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There was suddenly an unknown noise. It wasn’t that loud, but it seemed to have hammered in their heart, making all of them tremble, and turning over their insides.


An incredibly frantic surge of wind suddenly rose, pointing Yan Tianwei’s body as the center, swirling toward all directions. It’s so powerful that it made all the rocks on the ground fly up. Obviously, there were no clouds in the sky, but it felt like there were black clouds up high, suppressing everyone’s heads. These high-level masters suddenly felt having a heavy iron board in their heart, making them almost spit their blood.




With a loud noise, a dodging middle-aged man was hit by a head-sized flying stone, his body was thrown out, and he spat blood out of his mouth uncontrollably…those who had made it to the competition were definitely not ordinary people, but once this power and strike hit them, they became so vulnerable.


Yan Tianwei was just silently standing there. His hair, beard and clothes were dancing in the air. Everyone in the venue was trying to use their power to refrain from this momentum. AS for the brief conversation that he had with Chu Cangming, everyone was still panicking over it. At this time, under this fear, they had to believe that this quiet old man had reached “the Peak of God-level” …his momentum was even stronger and covered a wider range than the God-level “Xie Duancang”, and they’d never experienced the same. And they’d never heard that a person could rely on his momentum to create such horrible consequences.


They could almost cry out with certainty, that this person…must be the number one in the world!








With the three loud noises, Yan Qinghong, Yan Qingping and Yan Duancang had all released their power, completely letting themselves go…in a moment, three surges of God-level wind were rushing toward Yan Tianwei.


Under the feet, the rock that was supposed to be protected by God’s power was shaking slightly, just like it’s bringing the whole Luochen Cliff to shake, and it was increasingly vigorous, yet not as vigorously as how their hearts trembled…looking at the two old people over their eighties, they started to doubt whether all this was just a dream.


Again, two people with the breath of God appeared in front of the. These people were standing on top of everyone, yet no one had a chance to see them before…they were not the four commonly known God-level masters, but four people whom people had never heard of, or seen.


Among the four people, one of them had a kind of power that couldn’t even be recognized. Even the God of Sword admitted that he’s not as mighty.


Also, it seemed that the two were family members, judging from the way they called each other.


Judging also from their breath, one could quickly tell that they were practicing the same kind of martial arts. It implied that they were from exactly the same place.


So, what are these people exactly?


They would rather believe that this group of people arrived Tianchen Continent as the “God of the Continent”.


Yan Tianwei began to swirl and turn up straight into the sky, and Yan Duancang followed him. He used his feet to point to the ground and pushed his hands up high. Then, Yan Qinghong and Yan Qingping rose at the same time, and followed Yan Tianwei. The two old people’s hands also followed. The three people’s waves of Qi formed three different shapes, rushing forward Yan Tianwei.


Facing the three people’s combined power, Yan Tiwei didn’t look like he’s panicking at all. With his left hand raised, the combined momentum seemed to slow down, just like a crazily running river suddenly turning into a meandering stream.  His right hand rushed forward, defending himself against the combined power of the three people.


Such a level of fight wouldn’t require any physical contact. For them, they could take away one’s life through the air, and it’s an easy task. In front of ordinary people, they could literally control all.


The four deliberately floated up and launched a collision of forces in the air, lest some relatively weak people on the ground get injured. Despite this, when the power of Yan Tianwei collided with the power of the three people, the Luochen Cliff swayed vigorously. Under this huge pressure, people felt suppressed. The flying rocks and wild wind forced people to close their eyes. With the aftermath of power, some high-level masters started spitting blood. Although Yan Qiusha fully protected yan Gongruo, she looked pale.


It’s only the aftermath of the energy, and it’d already let these top-level masters bear with massive injuries. Imagine if they had to take it directly…those who never had a taste of what a “God-level player” was like, finally found out today.


It’s the first test, the first time Yan Tianwei had to face three God-level masters together. It turned out that they had a similar level of power. The two parties were forced apart by the wave, then relaunched their attack.







Up in the air, it was the battle among the “Gods”. Perhaps they could only try this once in their lifetime. And for the others, they were working hard not to miss any details. However, they were meant to be disappointed. The four people had the same origins, unlike Chu Cangming, Feng Chaoyang, Wu Qiaocui and the Snow Girl back then. They were too familiar with the fighting style of each other. All they needed to do was to defend and keep fighting. With such a vast power above, the people couldn’t raise their heads at all. Even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to open their eyes. Only in their ears, a huge sound made them swell and sway. At the foot, there was an earthquake-like sway, and the hard ground was slowly cracked open, turning into a dense mesh.

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