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Chapter 36:  Demon Dragon Schwarzertoyel (2)


Groslochner (The great bell).


Located beyond the empire’s southeastern borders, the grand mountain boasted picturesque scenery, and was also the home territory of the demon dragon Schwarzertoyel.


Only those demons and demon creatures with his permission to stay were able to live there, but in return, they became the hunters who would patrol and watch over the intruders.


The probability of those who had gone to Groslochner, but unable to return due to having been killed by the hunters was higher than actually having encountered the dragon.


It was the same case for me as well.  Having arrived at the mountain after an arduous journey, I was immediately met by a group of hobgoblins, with nightmarish weapons.  Upon discovering me while they were coming down the mountain, the 20 of them rushed toward me.


Although it was late night, the surrounding area was bright as there was a full moon and the mountain was covered with snow.



“Kundar Hatham!”


The hobgoblins leader’s shouting sound reverberated throughout the mountain.  According to their language, it meant kill that bastard!  Any intruder, entering the mountain range patrolled by the hunters, weren’t given any leniency or courtesy of anything, but were immediately struck and killed.


“Kuaaah!  Krrrr!”




The moon, which was hung over the mountain, and visible behind the hobgoblins that which were rushing as they screamed, was beautiful.




Puuuurr!  Puck!


The axes and javelins, thrown by the hobgoblins, staked the grounds nearby.  Scared, Philly stood on his two hind legs and I had to calm down Philly by stroking the horse’s neck.





But then the ring I was wearing vibrated.  It was the one given by the demon king Kubalt.



-Your highness.  How have you been sir?


-Ha-ha-ha.  How about you?


A voice that was pleasing to people was heard from the ring.  Magic is certainly great.  The sound came out clearly even though the distance from here to Pilsen was quite far.




The shouts of the hobgoblins that have come to within 20 meters reverberated loudly.


-Hm?  Is anyone nearby?  I am hearing some loud noise?


-Ah, it’s the locals.  They are welcoming me.


Well, I suppose I didn’t need to report the details of the savagery nature of the land to the demon king’s highness.  Kubalt gave me kudos as if he was impressed with the way I spoke in a refined manner.


-Certainly, you are a fascinating man.  It isn’t easy, these days, to be given a welcoming reception due to hardened social conditions.  From what I can hear, it must be a very enthusiastic welcoming?


-Everyone seems to have abundance of love.


While I was carrying on an ordinary conversation with him, I took out a pistol from the saddle, and fired.




There was no forgiveness from me who had a level-5 experience in matchlock shooting.  One of the hobgoblins, running toward me, plopped down with a hole in his forehead.



-There are also some clamorous noises also?


-It is the welcoming fireworks.  They must really be glad to see me.


Kubalt was impressed once again.


-Oh, oh!  You must be being received as a VIP!  Bringing out the fireworks, and all!  It is definitely like you, Valer.


-Ha-ha-ha.  Thank you for seeing it in a good way.




As the bastards approached, a shadow explosion was used.  With the blasting snow and dust, the hobgoblin warriors got tossed into the air, all bloodied up.


Kubalt laughed out loud upon hearing that sound.


-You must have gone to a rich city?  They even brought out the salute guns for you!  By any chance, have you gone to Danzig Rigar?


-No.  It’s a bit further south.




-Is that so?  I’m not sure where you are, but they really are something.  They know how to welcome a guest.  You know, those types of people with good courtesy are a dying breed these days.



-You’re right.  Your highness.


I stretched out my palm forward as I spoke in agreement with Kubalt.





As the strong S-level skill, <absorb blood and tear>, was activated, 10 of the hobgoblins began to dry up thinly, like the mummies.







As the screams of pain exploded, I quickly made up a story.


-There is so much welcoming from everywhere.  The people are screaming as if they are about to die.  What a frenzy situation!  It appears that today happens to be a celebration day.  Your highness.


They really died after screaming as if they were about to die.  However, not knowing what was going on, Kubalt was feeling envious.


-Ha-ha, that must really be fun.  We will also have a celebration in December, in Pilsen, too.  If you get the chance, do stop by.  You’re always welcome.  Ha-ha-ha!


-I’m honored.  Your highness.


The one scary part about absorbing blood and tear was the fact that the victims would be reborn as undead.  The dead hobgoblins’ dried up skins fell off and they rose up as skeleton soldiers.


Shooowoong!  Puck! Pa-ack!


They were wielding their axes and were crushing open the hobgoblins that were their comrades just a moment ago.  I was leisurely watching what was unfolding while bringing the dead hobgoblins as the undead.


The situation has been soon settled and the number of effortlessly reborn undead stood around me.  With the exception of the 10 hobgoblins that were killed with the absorption of blood and tear, the rest of them were brought back by making them undead.




There were 3 hobgoblin vampires.


There were 5 poison hobgoblin zombies.


And there were 10 hobgoblin skeleton soldiers.


The original intention was to make 5 vampires, but since 2 of them had religions, that plan had failed.  It was because when they were afforded the protection from the deities that they believed in, the creation of advanced undead, which requires capturing the spirits, usually led to failures.



Well, that didn’t necessarily mean that it was regretful.


“Where is the village that you live in?”


Then the leader of the hobgoblins came forward and replied with courtesy.


“I’ll lead you, my master.”



Since they’ve become undead, hobgoblins and I could communicate.  It was because we were speaking in the language of the dead.




“Good.  Lead the way.”


I leisurely followed the undead hobgoblin from behind.


-Your highness.  It appears that I do not need to be concerned over where to stay tonight.  Everyone is fighting to take me to their own place.



-Wherever that region is, they certainly have a great hospitality.



It was when we were making such small talks that a new system message was delivered.


<Congratulations!  You are able to rank up to the skill level-2 of absorb blood and tear!>


From the S-level skill, due to its specialty, it was necessary to utilize the skill, quite a bit, in order to raise the skill level.  Fortunately, that was possible thanks to those good fellows who have come to meet me at the bottom of the mountain.

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