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Chapter 32:  Attack and Seizure Order (1)



However, there was nearly zero intel on the great swordsman.  It certainly appeared that it needed to be investigated in person.  Marie, who was not familiar with the guardian’s existence, did not appear to be too interested.



“There is an issue more important than that of the last of the great swordsmen.  Valer.  A great event has taken place because of the attack and seizure order.  It is not an overstatement to say that the entire empire is focusing on it.”



“Is that so?”



“Yes, furthermore, even Walpurgis has been implicated in the matter as well.”


I could no longer take this news lightly upon hearing the reference to Walpurgis.  The stories that Margareta has told about the before and after this event were incredulously complicated.  However, drawing a conclusion was simple.



“I’ll go and help Madam Walpurgis.”


“Really?  Valer?  Have you been ignoring all the things that I’ve been saying so far?  Many of the big names of the empire are involved in this event.  Furthermore, above all of them, even the emperor is implicated in all this, then how do you intend to take control when you lack both power and status?”


Margareta sounded worried.  However, a decision has already been reached.  I thought that I could unravel this thing that has been twisted and tied up like a thread.


“I can do it.”


It was the right time to help Walpurgis and enter in to the political scene of the empire.  Although it was much earlier than I suspected, I knew that such a day would come soon.  I could not stay as a commander from behind the veil with no end in sight.  If a scheme was to be hatched in the shades, there was a need to go out in to the light, donning a mask.


“Is that so.  You’re certainly a difficult fellow to figure out.”



Finally, shaking her head, Margareta gave up trying to dissuade me.


“Well, you’re a special fellow.”


“On the contrary, I’m just a country boy.”


“Huh!  You are an incredible country boy.  You are the first country boy who would have seen the Canon of Seven Evils.”


As this matter was a political one, Margareta said that the Walpurgis Sisters Society would not be involved.


“It was an issue for the lord of Niederbayern, rather than for the Walpurgis Sisters.”



“I understand.  That is a prudent decision.”



Showing some signs of discontent, Margareta fell into a thought by resting her chin on the back of her hand.


“Hm… so there is not an appropriate way for me to help you.”



“Thank you for just even saying so.”



“No.  Anyone can encourage someone with empty words.  I do not like such situation.   Sincerity is shown with bright material things.”




“…I ask for words that are fitting of a nun.”



“Hahaha!  Here, take this.”



What Margareta put forth was a ring with embedded crimson jewel.


“This item belongs to our society and it allows instantaneous teleportation magic.  I will let them know ahead, so use it whenever you need to.”


A very good item has been received.  My mobility power would increase big time going forward.


“Thank you.  It is an overwhelming gift.”


At every sizable branch of the Walpurga Sisters Society, there was a magical area which was set up for instantaneous teleportation.  With this ring, it would be possible to instantly travel between the 12 cities, using teleportation magic.  Located mainly in the west and in the south, those cities were under the jurisdiction of the Walpurga Sisters Society.




“Well, I can definitely go to Munich with ease for sure.”



The city of Lantzhuit, where Walpurgis is staying, was only 50 kilometers from Munich, along the Isar River.  Hence, due to Margareta, I was able to save a lot of time.



“This is a gift to you to help us, little angels.  Valer, go and do your thing well.”’


“Please do leave it to me.”



“OK, that’s what a man does.”








It’s better to be early than late. I immediately teleported over to Munich with Philly.  From there it took less than half a day to get to Lantzhuit.


“Easy, easy.”



Didn’t expect to come back to this place.  Since it was not a material place for the story, Lantzhuit has not been visited that many times.



As the administrative center of Niederbayern, it was a quiet and peaceful city.  Walpurgis was the countess of Niederbayern, which was located on the southeast of Bayern, so she mainly stayed here as she ruled the territory.


Before she became the feudal lord of Bayern, Niederbayern was the place where she had received the training to become the successor.   I immediately went to the official residence where Walpurgis was staying.


“Stop!  What brings you here?”



The soldiers who were guarding the entrance stopped me.


“I’ve come to see the countess of Niederbayern.”


When she was serving as a sister knight, it was appropriate to call her madam Walpurgis.  However, in peace times, she was the countess Niederbayern.  It was necessary to be careful with how she was addressed.



“Do you have an appointment with her?”


Although I just went straight to the official residence to meet with the countess, the soldiers did not write me off.  That was because my attire was highly regal.


The cursed birth, the S level armor, gave a feeling of closeness, but the attire appeared extremely beautiful.  Furthermore, the appearance of Philly, the great horse, was also extraordinary.  On a glance, both the horse and the armor appeared very expensive that they simply thought of me as an aristocrat.



“There is no pre engagement.”


“Then it is difficult.  First, please tell us who you are.”


As if they were well trained gate keepers, they demonstrated a rather strong firmness.  Although they were a bit shaken up by my attire, they said everything that they needed to say.


What should I do?  It would seem that they would easily allow my passage should I show them the necklace that Walpurgis has given to me… Should I test my abilities once?


I immediately initiated  <The great leader’s dignity> which was an SS level skill.




The gate keepers were captivated by the overpowering energy that spewed out of me.  With that, they looked surprised as they fluttered.


“I’m sorry sir.  For the disrespect in not recognizing your Excellency!”


“Please forgive us!”



With the facial expression of their spirits having left them, they all kneeled down on one knee.  Since they did not know what was going on due to the overpowering energy, they felt that they first needed to kneel down.


To them, I will appear as the hero of the humanity and the greatest person of all time.  Even though the experience level was low for this skill, it would still work perfectly on 100 people or less.


“I am Ballasthedde Valer.  Although I do not have an appointment, I had already been offered an invitation in the past by the countess of Niederbayern.  Hence, I’m here, lead me to her.”




“Yes, of course!  I’ll take you sir!”


A senior ranked looking soldier got up hurriedly and began leading me while holding a halberd.  He struggled since he didn’t know how to act properly as if I was a very high statured person to deal with.


However, due to the skill being used, I have attracted the attention of many people who were at the front of the official residence.  The crowd of government workers and the soldiers were all looking at me.


Wow, this skill certainly baits one to troll with it, overwhelmingly so… The sound of their murmuring while they bowed their heads toward me rang clearly in my sensitive ears.



“Looks like a guest, who is he?”



“A duke of someplace, perhaps?”


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