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“You are speaking strange things.  Since you said that you can do it, all I said was that I see.”


“Certainly, you are eccentric.”


“…Haha.  Aren’t you the eccentric one for showing up here to help, knowing exactly what was going on?”


I was left with no words to say when I heard that.



“Although I’ve heard it from Margareta, I’d like to hear it one more time, directly from you.”


“Of course.”



After nodding her head, Walpurgis drank her tea with a straw placed through the opening in her helmet, and began to explain what was going on.


The story was both straightforward and complicated.


There was a city called, Passau, within her territory of Niederbayern.  Famously known for producing swords, the swords with the mark of ‘the running wolf’ of Passau were highly regarded, not only within the empire, but in foreign countries as well.


Furthermore, they were popular even in the demon kings’ territories. Then about three months ago, a numerous number of swords which were produced in Passau were sold to Roselant, the territory of Roelin.



“Merchant Ignis was in charge of the sale.  He was the merchant who was responsible for carrying out consignment sales for Passau’s sword producers.”


However, the proceeds from the sales were not necessarily paid immediately.



“About a month ago, after staying in Roselant, the Ignis merchants were on their way back to Passau, carrying the sales proceeds, and many trade merchandise items that were obtained from Roselant.  It was a total of 12 horse carriages.”


“But then the knight family had raided them?”


“Correct.  It was the Rajter knight family.  They are despicable bastards.”


After leaving Roselant, they were heading north when they were raided as they were passing through Salzburg.  Then that’s where a problem occurred.  The embargo order was issued two months ago by the emperor, but the transaction had actually taken place prior to the embargo order.


It was only that the sales proceeds were paid after the embargo order had been issued.  Naturally, the issue arose with respect to whether or not the order could be proactively enforced.


“What an irresponsible act of recklessness it was unlike how cultured people behaved.  How could the so called knights of the empire have attacked and stolen from the merchants.  So, the Ignis Merchant had come to me and asked for help.”


If it was her, she probably has gotten involved immediately.  Caring deeply, by nature, for her family members, there was no way that Walpurgis would have let it pass without taking any action.


But then another issue arose from there.  As Walpurgis moved forward to put pressure on Rajter knight family, the archbishop of Salzburg interjected, citing his territorial domain.  That was, that it took place in his front yard.


“The archbishop of Salzburg is one of the pro members of the emperor.  As a result, he took the side of the Rajter knight family.  Currently, the confiscated items are in the Salzburg courts.  It has become an official confiscation by the empire.”



“So, you’ve sought assistance from your uncle, the feudal lord of Bayern?”


In response to that, Walpurgis called and involved her uncle.  With the appearance of the majestic feudal lord of Bayern, the situation, again, turned in favor of Walpurgis.  However, that wasn’t the end of it.


“Those bastards have squealed it to the emperor about it, this time.”


What was a fight between kids have now evolved into a full blown between adults.


And even the emperor has become involved.  Ultimately, the situation has become a roaring fight between the feudal lord of Bayern and the emperor.  However, there was one more card to play by the emperor.


“However, for some reason or another, the feudal lord of Sachsen interjected and stood on the side of the emperor.”



That was, a new feudal lord has entered the stage.  It was Johann Georg, the feudal lord of Sachsen, who got involved.  As a result, the balance of power tilted again in their favor.


Therefore, Walpurgis was being pressured to agree to unfavorable conditions at the present time.  It was something that was extremely frustrating for her.


“They are pure robbers.  In the name of an agreement, their hidden intention is to snatch up all of Ignis Merchant’s money and merchandise.


As a reaction, Walpurgis sent a SOS to Roelin, the demon queen, and Roelin was about to join in.  The situation has become out of control, like a growing snowball, rolling down a mountain.


To summarize it simply, it was like this.

The Emperor    VS    The feudal lord of Bayern

The feudal lord of Sachsen    VS    The feudal lord of Niederbayern

The archbishop of Salzburg    VS    Roselant’s demon queen

Rajter knight family    VS    Ignis Merchant



In other words, a big 4:4 match.


There was no wonder why the empire’s focus was all on this matter.  Summarizing just the names of the major players was this striking, and there were even more notable aristocrats who had gotten involved indirectly by casting their supports.


“The weekly and daily publications were popular with the pamphlets, covering this story within the empire.  Everyone was having a ball.”



“It wouldn’t be so bad if that was all.  If it was to continue down this path, something that no one wants to imagine might happen.”


It wouldn’t even be strange if a great war was to break out 5 years earlier than anticipated, at this rate.  The Great War between the humans and demons did not start because of discords to begin with.

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