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Heavenly Star

Chapter 302 – The Evil Emperor, The Most Shocking Arrow (I)


“Who is it?!!”

After Monk Wuhua yelled, there was another Qi arrow falling from the sky, pointing straight to the top of his head. There’s no way for him to hide. He quickly stepped back and got away, and he stared at the sky angrily.


Just when Yan Gongruo was about to scream with excitement, she was stopped by Yan Qiusha with a glance. Yan Gongruo suppressed her emotions with difficulty, yet there were still flames in here eyes.


At this moment, people felt that their vision had become blurred, and a silver figure suddenly appeared in front of them. The figure was floating in the air. Black hair. Silver face. Silver outfit.


Their appearance had condensed the atmosphere. This outfit symbolized a horrifying person, acting in the name of cruelty and terror.

“The…Evil Emperor!”

“The silver mask and silver coat…this person must be the well-known Evil Emperor. That bow…”

An extremely big bow appeared in front of them with the Evil Emperor. It was a bloody blow. The color of the blood was so vivid and real, just like its body being coated with a layer of fresh blood, and there could be blood dropping from it anytime. The big bow naturally made them think of a demon with blood all over his body, a demon with fangs and claws…


It’s too horrifying! Its appearance alone made their scalp feel numb.


It’s undoubtedly the Evil Emperor!


The Evil Emperor was standing in the sky, an altitude that none of the masters could believe, and he was looking at all of them. The Evil Emperor who shot the eerie, bloody arrow with his scary bow. The Evil Emperor who appeared like a phantom…since the moment he appeared; he had been releasing a momentum that made people shiver. Everyone who first saw him were shocked and it cast a shadow in their mind.

As for the strength of the Evil Emperor, some had said that it’s unpredictably high, and it’s high enough to compete with those God-level masters. However, none of rumors could tell accurately the extent of his strength, and that’s because everyone who’d fought with him had all died, and no full corpses were found. His “fame” of horror had also been built up rapidly in fresh blood.


If the Evil Emperor was only a powerful, murderous madman, he wouldn’t be able to stir up such a huge panic. However, the murder in two big families of magic martial arts in Big Wind Country had pushed his horror to the climax. Those high-level masters dared not offend him in any form. Although the Evil Emperor had killed those princes in the big families of Big Wind Country, those families had still not taken any revenge against him. They wanted to, but they dared not to. If they rejected to accept it, even with much difficulty, then they could only foresee their whole families being swiped clean. Even strong families of magic martial arts in Big Wind Country was restrained, let alone other people. Also, the Evil Emperor was not alone. Behind him, there’s also a mysterious Evil sect. It’s said that aside from the Southern and Northern Emperor sect, no one would dare to offend them.


Comparatively speaking, the people outside of Big Wind Country weren’t as afraid as people inside. There were also groups of people, with confidence and power established since several thousands of years ago, refused to be scared by the name of the Evil Emperor.


The Evil Emperor appeared that day, and it’s obviously to have a battle with the strongest masters in the world…however, who would dare to try? If one won, that’s victory for sure; but if one failed, no full corpse would be spared! After seeing how he stayed in the highest altitude, they’ve lost the will and courage to fight.

Suddenly, the surrounding environment became a little cold. In the air, there was a bitter and irritating smell. The Evil Emperor was alone, but none of the several dozens of high-level masters dared to try. His own momentum was enough to suppress everything. The cold breath that he was releasing subtly had already told them what kind of a person he was.


On the other side, Yan Ximing’s soft body was still leaning against the stone wall. The two Qi arrows of Yan Gongluo had injured him heavily, but he seemed to be slowly recovering. However, his physical pain was far less than his feelings of being defeated. He was born in the Northern Emperor sect, and he had known, since he’s little, that he was very gifted, he also knew that only they deserved to be called “Emperor” in the world. He rarely appeared in front of the public, and this time, he participated in the conference with the four seniors with the wish to conquer everyone. Never had he expected to fail in the first round. Moreover, who had defeated him wasn’t even someone older than him.


This feeling was impossible to be accepted by him.


When the Evil Emperor appeared, Yan Ximing’s eyes suddenly opened, and he was staring firmly at the Evil Emperor. His eyes were flashing with panic – since he recognized the bow of the Evil Emperor, and since it was a bow that the Northern Emperor sect had been searching for thousands of years, and only a few people from the sect recognized that it’s the Disaster Bow.


