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Heavenly Star

Chapter 307 – The power of space of the Dragon Fox


“So…brother Ye, how did you and Grandpa Da Cong know each other? Could they be…” Chu Jingtian asked very carefully, then added, “I’m just being curious, it’s fine if you don’t want to tell.”


Not only him, everyone who had witnessed the power of the Yan’s was desperate to find out exactly where they’re from. Even though Chu Jingtian wasn’t very intelligent, he could also imagine the relationship that Ye Wuchen had established with them three years ago. He was wondering if Ye Wuchen had met them under the Duanhun Cliff. Otherwise, how could people with such power stay fameless? Anyone among them would be more powerful than his grandfather.


Ye Wuchen was silently sitting there without opening his eyes. Since he had already let Chu Jingtian and Leng Ya know his other identity, he had no more intention to keep hiding, “what you’re thinking is correct. Three years ago, after I fell from the Duanhun Cliff, they found me there, and they eventually came out with me.”


Yan Qinghong slightly nodded and he sighed to Chu Jingtian, “we all know that change is eternal. And that’s our destiny. At that time, when Master fell from the sky, he survived. He was in a coma for two years, and with so many miracles and strange occasions, we met our Master, left home with him and followed him here.”


“In coma…for two years? Then why do you call brother Ye your Master?” Chu Jingtian was shocked and he opened his eyes widely. If they told him that it’s only because Ye Wuchen was more powerful, never would he believe that. Since Ye Wuchen managed to make all these powerful people extremely loyal, this was certainly not something only power could do. Just like his Grandpa, even if there was someone ten times more powerful than him, he wouldn’t be willing to call that person his master so easily.


Yan Qinghong smiled mysteriously and he didn’t answer. Since the moment they were born, they had been influenced to trust and to hold on to faith. And since the moment they saw Ye Wuchen falling from the sky, then bringing them to leave the Duanhun Cliff, this myth and miracle had made them believe in this “destiny” even more firmly. Their loyalty to Ye Wuchen had also grown more stable. It’s just normal that outsiders wouldn’t understand, as they hadn’t been through this saga.


“hey…what do you mean by why? Master brother is my master, and we like to call him out master, there’s no reason for that.” Yan Gongruo was a little unsatisfied. For her, there’s really no reason. On the contrary, as Ye Wuchen was willing to be their master, she became more determined to stay with him no matter what. Otherwise, all of her family members and friends would object.


“Oh, oh.” Chu Jingtian would instinctively get embarrassed when facing a woman. In addition, Yan Qinghong didn’t look like he’s going to answer anyway, so he had to give up asking. Then, he turned to Ye Wuchen, “then, brother Ye, my Grandpa once told me how deep the Duanhun Cliff is, it’s so deep that you can’t see the bottom of it. Even if God falls down to it, he will not survive. It’s already a big miracle to survive, how is it even possible to climb back up?”


“Nothing in the world is absolute, and nothing is completely impossible.”


“Then how did you get up?”


Ye Wuchen closed his eyes and uttered a sentence that surprised Chu Jingtian, “you shouldn’t have forgotten the distance between Tianlong City of Dafeng Country to Tianfeng City. No matter how high the Duanhun Cliff is, it does not surpass the distance between Tianlong City and Tianfeng City. Since I could send you from Tianlong City to Tianfeng City, then why couldn’t I send these people from the bottom of Duanhun Cliff to the top of it?”


How could he forget the dreamlike situation? He certainly felt a dislocation of time and space, but these days, he can’t think of how everything had happened. At this moment, what Ye Wuchen was saying made Chu Jingtian startled, and he seemed to recall what Chu Cangming had told him several times. He said with disbelief, “could it be…cutting through the space?”


“Oh? That’s right, it can indeed be named as cutting through the space.” Ye Wuchen said.


“Ah?! This…how is it possible?” Chu Jingtian was incredibly shocked, he almost couldn’t believe his ears.




“In our world, there are fire, wind, thunder, soil, light, and darkness…These elements have made up our world, and some people who can control these elements are derived in time, and so there are magicians of various sorts. At that time, my grandfather and I mentioned a legend which had been passed down from ancient times. In our world, these seven elements are only the most basic natural elements. In addition to them, there are also other elements that many ordinary people cannot manipulate, such as…space. ”


“Space? How could it be? Space is invisible, and it’s untouchable, how could it be an element?”


“Well, it’s completely normal for you to say that, since normal people have similar thoughts as yours. It’s the same for me, but actually, everything in the world has something to do with ‘element’, including invisible and inaccessible time and space.”


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