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Pajemut, the devil king, didn’t feel so hot despite the recent victory.  He felt as if he had to cut short going to the bathroom.




The result shown on the map was satisfactory.  Having won the battle of Harpheim, he took most of the western territory in the upper reaches of the Rhine River.


Bordering the Rhine River, the humans and the devil king were facing each other now.  The west of the river was the devil king’s territory, while the humans still controlled the east of the river.  It was a notable achievement.


However, the ending was very disappointing.  Leaving behind some uneasy elements, it was as if they were hastily covered up to reach an ending.  As a result, Pajemut continued frowning, unable to put himself at ease.


“Your highness.”


Then a devil clan’s officer entered Pajemut’s tent.


“Oh, Wallenstein.  Do enter.”


Fashioning a handsome beard, the officer had a goat’s horn, protruding out of his head.  His name was Albrecht Von Wallenstein.  As a promising officer of the devil clan, he was a prodigy, around whom the rumor swirled that one day, he could potentially reach the position above that of the devil king.   Presently, he was in a position of importance within the devil king Pajemut’s camp.


“Wallenstein, have you found the assailant that killed Hejacks?”


“I’ve tried in many ways, but failed to find the assailant.”


Pajemut’s expression changed and suddenly he blew up in a rage.


“Damn it…. Someone did it!  Someone killed him!  Helped Philip escape and killed Hejacks!  We must find out the bastards’ identity!”


Pajemut was ready to carry out the next maneuver, only if he had secured Philip.  That was, by supporting Philip who had lost the power to his uncle, he was going to incite a civil war within Pfalz Electorate of Brunswick-Luneburg.  He was confident that he could have convinced Philip even if Philip was holding a grudge against him.


Pajemut had an agreement with Friedrich, who was Philip’s uncle, which kept him from going to war against him for 3 years.  So, Pajemut’s intention was to manipulate the Pfalz Electorate of Brunswick-Luneburg by inciting a civil war during that period.



“If everything had gone as planned, it would have been a great pleasure to see Pfalz self-destruct!  And when the ceasefire ends, it would be such an easy task to make an advancement and take over in a single sweep.”


“Do you have any possible culprits who may have interfered?”


In an attempt to soothe Pajemut, Wallenstein offered wine to him, but Pajemut gulped it down at once and frowned.


“That’s it.  Perhaps, it was that whore for sure.”


“Do you mean Roellin, the Rose Devil Queen?”




Roellin of the Rose was the devil queen and 6th in the line of power, and was occupying the area beyond the southern borders of the empire.   Due to political reasons, her relationship with devil king Pajemut, who was the 12th in the line of power and known as the blood and death, has been stormy.  Pajemut’s suspicion was logical since they have collided on more than several occasions in the past.


However, that guess was a colossal error.   It was because Pajemut did not realize the entity which had no blood or tear was in existence.


“Recently, spies that have been implanted in that bitch’s vanity filled territory have brought useful information.  It was reported that that bitch has been supporting Philip for the past few years already.”


“Ah, of course.  From her perspective, it seems to make sense to support your highness’ foe in order to contain you.”


Pajemut was certain that Roellin interfered and snatched away Philip, the man of steel and prince-elect.  Unless it was her, how could he have evaded, like a ghost, from his surveillance network.


“Damn bitch….”


He was gnashing his teeth, but Pajemut’s face looked pale.  That was understandable since Pajemut was sincerely in fear of Roellin.


Roellin, the rose devil queen, has built a powerful influence that stands out even among the devil kings.  Not just influence, but even her individual power was above that of Pajemut’s.  As many events were leading to disputes, his fear was only logical.  The reason for Pajemut having had wanted the fertile land in the southwest was also because of the fact that he didn’t want to be overpowered by Roellin.


“Your highness, I know that you’re displeased, but unfortunately, I have another bad news.”


“What is it?”


Pajemut frowned displeasingly.  None the less, Wallenstein was placid.  Unlike normal devil clan members who usually stoop to infinite level of servility before the devil king, Wallenstein’s attitude was unique when looking at it from that perspective.  He only demonstrated his abilities, and there was not a bit of appearance that he wanted to be pleasing the devil king.


Although Pajemut felt that Wallenstein was arrogant for not showing humility before his dignity, he did not necessarily chastise Wallenstein.  That was because Wallenstein’s military ability was considerably exceptional.  The battle of Harpheim was also the product of Wallenstein’s contribution this time around.


“What is it?”


As Pajemut inquired quietly rather than angrily, Wallenstein answered.


“The director of the Walpurga Sisters Society who has been ill has now recovered.”




As if he was shocked to hear the news, Pajemut threw the wine glass as he suddenly stood up.


“That, that cannot be!  Certainly, she could not have come alive again!”


Pajemut knew it all so well how powerful the trap that was sent to Margarita was.  Although he had desired that power, he could not control it, and so he had used it as a trap.


He was exhilarated when he heard that Margarita had fallen into the trap.  He was sure that that was the end of her.  But, she is alive again?


“That, that bitch must certainly know that I have used it against her….”


Fearing revenge, Pajemut’s complexion was turning blue.


“Ah, there is one other peice of news.  It was reported that she has resigned from the directorship of the Sisters Society.”


“What?  What!”


Pajemut was shivering all over.  That also implied that Margarita, who has held the directorship position for a long time, has begun to move in earnest.


“Damn it…. That crazy bitch….”


Watching fear filled Pajemut, Wallenstein kept a bitter smile inside.  The devil king, whom he was serving temporarily out of a necessity, was more coward than he appeared.  Rather than a devil king, Wallenstein thought of him as more of a rat.


“Is she that dangerous?”


“You do not know Margarita.  That bitch has no common sense.  Whether it’s a devil king or whatever, she would cut up everything that was in her way.  Do you know why the position of the 13th in the line of power is vacant?  It is because that bitch had killed him in the past.”


“Is that so?  I only heard that he was under a house arrest.”



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