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Heavenly Star – Chapter 300 – The Peak of God-level


Chu Cangming’s eyes were half-closed, and his voice was as plain as the mist, “there’s no need. I’ve grown old, and I have no intention to fight anymore. These years, I’ve been hiding from the world, and I only want to seek the peak of martial arts. It’s been over a decade.”


After he paused for a while, he continued, and everyone was paying attention as if they were afraid to miss one word of it, “everyone has been saying that, once a person becomes a God-level master, he has reached the limit. Since ancient times, no one has broken through this limit. Over these years, I’ve been resting in a quiet area, because I wanted to break through this God-level. Although I’ve achieved a lot spiritually and with my skills in the sword, I’ve never been lucky enough to break through God-level.”


To break through the God-level? Everyone’s heart started beating crazily. When they were feeling excited after reaching the spirit-level, then sky-level, and could only dream of reaching the God-level, what the God of Sword was seeking was to break through the God-level. He wanted to reach for the ultimate high.


But was this possible? Wasn’t it already the highest level to become “God”? Was it really possible to break through the God-level?


“Nothing was gained, and while I sighed, I thought that after resting for eighteen years, no one could surpass me as a God-level master. I wouldn’t want to look down on people either.”


When people were still looking stunned, Chu Cangming’s body slowly descended from the air. And he landed not far from Yan Duancang. He fixed his gaze on Yan Tianwei, “the reason why I’m here, is because I want to see how my grandson performs. Secondly, I want to see how the new heroes are. Never had I thought that someone is already on the peak of the God-level. When the right timing comes, the change will happen, and he’ll reach the Super God-level!”


His words made people tremble. This is not a joke or any form of teasing, but something said by the God of Sword. They were shocked, but they didn’t doubt one bit. People started looking at Yan Tianwei along with Chu Cangming. And under the people’s gazes, Yan Tianwei still looked so peaceful and calm. Like a hundred-year-old well that hasn’t been affected by the wind.



“Are you pursuing the non-existant Super God-level?” Yan Tianwei’s lips moved slightly and said plainly.


“Yes, and aren’t you doing the same?” Chu Cangming was staring at him directly. Between the two old men, the exchange of their gazes had formed a strange momentum.


“How many years have you tried?”


“Eighteen years.”


“For me, it’s sixty years.” Yan Tianwei looked at Chu Cangming and slowly said.


Sixty years…


Chu Cangming went silent.


They were of a similar age, both above 60 and under 70 years old. Yet their difference laid in…Chu Cangming started pursuing the Super God-level 18 years ago, but for Yan Tianwei, since the very beginning when he learned martial arts, he had wanted to reach a level that ordinary people could never reach, or a level that no one would ever expect themselves to achieve.


Indeed, since the ancient times, everyone had thought that when one reached the God-level, it was already the limit, no one would think to reach beyond that level. It’s like when people explain to you the Earth is inside the Universe, not many people would imagine what’s outside the Universe, let alone trying to reach for it.


Yan Tianwei’s achievement stemmed from his stubbornness and craziness that others couldn’t comprehend. What’s more important, is that he has been sealed in the little world under the Duanhun Cliff. Chu Cangming had also stayed in his thoughts in his barrier for eighteen years. And for him, he had been in his thoughts in the barrier created by the Disaster Bow. Together with the in-born advantages of the blood of the Northern Emperor sect, and the power transferred to him by his Grandpa when he grew old…he had already reached the peak of the God-level. And he needed just the right moment to break through it.


But it’s a boundary that’s very difficult to break through. As what it required wasn’t effort, nor time. It needed a moment…and no one knew what this moment was. If he couldn’t find this moment, he wouldn’t break through it after hundreds of years of effort.


“You are the savior of my master, so…I will tell you, what I’ve understood.”


Chu Cangming, “…”


Yan Tianwei made a step forward, and stepped a hard rock, “uncle Cong, Auntie Cong. We haven’t fought for quite some time now.”


“Haha, since we left there with our master, we haven’t really tried each other’s power.” Yan Qinghong touched his beard and smiled, Yan Qingping also laughed. Their faces were full of wrinkles like tree skin.


“Today, we have nothing to fall back on. And I haven’t done some exercise. Haha…”


When they laughed, they have already walked next to Yan Duancang, “Cang’er, you join us.”




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