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“… Time? Space? Is all this true? Then what happens if someone can manipulate these two elements…”


“If you can manipulate the elements of space, you can travel through the broken space, and you can also use tearing or compression to expand the space to generate an irresistible, huge and destructive force. If you can manipulate time, you can make time faster or slower. You can even make time stop. You can even make it go backward…so you can imagine how horrible it can be.”


“…If what Grandpa said is true, then is there anyone who can manipulate time and space?”


“Well, although this is just an unproven legend, and no one has ever realized it, since this is passed down from ancient times and I don’t think that it’s a fake one. In the legend, it’s also mentioned that the seven major elements are what we humans have. Those are elements that we can control. However, time and space are beyond the reach of human beings, even those who’ve already reached the peak of strength are impossible to do this. Let alone human beings,  even God has no ability to manipulate it, only those who have reached the peak of God-level power could have this ability.  Manipulating time and space is equivalent to manipulating the order of heaven and earth. Such a God must be in the presence of the peak of God-level power.



The power to cut through the space…this ability can only be possessed by someone standing on the peak of God-level…how could he believe this? However, aside from this reason, what more can explain why he could get out of the Duanhun Cliff? Watching Ye Wuchen in front of him, he could no longer keep the calmness in his heart. The shock in it was trembling his heart. This is someone Chu Cangming had picked up from that sealed world 13 years ago. Back then, he was only 7 or 8 years old, and although he hadn’t drunken a sip of water in ten years of coma, his life was still maintained. After ten years, he had already gotten used to it. And after he woke up, he had subconsciously ignored what had happened – after being in a coma for ten years, how could he still stay ordinary?


When he was thinking of the mysterious words of Grandpa, he suddenly thought of something…could he be God? The God from the God’s continent?


As soon as this idea appeared, it was as if it had firmly established a root in his heart, and it was lingering. The various miracles and incredible things that appeared in Ye Wuchen also proved it strongly.


Ye Wuchen knew more or less what he was thinking, and said, “it’s true that it’s the power of space, but it’s not my strength. With my current ability, even if I grow a hundred times stronger, it’s still impossible to cut through the space. And…”


“Xiang Xiang, come out and meet your new friend.” Ye Wuchen said with a smile in his heart.


With his call, a soft white light appeared in front of Ye Wuchen, and the little dragon fox, Xiang Xiang, appeared in the form of a tiny girl, floating lightly on Ye Wuchen’s chest. At this time, she was still only a little bigger than a human being’s palm, and there was no change with her appearance. Her white hair fluttered, her fluffy white clothes and her fair, delicate skin were covered with a layer of white light, like a little elf coming out of a dreamland . Her two petite hands were crossed in front of her, she greeted Leng Ya and Chu Jingtian obediently who were staring at her blankly.


Chu Jingtian was staring at her, his mouth was wide open, his chin was about to fall to the ground, and he said while trembling, “what…what…is this?”


Yan Gongruo suddenly became angry, she took Xiangxiang, and gently put her on her chest, she replied angrily, “she is Xiang Xiang, my lovely little sister, what do you mean by ‘what is this’?!”


Chu Jingtian scratched his head, and he was speechless. He really couldn’t associate such a small fairy to a human being. After a long while, he said slowly, “there are always so many strange things around Brother Ye…”


After Yan Gongruo heard it, her eyebrows raised, and she wanted to kick Chu Jingtian, “how…how dare you say that my Xiang Xiang is a thing…you’re a thing! If you continue like this, even though you’re master’s friend, I’ll still beat you up!”


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Xiang Xiang, supported by her hostess, also appeared angry, her delicate hands and feet made a posture to attack.


Chu Jingtian stepped back two steps quickly and waved his hands in a hurry, “don’t be angry, don’t get angry, I’m wrong…well, brother Ye, is that eh…little sister Xiang Xiang?”


“Yes.” Ye Wuchen answered with a smile.


Chu Jingtian was stunned, and he felt that his brain was empty. At this time, when he looked at Xiang Xiang again, he couldn’t help but think of “weird creature”.


“Don’t be surprised, there are many things in this world that cannot be described by common sense. Xiang Xiang can manipulate space, and it’s just because the power of space is her unique ability, not that she is already powerful enough to interfere with space…It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand. Over time, you will slowly get used to it. “Ye Wuchen smiled. He was also shocked when Xiang Xiang’s power with space was awakened, along with the awakening of his power.


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