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Chapter 33:  Attack and Seizure Order (2)


After the clamor has subsided, I was led to a quiet room by an attendant.  As if it was a room for welcoming guests, the room was mindfully decorated unlike other rooms in the residence.


“The countess will see you shortly if you’d please wait a moment.”


How long has passed since the attendant has left the room?


Knock.  Knock.  Knock.


There was a knock on the door.




I certainly thought that it would be Walpurgis, but I was wrong.  If it was Walpurgis, the knocking sound would be more like Kwang Kwang sound as the gauntlet would be hitting on the wooden door.  However, the knocking sound was closer to the sound of a bare hand, tapping lightly, as it was soft as if it was coming from a virtuous lady of an aristocratic family.


“Please come in.”


Was it someone coming to inform me that Walpurgis was running late?  I was sipping tea while thinking that way, but I ended up uncontrollably spewing out the tea out of my mouth upon seeing the person who has entered the room.




She, too, fluttered in surprise.


“Valer!  You alright!”


Hurriedly taking out a handkerchief, she wiped around my lips. Her gesture was as close and kind like the warmth of the spring breeze.


Despite that, however.


I could not hide the sublime feeling that came over me.


“Countess Niederbayern.”


“Um?  Why are you calling me with such a serious look?”


“What woman would wear a dress and wear an armor helmet?”


At the moment, Walpurgis was wearing a pretty dress, but she had a metallic armor helmet on her head.  Making modeling poses, it appeared that she was trying to look her best for some reason.  This was the first time of encountering someone dressed in such a way.



“It doesn’t look good?”


Come to look at it now, it was obvious that she was quite mindful of how she was to dress.  I was very surprised inwardly, and she was even wearing wrist bands and other accessories which she did not normally wear.  Everything was cute items made for girls.


Thinking back over the last 100 hundred years, this was the first time in which I’ve ever seen her in this way.  To her, the family rings or necklaces which prove her identity were the only accessories.


“No, not at all.  It’s very cute.”


“You sure!”


I’m neither a fool nor senseless.  Why would Walpurgis have shown up in such a fashion.


Well, everything was fine, but… Only if that armor helmet was absent, it would be perfect.   What could I do.  I should be thankful since in doing this, she has stepped into an unchartered territory in her own way.


“The dress with many ribbons bodes well with you.”


With those words, she seemed relieved as she placed a hand over her chest.


“Is that so… I’m relieved.  I thought that things like ribbons did not go well with me.  But as I wore them with courage, I’m glad to hear that they look good on me.”


The elegant dress that exposes skin minimally.  It was different than the ones that are very low cut dresses which the young daughters of today’s aristocrats wore.  Should I say that it was a nostalgic style?



“It’s my mom’s dress.  Fortunately, I am similar size to her that I am able to wear it the way it is.”



The dress seemed to have a meaning to her.


“Thank you for showing it to me.”


“No, No!  I didn’t show it to you because there was some special reason…”


“Even if there wasn’t a special reason, it is true that you’ve shown it only to me?”



“That, that is true, but…”



Then I realized just one thing.  That it was unexpectedly enjoyable to make her flutter with words.  I wanted to continue the chit-chat in such a way, but there was an important issue to address, on this day.



“I’ve heard that you are in trouble.”



“Indeed, is that the reason for your visit?”


Letting out a small sigh, she appeared to be rather frustrated with the current situation.  It was a situation which involved many powerful people, for sure.


“Valer, listen to me without prejudging.  I appreciate your concern, but this time…”


“I can do it.”


I cut her off immediately from any attempt at saying things in my consideration.




“I know that either the emperor or a feudal lord was involved.  However, my response to you is the same.  I can resolve this issue.”


That was never an empty statement.


“Are you sure?”


“Yes, how could an emperor be an issue?  I even took care of the issue involving the great army of the darkness.  Compared to that, an emperor is nothing.”


Although I spoke in such terms, I knew that politics could be even a tougher issue to resolve, at times.  However, Walpurgis trusted me.


“I see, since you speak in those terms.  Valer, if you say that you can do it then it’s something that you can do.”



Her decision was very immediate.  Her trust made me feel a bit strange.



“Countess Walpurgis.”





“Wouldn’t it be more normal to ask how I think this is possible?


“Well… Would that be normal?”


Walpurgis tilted her head slightly.


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