Helping with Adventurer Party Management 58


These Shoes Are Too Good!



Just as it was only the two of us in the leader’s room, Jilboa started to talk.


“These are some great shoes you’ve made. They’re definitely well-suited to the adventurer lifestyle.”


“Right. These shoes are great for those who need to walk long distances and fight it out in the field.

They’re sturdy enough to prevent any poisonous snake hiding in the tall grass from biting through them, and they won’t slip on the mud.

And you can walk all night on them while on guard duty without getting your feet sore.”


“They really make you want to meet the person who made them.”


“Right. I just get the materials, then I make them.

I just want to work with craftsmen who can keep a secret.”


“How much do you plan to sell these for?”


“2 large copper coins for low volume production. But I’d like to lower it to 1 coin if possible.”


Jilboa leaned back on his chair, and after a short sigh as if thinking it was too cheap.


“I’ve said this before, Kenji, but… what’s wrong with you?


I’ve never seen shoes like these before.


You said these shoes were made for adventurers.

But it doesn’t end there, does it?


I’m willing to bet every single adventurer in this town is going to want to wear these shoes.

Even all the senior clans.


Not only us Sword Fang Corps.

Even our colleagues on Sunma Akatsuki are going to be wearing these shoes.


And traders too. Those who go from town to town carrying goods…

These shoes will be a gamechanger for them.


Even foot soldiers and knights wouldn’t be able to go back to their usual shoes after trying these on.


You, a single adventurer, was able to come up with these incredible shoes…

Do you think you can just give them away like that?”


His words were a great praise, but they were also a warning.


With a serious face, Jilboa had given me his honest opinion.

But I wasn’t sure if he was trying to say that I was being too gullible or something like that.


At first, my plan was to make these shoes affordable, thinking about the rookie adventurers who tend to need the most help.

I was prepared to produce about a hundred pairs a year.


That’s why I thought about coming to this office and discussing what I had planned for these shoes without thinking about it too much.


But Jilboa had rightly pointed out that these shoes were going to be quite a big deal.


About half of this town’s small shoemakers would want to be involved.

It would be a large-scale project for a special local product.

If the military were to be involved, it could even become a military industry.


With this in mind, rather than a hundred pairs a year, I’d have to make a hundred pairs every day.


If you think about it, Ferragamo, which was the the first brand to make shoes in a scientific way, is and will remain as one of the most famous brands even a hundred years from now.


“There seem to be quite a lot of new ideas put into these shoes.”


“That’s right. Even if I were to include some big ideas, it wouldn’t have been enough with only a few of them.”


These shoes were so extravagant to them that they may very well become a brand of their own.

Do I really have what it takes to continue to produce them and make sure they’re the best they can be?


Jilboa then went on.


“For example, let’s suppose you charge a single large copper coin for a pair of those shoes.


I would order a hundred pairs of those in an instant. That’s how much they’re worth to me.

I would pay up to 3 silver coins for a pair of shoes for my exclusive use. I would even provide the materials out of my pocket as well.


And I’m sure the leader of Sunma Akatsuki thinks the same way I do.

He’d immediately order another hundred pairs and a special pair for himself.


And if we buy these shoes, many other adventurers will want to compete with us.

Then you’ll quickly rack up on a thousand orders.


The same applies to merchants and peddlers who travel from town to town.

Then your orders will go over two thousands.


Then it will be a matter of time before these shoes become well known among the neighboring towns.

In a matter of two months, you’ll have more than three thousand orders.


And then it won’t be long before the big cities nearby start hearing about your shoes.

The next month after that, you may get more than five thousand orders.


And if we go that far, then your shoes will be well known by the aristocrats and the military by that time.

You’ll have more than a hundred pairs of specially ordered shoes that you will not be able to turn down.

And for the military alone they could order as few as another two thousand pairs as well.”


My head started to hurt hearing Jilboa’s predictions for the future.


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