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Chapter 15 – Wings, Please Lead Me To The Sky (Part 1)


On a certain day…

“… O-ooh whoa!?”

I found it. I finally found it.

Iluna looked at me curiously as I raised from the throne with a sudden shout.

She was sitting on my knee, so she got out of the throne when I stood up. Shii on the other hand was on Iluna’s lap, so she fell on the ground, which made the slime turn towards me grumpily.

I did not pay any attention to it though, because this is what I have been looking for the whole time… To think my expectations were answered.

“… Fufufu, hahaha, hahahahahaha! I’m going to the sky, this is wonderful!”

While laughing loudly, I walked away from the throne.

* * *

I was touched, I finally found it.

Ever since Fir showed me the ‘Everchanging Chains’ I started looking on the catalogue for other similar things, and while I looked through the skills my eyes stopped at a certain one.

And that was ‘Flight’.

Although there were plenty of interesting skills on the list, in the catalogue of normal skills there was nothing that allowed you to simply fly. It was a bit discouraging to compare myself to Lefy, who could fly with her own body’s skill.

However, within the list unique skills I found it, ‘flight’.

I immediately exchanged my DP for it the moment my eyes gazed upon the skill, it cost more than ten times a normal skill, but it doesn’t matter. Two thirds of my DP disappeared with it, but I don’t care for such a thing.

Because of romance. What is needed to live in this world is romance.

A certain pirate king[1. Probably referring to the main character of One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy.] also sailed the seas solely for the sake of romance, it’s all that matters in life.
Even if it costed such absurd amount of DP, I did not hesitate.

When I told Lefy she said, “Don’t go wasting money while spouting such nonsense!” But since she has no power over how I spend the DP, there is no problem.

I was feeling excited, I still didn’t know if my wings were a dragon’s or a bat’s, but rather than worrying about that, I made sure to stay a bit far from everyone and then let those Jet black wings that seemed to suck all sunlight appear from my back.

In my past life I used similar wings as cosplay, but now it’s different, those are real, they will become a bridge that allows me to walk through the sky, heading wherever I want.

Today, I will fly through the air with majestic freedom!!

“Let’s go! To the sky!”

With a loud and joyful shout, I flapped my wings vigorously.

………… Hm?

It cannot be.

My wings don’t move.

… No, they do move a bit, but they are not throwing me to the air.

“… Onwards! To the sky!”

I put all my heart to it, but the sky was still far away.


The skill is activating…

I can’t explain it properly, but when a skill is activated, you can feel it is working even if you keep your eyes closed.

And ‘Flight’ is activating properly, but even then, I cannot fly.

“Why! Why can’t I fly!?”

I tried over and over again, but no matter how many times I flapped my wings, my body refused to rise into the air.

Could it be that I’m simply unable to fly?

As in, my wings are simple decorations, so no matter if I have a skill or not, it’s beyond me to reach the skies…?

My mood instantly went from the top of a mountain to the bottom of a cliff.

Spreading far above is a cruel and clear sky that stretches everywhere, am I truly unable to reach it? The thought filled me with despair.

As reality struck me, I fell down on my knees with both hands on the ground.[2. This kind of pose:]

No, I need to calm down, it’s too early to give up. My passion to reach the skies is not this small, I’m not giving in.

Besides, if I think carefully about it, this skill currently has no level even though I already purchased it. Perhaps just like the Martial Arts skill, I need to do something first to properly obtain it.

Then I should ask someone that has a good understanding of flight.

* * *

“And this is why you’re crying and begging me now?”

“Yes, I wish to borrow the power of a great dragon.”

I have prostrated myself in front of Lefy.

“It is disgusting to see you take this kind of attitude now of all times… I haven’t forgotten, you know? The unjust ban of sweets for three days that I was submitted to. You made me taste despair, and now think that simply prostrating yourself like an insect is enough to make up to it?”

“Should I lick the sole of your foot then?”

“Do you really think that would be enough…?” Lefy scowled at me.

Just seeing the sky isn’t enough, I want to fly in it. In my previous life humans longed for the sky since ancient times, and now on this world, I have the chance to experience the concretization of this wish.

I won’t miss this opportunity.

“Let us not do that, you can do much better, can’t you?” Lefy made a circle with her index finger and thumb. This obviously doesn’t represent money, but a donut.

What? Will it be okay with just this?

I bought 3 different donuts from the DP catalogue, within a white paper box to give a luxurious appearance.

“W-what is this? Such a sweet scent…!”

Lefy carefully opens the box as if it had a treasure inside.

“W-what!? Thi-this is… Three servings!?! And each looks so delicious!” Lefy looked at me absolutely astonished.

That’s the cheapest donut available, I thought that the price for her help would be much higher.

But thinking carefully about it, Lefy looks at everything with this world’s standards, where sweets must be extremely rare. People already loved sweets in my previous life, so their value here must be astronomical.

Considering her reaction, it seems those donuts more than paid my debt… Though they wouldn’t cost more than 600 yen on Japan. It makes me feel a bit guilty, as if I was scamming her.

“… I will also give you this.”

“W-what!? I-is this the legendary sweet you have only brought once before, ‘Castella’[3. A sweet made mixing eggs flour, sugar and starch syrup in a bowl, then putting it in an oven. There is probably something more about it, but my googling skills weren’t good enough to find it… It’s a sponge cake anyway, here is a picture:]?”

Castella is considered a legend for her? Though I guess I did get it only once, but that was just because it was somewhat expensive and I knew she’d eat it all in one go, was Lefy craving it that much?

“… To think that you could make a banquet like this… Your offering has been accepted! This great dragon shall make you the Archdemon of the skies! A demon that can fly almost as well as the supreme dragon!”

“The Archdemon of the skies…”

For Lefy, the title of supreme seems nonnegotiable, but this is more than enough.

“Ah! Sis! That’s unfair!”

At that moment, Iluna, who was just watching the occurrence, raised a voice of protest.

“I’m sorry Iluna, but this is the power of knowledge! With knowledge you can obtain the hard work of others, if you wish to receive what I have, then you must also work for it.” Lefy said while snickering.

To have a dragon that says this kind of thing so triumphantly to a little girl… How can she say that when she just lazes around all day? But if I reprimand her she might lose her good mood, so let’s keep quiet for today.

“Big bro, I also want to eat sweets.” Iluna said while pouting.

“Alright, then please help me prepare today’s dinner, I’ll give you dessert then.”

While we were only eating products that didn’t need cooking before, ever since I added the kitchen we started eating properly cooked dishes. The things we were eating looked like lunchboxes from a convenience store, it felt dull.

Though I was always the one cooking. Lefy had no reason to cook, and while Iluna had already helped in the kitchen on her home, it was limited to cutting vegetables.

I couldn’t cook anything very special, but seeing the results of my hard work ended up making cooking a bit fun. Today once again, I’m sure it will be fun.

“Got it! I’ll do my best!” Iluna cheerfully replied.

“Ah, uhn… I… I also want it…” Lefy meekly asked.

“If you also help me with dinner, I’ll get some dessert for you.

“… No, I will pass.”

Lefy’s face seemed to say that she loathed working, I smiled wryly at it.

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