth.

She also used her magic, and while I noticed she had become stronger, I felt that I was at an advantage. The humans surrounding us were stepping back in astonishment using protective magic.



“Don’t aggravate them and step back…Damn, what’s all this…”


As I needed to see her skills, I threw all of my daggers at Park Hyeri. I knew she would avoid all of them, but I changed the daggers with the weapons the humans were holding. I felt a screech in my ears as the weapons rushed at Park Hyeri. While the ground rang as they thrust into the ground, Park Hyeri was getting away from them. The humans looked at me with flabbergasted expressions but did not say anything for survival.

The daggers changed to longswords or axes in mere moments. They hit the ground with a bang, but Park Hyeri was circling me after avoiding them. I also looked at her. An ax fell a tree, and a spear crushed a boulder. The weapons were inching towards Park Hyeri, and my attacks were beginning to threaten her now.

Since she used sound, keeping my distance from her would weaken her attacks. I would keep her at bay with the flames and tire her out with long-distance attacks. The Yggdrasil spear was recovering my magic, and I now saw various weapons stuck on the ground. The humans have left after probably deciding to give up their weapons. It was a nice choice.


“You have become stronger… is this revenge?”


I saw red at her smile as I muttered that I would kill her now. Park Hyeri rushed at me, and I used another dagger to change it to a longsword. However, she twisted in mid-air and was following the longsword’s trajectory to come at me. I saw that she was skidding the longsword with her own blade to make a sound that would come at me.

I tried to take away her sword but failed as she had ownership. That meant I had to block the sounds that will come at me.




The flames made a huge wall, and while I could not block the sounds, I could weaken its power. The slight wounds showed me that it had worked, and I now saw Park Hyeri come through the wall by protecting herself with magic and cutting through the fire. I reached out with the Ancient Flame.

A massive hand shot out to her, and the scene was unbelievable. I could see that I could control the fiery hand’s movements with my own, and while it used up a lot of my magic, I could still endure this.

Park Hyeri was avoiding my attacks. She used two swords to clash them together to make sounds since she realized that she could not come near me easily. However, her attacks did not reach me. I almost smiled as I realized my advantage but knew she would have a card up her sleeve.

I turned to the spears the humans had left behind, and now I had one of them in my hand.

Park Hyeri was still fighting against the fire, and I threw the spear at her. She would know the attack but would find it difficult to avoid it.

The spear glazed her side, and while the wound was shallow, I considered it a success. I would kill her inch by inch so she could feel the pain. I approached her slowly as she let out a groan.

I had thought I was growing stronger, but today made me realize just how strong. An enemy that had toyed with me before was now staring at me with a rigid face. Although I could not maintain this amount of magic for long, Park Hyeri did not know that. I could see her dark expression as I changed my weapon to the Yggdrasil spear.

The heat had tired her a bit, and she was now bleeding. If I continued to focus, I could maintain my advantage. I smiled as Park Hyeri grimaced.




I could see that she was livid, which was a welcome sight. However, it was then I heard several explosive sounds from nearby. The explosions were massive in scale.




I could not avoid the ambush, but the broken shield blocked the attack to not be wounded. Did she have an accomplice? It may be so because while Park Hyeri may be able to do this, it was not practical. It was better to assume she had someone who could achieve this sort of damage. Two against one…

While I used up most of my magic, I could still win. I was reorganizing my plans when Park Hyeri shouted.


“Don’t interrupt!”


I heard the answer from the forest.

“You said it would not take long. The Master is waiting.”

The one speaking was a mage, and I heard another voice from the opposite side.


“I know you want to enjoy yourself with a strong enemy, but we have something to do.”


I saw a warrior with a massive physique walk out. He was Go Woongjin, and he carried the bodies of the people I had selected as possible bait on his shoulder. The priestess did not seem dead yet, but her body looked broken as he dragged her.


“Those on your shoulder would have been Ms. Hyeri’s prey. That demon is an intruder, and he seems to be an interesting subject to dissect.”

Lee Hyunhak showed himself with Go Woongjin, and I now saw all of the Spider Clan members I was aware of in one spot. I had not felt them approaching due to the fight and now sensed no one else.


“We have to hurry to meet the appointment. Master does not like to wait.”

While he was consoling Park Hyeri like she was a child, she was still glaring at me.


“I told you that I did not care about the Witch of the East or the Queen of the North.”

“You know that you have been ordered.”

“I know, I know. However, I have to do something about that demon. He’s going to bother us. Don’t cut in. I will take care of him. I will rip him apart…”


The mage was the one who spoke.


“You cannot do it by yourself. It would take too much time, and the best thing to do is make this a quick fight. I think bringing him along with us may work if you’re that angry.”


Park Hyeri kicked at a stone near her foot like she did not like what the mage said, but the action showed that she agreed. Go Woongjin stroked his weapon while the mage cast a spell. Lee Hyunhak took out his longblade.

The situation was dire, and I grasped my spear as Go Woongjin jumped at me.

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