“Get him…no matter what it takes! The bow that he’s having…it’s the Northern Emperor’s bow!” Yan Ximing was using some of his power of Yan soul inside him, and he was trying hard to suppress the pain from his wound. He weakly told the three seniors this information, who trembled at the same time and they all looked shocked.


The Evil Emperor raised his left hand with the bow, and his right hand was slowly stretching a bowstring which other people couldn’t see. When the bowstring was pulled, a brown arrow was formed, out of an unknown power, on the bow. It was flashing an eerie light. The arrow was pointed at Monk Wuhua.


No matter how Monk Wuhua thought, he couldn’t figure out in what ways he had offended the Evil Emperor. But he had also suddenly thought of the Evil Emperor always murdering people, he didn’t try to talk nor run away, but he rushed forward to the Evil Emperor. For him, talking or running would be useless attempts. The power of the two brown arrows made him understand more or less the strength of the Evil Emperor. And he was less scared now.


“Stop it!”


Three voices spoke at the same time. They were from the three seniors, who instantly surrounded the Evil Emperor. The second senior scolded at the Evil Emperor, “so, you’re the Evil Emperor? No matter who you are, this is the Tianchen Magic Martial Arts conference, this is a place where high-level masters from all over the world gather. Everyone has to obey the rules here, or he’d automatically become the enemy of these masters. This is a place where we compete and challenge each other, not to take revenge or to hurt anyone intentionally. Since you ambushed up in the air, you’ve already broken the rule of the conference. As the jury and judge, we have to remove you.”


The chilling air in the air was filled with tension. Although the three seniors looked calm and serious, their hearts were beating frantically, and they were all looking at the bow of the Northern Emperor. The purpose of the existence of the Northern Emperor sect was to look for this bow and its owner, but it had never been fulfilled. Slowly, the sect had given up spending effort on the seemingly fake “fate”, and due to other wishes, they switched the focus on their expansion and inheritance of power, making the sect lose its original nature. Today, when they saw the Northern Emperor’s bow – if that’s really the bow, they still felt excited and enthusiastic. It’s because it’s the ultimate weapon of all. Even without looking at the abandoned mission, the Northern Emperor sect would surely be much stronger if they could get the hold of it, and they didn’t have to be scared of the Southern Emperor sect anymore.


But…would anyone get the bow be treated loyally by the Northern Emperor sect? For them, this is the most ridiculous joke ever. After so many years, they had to give away their power just for a few words? Would they really give away their bow to an outsider? Only the stupidest person could do so.


Whether it’s Yan Ximing or the three seniors, the first thing that came to their mind when they saw the bow was to snatch it immediately. They had never ceased the thought of serving the owner of the bow loyally. Just like when the Southern Emperor sect and Ye Wuchen were making a deal, they only mentioned about the sword of the Southern Emperor sect but not the owner. The mission that had once restrained them was already forgotten, what replaced it was every kind of expanded wish.


The three different breaths locked the Evil Emperor firmly, as his attack to Monk Wuhua also gave them a perfect excuse to do so. However, just before they started attacking, an angry roar like thunder sounded behind their ears, “who…dare…hurt…my…master?!”

The old Yan Qinghong was like a fierce tiger, his body rolled up a horrifying wave which rushed forward to the Evil Emperor. The great momentum made the three seniors all retreat. They all felt dizzy. Yan Qingping was standing behind Yan Qinghong, and her usually warm eyes were full of rage, “whoever hurts my master will die with no full corpse!”


A grey shadow appeared next to the Evil Emperor during the motion, and its calm way of looking, with a sense of horrifying suppression, was aiming at the three seniors who had wanted to attack the Evil Emperor. It had the coldest voice, “anyone who dares to hurt my master deserves death.”


Yan Duancang and Yan Qiusha moved at the same time and stood next to the Evil Emperor. Yan Duancang frowned tightly, and he was full of rage, “try to step closer.”


Yan Gongluo turned over and jumped in front of Yan Duancang. He said coldly, “whoever dares to hurt my master…I’ll kill his whole family, even if it’s the ‘Northern Emperor Sect’, I’ll remove this sect!”


It’s another black figure which blocked the Evil Emperor. He was holding a shiny, faint green sword, and it was Leng Ya who had slowly recovered. He hadn’t spoken a word, yet his cold eyes perfectly expressed all he had to say.


The three seniors all stood there dumbfoundedly. All the high-level masters from the Tianchen Continent all stood there stupidly. Chu Jingtian could only open his eyes and he kept his jaw dropped.


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