Heavenly Star

Chapter 308 – Awakening in the wind

One year ago, Ye Wuchen was still totally disabled. His body was fully exhausted, and he was almost unable to absorb the aura of the heaven and earth. However, when he stepped in the forbidden area at the bottom part of the Duanhun Cliff, the most horrifying wind element was quickly attracted to his body, and it vigorously penetrated into his exhausted body. The wind is one of the spirits of heaven and earth. Its terrible density led to a terrible influx rate, which was hundreds and thousands of times faster than the power given to him by Yan Tianlong. Therefore, under this tremendous impact, in just a few seconds, the barrier in his body that could no longer bear any power intake was broken and reversed. Thanks to the persistence of the wind element, the wind element quickly gathered inside his body. Gradually, it was transformed into the power of Wuchen with an extremely high speed. He felt as if he had been assimilated by the wind around him, and he had become part of the wind of the forbidden area.

As a result, his lost power began to recover quickly. Not only did he recover, but he had also broken through the third level of the Wuchen Spell, setting foot on the fourth level. With the resurgence of Wuchen’s power, the fire’s power awakened by the Yan Tianlong was also awaken, and it had become stronger with the Wuchen’s power. At the same time, the wind force that was forcibly turned on when he was a child was finally officially awakened. Since the power of Wuchen in his body was formed by the spirit of the wind, he could now manipulate the wind as freely as controlling his own hands and feet. Whether it is the speed of condensing wind elements or the purity and strength, it’s much beyond the level of an ordinary wind magician.

And the horrible wind blade that was able to cut human flesh to almost non-existence was like the hands of Death, because of this, people started saying that no people would die as a full corpse under the Evil Emperor.

Xiang Xiang ’s power was exhausted after she fought with Tong Xin and brought Ye Wuchen and Ning Xue into a strange space with soul. She connected herself to Ye Wuchen ’s fate in a wonderful way, and recognized him as the master. Her power was also connected to him to a great extent, and would progress as he progressed. Three years ago, a huge disaster had dragged Ye Wuchen’s strength to zero, and Xiang Xiang, whose original strength was at the lowest point, had not been affected. When Ye Wuchen’s strength recovered to a greater extent, her strength was improved at the same extent. This kind of power-related situation could not have existed, but under the power of the power of Wuchen, this miraculous situation indeed occurred.

The elemental power that she possessed was related to space. When Xiang Xiang showed him her power, Ye Wuchen recalled at the same time, that she had avoided Tong Xin with a magical teleportation, then brought him and Ningxue into the space of soul.

What’s slightly regrettable was that the power related to space that she possessed could not be used as an attack, but only as a kind of transfer in space. In addition, at this time, although Xiang Xiang had already become a dragon fox, her method of attack still relied on physical collision, just like when she fought with Tong Xin at the beginning.

Listening to Ye Wuchen’s brief explanation, Chu Jingtian still couldn’t think clearly. Then, he asked blankly, “then, does it mean that I can go anywhere I want to?”

Ye Wuchen smiled lightly and shook his head, “the power of space possessed by Xiang Xiang can simply be called a space switch. From one space, she could instantly switch to another one, the distance and barrier in between could be totally disregarded. So, the place where the switch has to happen must be somewhere that Xiang Xiang has already been, otherwise it cannot be reached. The power of space is very exhaustive, and with Xiang Xiang’s current ability, if she needs to transfer over a long distance, she’ll need to rest for a very long time after using it once.”

What’s actually difficult in space transfer is to control the space, instead of controlling the objects to be transferred. Therefore, if Xiang Xiang wants to transfer herself, the amount of energy it takes is actually the same as transferring 20, even 30 people at a time.

“Okay, okay, master brother, there’s no need to talk to this stupid cow. You do look much better now, let’s hang out with sister, okay?” Yan Gongruo was swaying Ye Wuchen’s arms and laughed.

Chu Jingtian, who had been called “the stupid cow”, instantly blushed, but he couldn’t get angry. For someone quite naïve like him, women would be his weakest spot for quite some time.

“Well, let’s go and see Er Ya.”

To the south of Tianfeng City, there was a luxurious place near the junction of Dafeng Country and Tianlong Country.

“Sister Yue, will you let me go? My father must be so worried about me.”

The response that she got was still the “Sister Yue” who slightly but firmly shook her head.

This was a boudoir filled with incense and a girl’s sweet body fragrance, she was a graceful and tender girl. There was another stunningly gorgeous girl sitting on the silk bed, and she looked anxious. Her eyes looked watery, and the girl next to her was wearing a bright red dress, she’s using a small red brush to paint on the teenage girl’s nails, and she was very gentle and careful. Although she was sitting casually, it was difficult to cover her curvy figure. Her exposed arms were pair and bright like jade, and her slightly pouted cherry lips looked very soft like pearls, making other people want to touch them. She was Yan Gongyue who’s been living there for a long time, and that teenage girl was Yue Siqi, handed over by Ye Wuchen earlier.

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