Heavenly Star

Chapter 303 – The Evil Emperor, The Most Shocking Arrow (II)


In the atmosphere of death, the Evil Emperor’s body was slowly rising. None of his body parts were moving, it’s just like something in the air was lifting him up. He was holding a bow on his left hand and his right hand was pulling the string, a bloody arrow was again formed in his bow and was slowly enlarging. Then, a bloody light was forming on the bow.

“As for the rules…in the world, no rules can restrict me, because…all the rules…were set by me. My power is the biggest rule…”

Under this deep, hoarse voice, the body of the Evil Emperor slowly rose. After he spoke, he was already over dozens of meters high. The bloody light formed on the Disaster Bow had become extremely intense, making his silver face and silver outfit look bloody as well. Even one stood from far, he could smell a chilling, bloody smell.

What is even more horrifying is that there’s a power that grew bigger and bigger, a power that made everyone tremble.


The bloody light suddenly disappeared, and a scarlet, glaring light was shot from the center, such as a falling meteor falling straight below.

At that moment, it almost felt like the end of the world.

At the moment when the arrow was shot, everyone felt as if they’d lost their vision and hearing. That moment, there’s no sound, and they could only see blood everywhere. A shocking bloody light had cut open this world, falling straight down and getting closer to them…


In the blink of an eye, they finally recovered their hearing, but at the moment, there was a bursting sound of the collapse of the Heavens and the Earth, which made them briefly deaf again. Within a few dozen miles, everyone would hear a thunderous explosion.

They were deaf for twice. The first time, the arrow shot from the Disaster Bow had created a lock in the space; and the second time, it was the explosion. However, whether it’s the shocking explosion or the trembling under one’s feet, it only lasted for a while.

When people realized it, they started to get their hearing back. The Evil Emperor was still floating there without moving, but his bloody bow had resumed its original color. When they looked down, their pupils couldn’t help but start contracting rapidly, as if they’d seen something the most horrifying and unbelievable on earth.

The horrifying bloody bow landed on where the Monk Wuhua was standing, yet there were already no trace of Monk Wuhua, but a 3-meter large hole. What’s more terrible was that, there were two gaps with this hole as the base, and they were stretching out on two sides, one to the edge of Luochen Cliff, and one to somewhere far ahead…looking at this direction, they could see lake water rushing in frantically.

The Luochen Cliff which was over a hundred feet high was cut in half by an arrow!

The wind stopped and the air had stopped flowing. Everyone had stopped breathing, and everything condensed.

The four God-level masters’ fight had caused the cracks on the surface of Luochen Cliff, and the cracks were spread all over. They had witnessed what it meant by God-level power. And this arrow shot by the Evil Emperor had cut open the Luochen cliff directly. It was hundred times more powerful than the united force of the four God-level masters!

“Too…too horrifying…” The old people who had their reputation as “Iron Arm and God of Hell” in Canglan Country murmured. Their eyes were full of panic and horror. Under this unbeatably horrible shock, even the first master since ancient times were so shocked that he could feel his soul tremble.

“What kind of force is this…”

“The Evil Emperor…is this really power released by a human being…? It’s too horrible…”

“The Evil Emperor, and the Evil sect…no wonder there’re high-level masters willing to be his servants. No one could ever resist this power!”

“The Evil Emperor, he’s so strong…is this the legendary…supra-God power?”

The voices, full of panic, fully showed the turbulence in their mind, and it’s hard to be suppressed. Yan Tianwei’s God-level power had already made them look further as to what it meant by “the strongest power”, but the arrow shot by the Evil Emperor made them understand even more.

“Rules…in this world, no rules can restrict me, because…every rule in the world…is set by me, my power is the biggest rule…”

In the absolute silence, this most arrogant sentence kept repeating in their ears. Only at this time, no one had thought that it’s a form of arrogance anymore. With such overwhelming power, no one dared to say that he couldn’t look down on the others, even his “servants” could walk around the whole Tianchen Continent without a care.

These strong masters kept saying to themselves that all this is too horrifying, they repeated it without stopping.

