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I placed my hand on my chest to show my appreciation to the skeletons that were leading the way as I put a stamp on making the skill level 2.


<Congratulations!  You have reached the skill level 2 in absorb blood and tear!  You are now able to absorb a lot more life forces!  The victims will now rise up as zombies!>


-Your highness.  I just even received a great gift as well.



-Then Valer.  It seems that you have a lot of money, so don’t be too stingy, but splurge on them.  Generosity should come and go.


-Certainly!  Your highness’s advice on win-win coexistence is truly wise.


Then I asked him what made him contact me while making such conversation.



-Ah, it wasn’t nothing special, just curious to see if the ring was working properly.


Although that’s how he put it, he must have felt offended that I did not contact him first.  He was just anxious to do something for me as he wanted to form an alliance with Walpurgis.



However, since I did not make any pleas for help, he must have contacted me this way.  I couldn’t help, but laugh inside, but I did not show it.  I feel bad about it as far as Kubalt was concerned, but I’m not a push over.


-I see.  Ah, your highness!  There are many villagers here.  I probably need to go splurge on them and engage them.  I will talk to you later.




As I told him that I needed to go first, there was an aura of disappointment in his voice.


-Ah, is that so?  I, I guess you have to.  I couldn’t hold a busy man and continue to talk.



-Sir, then I will go now.


After removing the magic that was placed on the ring, I surveyed the area ahead.  There I saw a hobgoblins’ village.



“I will splurge as the highness has suggested.”



I ordered the undead.


“Kill them all.”








Personally, I did not like hobgoblins.  It was because they loathed, and did not compromise with the humans.  They were the opposites of the cunning orcs who sometimes lived in peace with the humans as situations called for.


As they were uniquely heartless and cruel, it was not even possible to see hobgoblins under mild demon kings.



“Spare me!  Spare me!”


An old hobgoblin was begging on his knees before me.  The old hobgoblin that was nonsensically speaking the empire’s language was the chief of the small village.



He was dragged here, at a shoddy structure that had been his own house, and was kneeling on his knees.  And the large chair that he used sit in was now occupied by me.


“Did you say spare you?  Just now.”


“Yes!  Spare me!”


In response to his desperate plea, I pointed to the ornaments which were hanging on his wall.   They were the taxidermies, made out of human heads.  There weren’t just one or two.  Tens of humans were used to decorate his house.



On their faces, fear and suffering were visible just before their deaths.  Even at a glance, I could tell that they were the farmers who ran to this place from the human feudal lord.  The hobgoblins used to hunt such people for fun.  Hence, I did not like this type of tribes, at all.


“They seem to want your death though?”


“Please!  I beg you!”



“You.  Do not lose your bravery before death.  Were you not the chief of this village?”





At last, the chief hobgoblin cried as he wet his pants.  That, he probably couldn’t help at all.


At this time, the hobgoblins, which used to live with him in the village, were now looking down on him as cadavers.  The countless number of undead hobgoblins was looking down, filled with hatred, on the chief.


They were the eyes of the revengeful ghosts of the dead.




“Gosh, you must not have been very likable.”


It wasn’t even hard to take a guess.  Hobgoblins were cruel to humans, but they were also cruel to the same race.  They lived in the society which normalized the actions of the strong ones persecuting the weak ones.


Therefore, even when a smaller goblin than them formed the dynasty, they could not escape the tribal society.


“No!  This can’t be!  This is a bad dream!  A bad dream!”


Seeing the chief shedding a bucket full of tear, I lost my interest.  As I gestured with my hand, indicating that he was pestering, the undead dragged the chief outside.





The chief made shrieking screams from outside.  However, that was the end of it.  The villagers have finally taken the revenge, only after they were dead.


“O, master.  Thank you for allowing us to take our revenge against the chief.  It wasn’t even describable as to how much he used to torment us.”


One of the hobgoblin vampires took the knee and bowed down before me.  I, kindly, nodded my head.




“As my heart is with the peasants, I’m truly happy.”


“Your grace is immeasurable, my lord!”



It was an admirable story.  An admirable story.  If someone, in the future, were to record my deeds, one would call me the liberator of the oppressed.  Even the system was congratulating me.


<Congratulations!  You have reached the skill level 3 for absorb blood and tear!  You can now absorb more life forces!  Even a gigantic ogre could be made to shrink and dry up at once!  The victims will be resurrected as ghoul slaughters!>


As a result of killing hundreds of the hobgoblins from the village, by using absorb blood and tear, I have reached the level 3.



Actually, this village was not a place that which with only 20 undead could have steamrolled over.  However, as the fighting went on, the number of undead grew on this side while more on the other side was dying.


That simple difference has led to the one way massacre.


As the friendly surprise attack succeeded, the number of undead immediately increased to 40, and when the hobgoblin warriors came out with their weapons in hand, that number had already increased to 80.


It was a fight with expected outcome.  I am just satisfied that I’ve reached the level-3 in the absorb blood and tear skill.


“What is your name?”


“I’m Kurulark.  My master.”




As this hobgoblin vampire had a quick thinking, I intended to use him going forward.



“Good.  Kurulark.  Do you know all the locations of the demon tribes’ villages nearby?”


“Every single one of them, yes.”



“Good.  Very good.  Hahaha.”



It was not good enough to hunt Demon Dragon Schwarzertoyel, in our current condition.  The battle against the earth drake in the past gave a good learning lesson as far as recognizing how fearful a giant monster could be.


Furthermore, Schwarzertoyel was an ancient dragon which the earth drake could not even be compared to.  Even if it was on its death bed and sick all the time, it was not an easy adversary.


Even if 100 undead hobgoblins were to rush to attack him, it would, unfortunately, be only last for 1 minute.  No, may be less than 1 minute.


Should the bastard whip his tail that was thicker than cedar tree, the skeleton debris would be raining down on to my head.




So, it was decided.


That I would battle it after I become stronger by using absorb blood and tear skill by going through the villages near this Groslochner.


<Invoke undead>


<Control undead>


<Absorb blood and tear>


<Recover undead>


All these 4 skills were level S.  By just increasing the experience level, my power would become much greater.




“Yes, my master.”


“I am heavy hearted with respect to the lives of the citizens around here.  I’d like to liberate them from their difficult lives.”


“Your thoughts are merciful and great!  I’ll lead you, master.”


I have decided to wipe out the ogre, orc, hobgloblin, and bugbear villages near the Groslochner Mountain.





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