Chapter 188 A Bloody Revenge (3)


“For Blood Dagger!”


Gark grabbed his sword and knew Ragia had been right. He remembered her asking questions to the young tribe leader who had come to receive his meat.


“Please repeat where you had seen him. Gark, please prepare to move with Mirror Blade…”

He had been apprised of the situation as he came here, and Gark could guess why Blood Dagger kept silent. Gark knew that Blood Dagger had kept those deaths close to his heart.

Blood Dagger was a leader who worried about his warriors dying. While Gark appreciated his goodwill, it was also humiliating as that meant the tribe was keeping Blood Dagger back. That had been the reason why Gark trained hard day and night.

However, Blood Dagger still worried about them, or to say outright, did not trust them. Going into the battle alone was evidence, as Blood Dagger would have brought them with him if he thought that his tribe members were strong.

Gark was angry at himself as he raised his sword to look at his opponent. The human was strong, but Gark had to win to prove himself.

His eyes reddened, and his muscles tensed as his breathing became heavy. With a shout, Gark rushed to the human. They both used similar swords, and the human would be more skilled. While Gark could hide his presence with his ability, a swordsman like Lee Hyunhak would be able to sense him before long. Therefore, his ability would be useless if used too often, and that was why Gark was fighting face to face.

The man swung his sword to strike out with his aura from afar, and Gark cut through the attack with his own weapon to charge him. They met midway, and while the man was not wounded after their clash, Gark’s body was wet with blood.

The Green Skin’s instinct screamed in his desire to see blood and rip the human apart. Gark shouted as his instinct made him quicker, but he could not reach the human. Lee Hyunhak was distancing himself, and Gark received more wounds. As Gark did not want Blood Dagger to worry, he hid as he rushed to the human.

The man blocked the attack from nowhere and was actually sneering in Gark’s direction. Lee Hyunhak distanced himself as Gark breathed in deeply. He was rushing things again. This was not what he had felt when he swung his sword day and night. He had felt a restive quiet when trained to follow Blood Dagger.

Gark let out a breath as he calmed down. His eye returned to normal, and he could now see his surroundings clearly. The Green Skin had chosen composure to become stronger. He quieted down his instinct and saw in his mind’s eye Blood Dagger leading him.

He could see his opponent’s movements now and now observed Lee Hyunhak’s actions. Gark began to memorize how the man moved his fingers, arm, and feet. Gark stepped forward and swung his sword. He let his strength flow over his body and sword. He now felt something shoot from his sword, and Gark pushed it out with his magic. His attack clashed with Lee Hyunhak’s midair.



I could see Gark reveal his teeth and knew I was not the only one surprised by his appearance. They were pushing for time, and Go Woongjin looked lost.

I heard another explosion from the forest again, and it seemed that the mage was attacking someone else. I knew then Hark had come to fight with the mage.

Park Hyeri and Go Woongjin grimaced at realizing their mage had been ambushed. Now, they needed to focus on getting out of this fight unharmed.


“Damn… we will kill this demon and go back to Jaehyung.”
“I know.”


Park Hyeri nodded but did not seem sincere about her comrade. She did want to kill me, though, as it showed in her speed coming at me. I now had some magic to use, and two were manageable compared to four enemies.

I took out Dainsleif and charged Go Woongjin first. I just needed to avoid his attacks to get a strike and managed to do so while blocking Park Hyeri with a blood wall. I managed to land a critical hit, and blood spurted out from him in return.

However, as his attacks still crushed the ground, one hit from his mace, and I would lose. However, I felt like I could do this. This fight reminded me of when I faced Jang Gi Young. I saw his breathing and muscle movements, and I continued to stare at him despite the wind.

I felt like he was moving in slow motion and thought I had entered a zone. It was the same for Park Hyeri. I was slower than her, but she could not catch me. I avoided their attacks efficiently to avoid them reaching me.

I heard my breathing get louder in my ears and now used Go Woongjin’s strength against him as he swung his mace. I could feel that my sword had cut off his arm like water. While I felt his blood on my face and heard his screams, time was still slow. I shot the dripping blood drops towards him and saw that they had struck his stomach.




Go Woongjin was holding what remained of his arm as he cursed. I used Dainsleif to use his spilled blood against him and now saw numerous blades stick out of him. I heard the sound of flesh being ripped off as I continued to knock.

He did not die easily, but he could not do anything else. He tried to swing his mace with his other arm, but his attacks were weak and slow.

It was then I saw Park Hyeri step back to go somewhere. I was about to go after her when Go Woongjin swung his mace again. I did not avoid it and instead used the Dainsleif’s handle to change the direction of his attack. My concentration made this feat possible, and I now saw Go Woongjin’s chest. I thrust my blade as quickly as possible and penetrated his heart.

Go Woongjin became silent for the last time, and I also heard a shout from somewhere else. I looked around at where the sound had come from and saw Gark stepping on Lee Hyunhak’s fallen body.

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