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Suddenly, he seemed to have recalled about something. He hurriedly stretched out his hand and pulled out the Cangming sword on his back. He held the sword with both of his hands – the tip facing up and the handle facing down. He was staring at it blankly.


“Oh? What is Da Niu doing…master brother, who is that person that you mentioned? Is he really that powerful?” Yan Gongruo asked curiously.


“He’s not someone from this world.” Ye Wuchen sighed. There was a sense of depression in his deep eyes. “And I really want to know who he is.”


“Oh?” Yan Gongruo got more confused and curious.


Ye Wuchen turned to Leng Ya, “so, are you still worried?”


Leng Ya didn’t answer. Since he had made that choice, he had never regretted a bit. He was more than determined to walk on this unknown path, and he didn’t care whether he’s worried. Although what he had seen that day had tremendously shocked him, nothing could change his will even all this didn’t happen. This is something he had to hold on to.


Ye Wuchen knew that Leng Ya would keep silent. His way of looking had already told him all. This was exactly someone who didn’t like talking, yet extremely proud. After being beaten down to the bottom of Luochen cliff, he stopped himself from passing out even with a heavy injury, and he opened his Blood Kill Magic Pupils in resentment and stubbornness. With all his strength, he held his sword to stab into the wall of the cliff and climbed back to the top of it. All he was thinking of was to take revenge of that person who wanted to destroy him.


His self-respect could not be offended.


Ye Wuchen looked at the eyes of Leng Ya, but he hadn’t found anything strange. As for how the Blood Kill Magic Pupils appeared and why, nobody really knew. He only knew that they were in-born, and they obviously affected a person’s character, making him want to kill. It could also make a person’s progress in martial arts increase rapidly. When these pupils are open, it would be the most horrifying moment. The person’s sense of murder, momentum and power would rush to the ultimate level once these pupils are opened. Without killing the target, these pupils can’t be closed.


It was indeed hard to figure out these bloody pupils’ secret, but that was not really the most important part. Ye Wuchen had no intention to look for the reason. After all, he was only admiring the son of the God of War to be born with such a rare talent. After that day’s incident, the name of “Leng Ya” was naturally accompanied with “Blood Kill Magic Pupils”, and it spread through the whole continent. From then on, people would surely respect him more. Once anyone offended him to a certain extent, and once he had accumulated enough resentment, he would turn himself into a demon. The “One Line Sky” that had killed those Sky-level masters in seconds had left an irremovable trace in the masters’ mind as well. In case they crossed the line, their fate would be the same as that of the three senior masters.


When he first met Leng Ya, he was just a distant teenager who didn’t know how to deal with people, but he had discovered the special characters in him at once. Even Long Yin already knew that Leng Ya would grow to be a major threat, and he was determined to get rid of him. After three years, not only hadn’t Leng Ya disappointed him, but he had become even more amazing.


A blue light suddenly flickered, and the Cangming sword returned to the scabbard behind Chu Jingtian. Chu Jingtian, who had looked lost for a while, turned back and there was a weird flash in his eyes, “brother Ye, maybe you’re right. I’ve never felt the level of ‘Nothing’ mentioned by my Grandpa, but I seemed to have understood a bit when you mentioned about the heart. Perhaps…even if the heart isn’t the highest level of the sword, it’s still a wonderful level.”


Under the guidance of Ye Wuchen, Chu Jingtian used his feelings to catch the existence of another wonderful level, unlike the level of “Nothing” that had made him lost. He suddenly felt that he’d been enlightened, and he had an irreplaceable kind of delight.


He didn’t know that the reason why he could understand it so quickly was because of his long time of practices, once he realized that there was another level brought by “the heart”, all doesn’t seem so impossible anymore.


Ye Wuchen nodded and smiled, “since it’s the level of the heart, you have to let it be. You don’t need to feel it so intentionally or too stubbornly. If you do so, it would be the contrary path that you’re heading.”


Chu Jingtian nodded excitedly. At this moment, he really fully admired Ye Wuchen. No matter what he said, he would accept it immediately. He now finally understood why he would still feel a certain kind of pressure when Ye Wuchen was on his wheelchair. The Tianchen Martial Arts Conference had let him know Ye Wuchen once more. What comforted him the most was that, no matter how powerful brother Ye was, he would still call him “brother Chu” like an old pal, without any sense of distance. This truly moved and touched Chu Jingtian.


Ye Wuchen nodded and closed his eyes. He adjusted his breath slowly, and was feeling the power from the Earth and the air slowly penetrating into his body.


He was the Evil Emperor. The Evil Emperor was him.



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