“Wow!! Hey, my master brother, you’re so powerful. Quick, come down…” Yan Gongruo rushed forward. After looking at her briefly, the Evil Emperor descended from the air slowly. And once he touched the ground, Yan Gongruo hugged him immediately. She was hugging his neck, screaming and laughing, as if she wanted to just hang herself on him.

However, she felt the moist in her hands immediately, the person that she was hugging also became weak. Yan Gongruo kept smiling, and she was holding his arms. She looked at those high-level masters delightfully, and she was beyond proud. She wanted to tell them that she’s his woman.

After the arrow which cut open the cliff, anyone who touched the Evil Emperor would naturally find out how empty and weak his body became. You only need a bit more force to push him down. Yan Gongruo was doing it because she wanted to support him as well.

This shocking arrow had made everyone remember firmly the name and terror of the Evil Emperor. When facing this arrow, no matter how proud and arrogant they used to be, they felt humble this time. On this day, they had finally realized how powerful the Evil sect was.

The Evil Emperor belonged to the Evil sect. And these four God-level masters, also the Blood Kill Devil Pupils and the arrow that was formed by Qi had all called him the master…their identity was obvious. And people finally understand why they had “Xie” (Evil) as their surname. It’s the surname of the Evil sect!

“You…it turned out that you belong to the Evil sect!” The second senior master of the Northern Emperor sect screamed. At times, he couldn’t help but look at the Luochen continent cut into half, and he couldn’t put himself at ease. In front of such a power, he felt as little as an ant. Could this be really power released by a human being? No way…there’s no way for a human to possess such power. This arrow must be shot by the bow of the Evil Emperor, the bow that originally belonged to them – the bow of the Northern Emperor!

Yan Ximing and the three senior masters indeed thought like this, and they firmly believed that it’s the Northern Emperor’s bow. Only the three forbidden weapons could create such power.

After seeing what the Northern Emperor’s bow could do, they wanted to snatch it even more.

“Not bad.” Yan Tianwei said coldly, without adding anything further.

Although they already knew this horrible answer, after hearing what this God-level master said, everyone couldn’t help but taking a deep breath.

The four God-level masters and the Evil Emperor could create the largest power on earth ever, not to mention how much power the Evil Emperor had, plus no one really knew how many people belonged to them. No one was sure how many high-level masters there were…also, with the giant Evil Emperor – so giant that they couldn’t believe or estimate – which was already standing high and tall on the top of Tianchen Continent, like a big hand covering the entire sky.

No one would ever doubt again, this mysterious and incomparably powerful Evil Emperor had already surpassed the Southern and Northern Emperor sects!

Everyone’s gaze was focused on the Evil Emperor and his people, whether it’s male, female, old or young…everyone made them shocked. Even Yan Qiusha and Yan Gongruo who hadn’t started fighting yet, no one dared to look down on them…in the same way, if they ever saw one of Evil sect’s people, even one with the lowest position, they wouldn’t dare look down on them. They would treat them with respect like what they did to the people from Southern and Northern Emperor sects.

In this martial arts conference, although Snow Girl hadn’t arrived, and the God of Illusion hadn’t arrived, they’d already seen a bunch of more shocking people, especially the arrow of the Evil Emperor had left a permanent impression in their mind, and created a huge gap that couldn’t be surpassed. A martial arts conference with masters from everywhere had become the place of performance of the Evil Emperor and his people.

“This is the rule…” The Evil Emperor looked coldly at the three seniors from the Northern Emperor sect, and he slowly rose the bow in his hand.

The second senior master, who had once looked down on almost everything, started to retreat in front of the Evil Emperor. When he realized it, his old face twitched a bit, and he couldn’t summon the courage to step forward.

Right, the unbeatable, greatest power would be the rule. The three senior masters of the Northern Emperor Sect could no longer say anything like they had to take the Evil Emperor down. They could be the jury and the judge, and that’s because of the fact that they were from the Northern Emperor sect. However, when facing the Evil Emperor, and this Evil sect that made them shiver, they no longer had the right to control. If the Evil Emperor wanted at this moment, their lives could be taken away easily. Not only was the Evil Emperor notorious of being cruel and horrifying, but his Evil sect would never be scared of the Northern Emperor sect.

At this time, even if the Southern Emperor sect had to face several opponents, they would never be this scared.

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