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“That’s how it was told to the public.  I was there also when Auf, who was the 13th in the line of power, died.


Pajemut was not a devil king at that time, but rather he was serving as an enlisted soldier under devil king Auf, who was in the 13th position in the line of power.


“Do you know what that wacko bitch was saying when she killed Auf?  She said, a devil king must be cut up nicely in the shape of a star.”




Wallenstein responded as if he has just heard a ridiculous statement.  However, Pajemut was deadly serious.


“The body of Auf had arrived later at a winter party of the devil kings.  It was Auf whom that bitch had cut up and sewn up in to a star shape.  Do you know what was written in the letter that came with the body?  We, humans, make trees out of fir trees in the winter and decorate them.  And we hang a star at the top of the tree.  You, devil kings, should also try it at least once, and so I send you here a star for that purpose, was what was written.”




Even the man of Wallenstein’s character was lost for words upon hearing this esoteric story.  At present time, it was a story that has been kept quiet among the devil kings.


“What do you think it meant when that bitch resigned from her directorship post!  Damn it!  I shouldn’t have sent her to that trap.  How did it become so entangled?  What the heck brought that bitch back to life!  Aaaaak!”


Pajemut was in panic.


“Your highness, please stay calm.”


“Shut up!  I am ordering activation of level one military alert.  Order everyone to protect the king!”


“However, your highness!  Then it will be difficult to defend the occupied territory….”


“Silence!  Do you dare to teach me!  You get paid to do the work!  You miserable mercenary officer!”


“… Yes sir.  Your highness.”


Wallenstein kept the absurdity of it all, all inside.  Instead of following up with the strategy of stabilizing the occupied territory, everything has become messed up just because of Margarita, a single person.


He couldn’t help but give out a lengthy sigh as he was coming out of the tent to deliver the order.


‘Some maneuvering is going on from a place unknown to us.  Someone has helped Philip escape and brought Margarita back to life.  It was as if it had rained on his parade.’



Unlike Pajemut, Wallenstein did not think that it was the sole work of devil queen Roellin.   His high intelligence has caused him to think of the possibility of some adversary that maybe invisibly hiding behind a veil.


‘Has one person really done all this?’


Wallenstein let out a smile and shook his head as if something has come to his mind.


‘No way.  If someone is able to do all this without leaving any trace then he could become the empire’s loser.  Then, I, Wallenstein will always remain the 2nd person.’


There is no way…, Wallenstein rejected his thought.  No matter what happens, he was sure that he would be the man standing in the center of the empire.  But at the same time, there was some hope, in the deepest corner of his mind, of seeing that such an adversary would appear from somewhere.


As he was arrogant, everything in the world appeared stupid to him.  The so called devil kings were no more or less than the fools that run havoc, believing only in their powers.


However, if there were truly the type of person that he has been imagining then that person would be worth for him to stake everything that he has in order to win the empire as the prize.


“Hahaa… Isn’t this delusion interesting?”









“Ung?  There is a ringing in my ear.  Is someone talking about me?”


After clearing my ears somewhat, I cancelled summoning the undead and only kept 35 vampires.


“You’ve worked hard.  Now go rest.”


As the summoning was done forcibly, it took a toll on the body.  I expressed my appreciation to the disappearing undeads, and ordered the vampires.


“Go through the ones that were killed and find useful things.”


I took a seat after giving them the order.  I wanted to check the stat window.  As expected, perhaps because of having killed Philip, the steel man and prince elect, one higher level has been reached.




[Man with no blood and tear 2 -> level 3]


[Monster Hunter level 32]


Life: 1,564 -> 1,690 (Cursed birth +654)


Spell Power: 2,150->2,250 (Evil Kareuka’s bone magic staff +50)


Darkness: 542->572 (Cursed birth +122, Evil Kareuka’s bone magic staff +70)


Power 286->291 (Cursed birth +32)


Intelligence 159->189


Agility 259->264


Health 245->255


Charisma 232->272 (Evil Kareuka’s bone magic staff +13)



The capability levels have increased by a lot.  Even a new S-level skill, the <undead recovery> has been bestowed.  This skill not only provides recovery with experience, but also injects buff at the same time.


“My lord, everything has been retrieved.”



“Oh?  Has it?”


In no time, the vampires were lining up the retrieved equipment as if they were being inspected.  Philip’s deities were nobles, and so they had a lot of very useful equipment.  This is an A level.  This is a B level, yet the effect is great.  I shook my head as I observed.



There were also a number of communication crystal balls besides the military equipment.  They seemed to have been in possession of Philip in order for him to communicate with his deities.  They also found 5 healing potions on top of that.


After thinking about what to do with them, I’ve decided to keep only the healing potions and distribute the military equipment to the vampires.


“Except what was Philip’s, I will give the rest to you.”


As the vampires were about to receive rare equipment which they had not seen before, their mouths fell wide open.


“Thank you, my lord, for your graciousness!”


“With all our hearts and strength, we will serve you, my lord!”


“Thank you!  My lord!”


Having received their own military equipments, each of them courageously shouted the words of devotion and was as happy as a child who has just received a brand new toy.


“Well, then this….”


I thought for a while looking at Philip’s equipment.  They were extravagant equipment, but the problem was that they were too extravagant.  They were simply beyond being concealable.



Embroidered with gold, those equipments were shouting, out loud, to everyone that they belonged to Pfalz’s prince elect.  As everyone, at everywhere, was trying to locate Philip’s whereabouts at the moment, it would be suicidal for me to be using the military equipment now.


“Well, I guess I will just give them back to the bastard Philip.”


The decision was reached in no time.  Although it is difficult at the moment due to insufficient experience, when the experience level was to rise in the future, the intention was to make Philip an undead.  Then I can just have the bastard use them as they were intended.


Undead Philip would be very useful politically.  As one’s clothes identify one’s position in this era, it would be prudent to keep him with the current equipment.


Furthermore, as the undead Philip would become one of the most powerful heroes of mine, it is advantageous to equip him well.  So, I left the many S-level, extravagant equipment with Philip as they were.



“Place this equipment back on Philip.”


“Yes, my lord.”


The vampires put back the armor suit and placed the sword on Philip.  Once that was done, I placed Philip in to a magic zipper.


“My lord.  A unique item was discovered while searching the prince elect, the man of steel.”


Pappenheim cordially placed something in front of him.


“That is a magic zipper.”


“Yes, but a strong magic spell is on it, and it can’t be opened.”


“Hm, it really doesn’t open?”


Why has such a powerful security magic been placed on a magic zipper?  I attempted to crush the zipper apparatus itself by applying grand sorcerer level’s magic, but it was proven to be futile.


Many security apparatuses have been seen by me, but I have never seen anything this strong until today.  I even wondered whether this magic zipper was even more powerful than the S-level, military equipment that Philip was wearing.


What is it?  What the heck is inside?


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