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Heavenly Star

Chapter 301 – The Red Arrow (Part 1)


Chu Cangming’s green robe was making a lot of noises, his body was petrified, without any movement at all. His gaze was fixed on Yan Tianwei, and his look was moving along his motion. He had no intention to leave. He was just watching quietly, and was feeling the energy that he wanted to send through.

Chu Jingtian was trying to protect Leng Ya, he bit his lips and didn’t want to retreat one bit. He murmured, “it turns out that Grandpa Dacong and Grandma Conghua are so powerful…that Grandpa…he’s even more powerful than my Grandpa…are they really the people of brother Ye…hu…”


The four people kept fighting in the air, and they changed their positions without a pattern. Under the concerted effort of two old people and one youngster, their power was similar to that of Yan Tianwei’s. But under this situation, only they knew how much strength they’ve used. With the four God-level masters, there were now seven of them in Tianchen Continent, including one who had far exceeded the four Gods of Tianchen, one who had reached the peak of God-level. Their appearance today and their fight had to shock the whole of Tianchen Continent within the shortest period of time, and to create shock like an earthquake in the whole martial arts area.



It was again a huge sound of glasses being shattered. The sky was dark for a moment, and even the sunlight could not penetrate through the horrifying energy barrier. After a long time, some people who had still been carrying on, found it increasingly difficult to hold on. They could only escape quickly and flee as soon as possible without being affected. Among these people, there were quite a few heavenly masters. Although they only had a level of difference with God, they truly represented the difference between man and God.


The four men’s fighting lasted less than a minute, but they brought a lot of trauma to the Luochen Cliff. The cliff was covered with large and small cracks. The flat ground became a pit and some protruded from the ground. Some of the rocks were crushed by the impact.


The four men completed the last confrontation. Yan Tianwei’s body passed through the three people and landed on the ground. Yan Qinghong and the three others also landed not far away from him. For those with God-level power, it would be pretty easy to control the airflow and flight with power. For the extent of this confrontation, they had exactly the right amount of control. Although some people with relatively weak strength were not affected, they could only blame themselves for their poor strength. When facing the four God-level masters, who would still dare to look for trouble when the aftermath of the battles was still there?


After the four people landed, they smiled. Yan Qinghong habitually touched his white beard and gently smiled, “Tianwei, although it was only impromptu, and I couldn’t make fun of it, you and I know each other well. If we three unite, I’m afraid even three days wouldn’t be enough for us to know who’s going to win.”

Yan Tianwei also smiled and said, “we’ve reached our purpose of today. Then, when our master has finished his business, we’ll go back to our hometown and continue to fight for three more days.”

The four people were standing in the middle, and everyone was looking at them. The emotions contained therein were self-explanatory. At this point, the strongest thoughts in their hearts coincided with each other…but who are they actually?

While they were in shock, they found that the God of Sword, Chu Cangming had fled to nowhere. Maybe he’s hiding in a dark place, or perhaps…he had seen something, and he needed to think about it in the shortest time.

“You several…masters, can you tell me your names?” Wu Sansi came out from a huge stone that was shattered apart by power, and asked the four of them questions that everyone else also wanted to know. He looked at the four people and tried to remember firmly how they looked like. Then, he fixed his gaze on Yan Tianwei, someone who’s even stronger than his father.


“Our names? Hey, there’s no need to mention them. For us, those are just names that are not commonly used. We just need to remember that we are the most loyal servants of the master.” Yan Tianwei looked gentle while saying this shocking, the most unbelievable thing ever.

This strength was beyond their imagination, the one reaching the peak of God-level…was actually someone’s servant!

These four seemingly descending gods from the sky were actually only one person’s servants!

Who’s their sacred master?

The feeling of the three elders of the Northern Emperor Sect was even more indescribable. Four God-level masters, that’s a horrifying lineup that they did not dare to provoke easily. Where did they come from actually…How could their forces spread all over the world, and they hadn’t even realized the emergence of this horrifying power.


They began to feel a heavy pressure that they had never had before, and things completely exceeded their expectations, beyond the panic they could control.

“That…I don’t know if your master is a high-ranking person, is he here?” Wu Sansi asked.

Yan Tianwei’s gaze moved away, and he said with no facial expression, “I will not tell the name of my master. If the timing is right, you’ll get to know. If it isn’t, then you aren’t qualified to know.” Wu Sansi’s look was still warm, but he has been silent and has not been interested in asking questions. He has a god-like father, the Thousand Magic Mountains that his father named and where occasionally lived in, ordinary people usually had no courage to step foot on it, and they could only look at it from far. He father was grown in a strong momentum, and when facing any strong masters, he would feel at ease, and that’s because he firmly believed that no one in the world could exceed his father.



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