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Heavenly Star

Chapter 304 – Those who offend my master will die! (Part 1)


Rules…after this arrow which shot open the Luochen Cliff, what could rules mean in front of the Evil Emperor? In front of everyone, he could disregard the rules of the martial arts conference and made Monk Wuhua disappear into thin air. If he wanted to kill them, would he really care whether they belonged to the Northern Emperor sect?


“Well…good, you’re the Evil sect, the Norther Emperor sect will remember you from now on.” The second senior master, who was already under the Evil Emperor, could say this at most. He turned away, but when he did, he could still feel the chilling stare of the Evil Emperor. He couldn’t suppress his shivering heart for a long time.


The other two senior masters also had to suppress their anger with difficulty. They walked back to Yan Ximing, who’s still seriously injured. At this time, they weren’t thinking about the Tianchen Magic Martial Arts Conference anymore. If this conference hadn’t been that important, the three senior masters, who’d had lost all their reputation, wanted to leave instantly. They didn’t want to stay even one second longer, they wanted to help Yan Ximing cure his injury as quickly as possible, and tell the biggest senior master in the sect about everything. They wanted to tell the sect about the Evil Emperor and the four God-level masters, also the three horrifying teenagers – one behind the God of Sword, one with bloody pupils and one who had heavily injured their young master.


In the past, although there were few people who dared to come to the Tianchen Magic Martial Arts Conference, it had become the attention of the whole world. The people sent by the Northern Emperor sect had already lost their face, but they still dared not flee. Although the strong masters from all over the world still hadn’t started fighting, the conference had already come to its end. Those high-level masters appeared in a very shocking way one after the other, and had already suppressed the other confident masters. No one was sure how many people still wanted to try, and how many of them still cared.


“Stand there…since you’ve offended our master, don’t expect to be able to walk away like that.” After the three senior masters walked away, Yan Tianwei said coldly.


The three turned around and frowned, “what do you mean?”


“Oh, it’s very simple. Those who offend my master will have to die!” There’s a strong hint of murder in Yan Tianwei’s seemingly calm eyes.


The three senior masters were suddenly locked by the breath of the killing, and they turned cold instantly. In a hurry, they wanted to make use of the Yan Soul Spell to start defending. At this time, a figure rushed out and locked the second senior master’s throat. Just when he wanted to get away, he could feel the surrounding momentum that had him locked at the same time, and he felt like he’s being pressed by a heavy mountain. He had already lost the Yan Soul Spell that he’d just started, and the Qi inside his chest was like waves, in a second, he spat his blood out.


No one had doubted about his power, but when he’s in front of a God-level master, he’s so weak that he looked like a baby that had just started walking, let alone being locked by four God-level masters at the same time. When four God-level masters fought with one sky-level master, they didn’t even have to move their fingers to crush him down. They just had to use their “Qi”.


When the blood just rushed to the second senior master’s throat, a hand suddenly grabbed his throat tightly. And when Yan Duancang’s hand just moved a bit, there was already a sound of bones smashed. Then, he loosened his hand, and he looked at the third senior master who was stunned. His action was clean and fast, and it only took him seconds to take away a life. He hadn’t hesitated one bit just because he was facing the Northern Emperor sect, and his facial expression hadn’t even changed. It’s like he had already gotten used to getting away people’s lives.


The eyeballs of the second senior master bulged and his neck became twisted. He fell down straightaway.


Yan Duancang turned slightly and grabbed the third senior master as well. The third senior master had wanted to block him, and he had also wanted to retreat as quickly as possible. However, as his body was getting backward rapidly, Yan Duancang, who’s in front of him, was also rushing toward him quickly. In a blink of an eye, he’s already very near, and he had taken out a very simple-looking sword, pointing to his neck.


With his strength, he could have fought and defended himself a bit with Yan Duancang, but as the second senior master, his defensive power was locked and his momentum had totally been disspersed. Therefore, he had completely lost his defense power. Yan Duancang’s palm acted like a sharp blade, and cut open his arms, body, and his brain flew out of his body entirely. There was blood everywhere, but none of the blood had stained Yan Duancang’s body.


Yan Duancang turned his body again, and very shortly, the last senior master’s neck was twisted and broken by Yan Duancang. When there was a sound of it being cracked, the other three senior masters’ heads fell on the ground.



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