My grandma past away about 24 hours ago. I consider this novel release as a toast to her. Cheers grandma, you are the best. Rest in Perfect Peace. The Novel...

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I really thought that it was just me, that maybe I was not patient enough, didn’t get the show enough time etc. I was wrong! Turns out a majority of the fans..well at least vocal fans agree. The show has zero heart, it feels like a mass-produced item from the assembly line made by robots instead of humans.


Black Clover voted worst manga 0f the year at comic con international 2016


Is it that bad? No.

Will it make money? Yes and probably a bootload. I cannot blame them though, it will probably be a golden goose. Studios will have to take less risks given the horrible profit margins from anime. We might end up with more anime used as tie-ins in the future than as the main product which is sad.



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